When you go to a party, you should not stick things in your mouth if you do not know what those things are made of.

Alcoholic jello. Did not see that coming. The pretty green color is deceiving.

It didn’t taste nearly as pretty as it looked. >__________<

I spent the rest of my time curled up in the corner trying to study for my History final. Precalc and History (in that order) are tomorrow, and I’m very worried for History because it’s one of my worst subjects.

Except, the music and people were so loud that even with my iPod cranked up as high as I dared to without damaging important ear parts, I couldn’t focus.

Instead, I worked on copying that Pon and Zi comic that Yaz wanted me to copy. Yaz, who’s a sophomore and an artist, drew me a picture during one of the classes we have together. I had to cut out part of the picture because she wrote my name over and over again around the border.


In return, Yaz showed me a Pon and Zi comic that she’d printed out. She told me to copy it over for her because her printout was blurry. I can’t draw from my imagination to save my life, but when it comes to copying pictures I can do it decently, so I did. And it’s copying, not tracing. Pon and Zi belong to Jeff Thomas, by the way.

Now all I gotta do is find Yaz before my first exam starts and hand her that picture.

The original artist said that they’re both genderless, but before I learned about that I had been assuming they’re both male. I’ve been so brainwashed by Johnny’s that such thoughts came naturally. ^^

But I STILL couldn’t focus after finishing this, which took longer than it looks… stupid ladder. I then decided to draw something for my cell phone wallpaper. And, um…

I crudely turned Zi into a monster. With even cruder fingers. Oh the things I do when I lack focus~ ^~^

Now that I got that out of the way…

The world needs to know that this album exists.

ONE OK ROCK’s Niche Syndrome. It be filled with AMAZING. *_________*

I like JE songs and therefore that makes my opinion invalid (haha, I love how I’m constantly bashing my fandom :P), so I won’t give this album a proper review, but I will say that I think it’s incredible. If Taka hadn’t left — or been kicked out of — JE, he would have the best English skills for sure. It’s not completely accent-free in his songs, especially with the whole r‘s and l‘s and th‘s thing, but it’s pretty good. I heard that some fans had the chance to talk to him, and even though they were prepared to speak in Japanese, he spoke to them in English.

“Wherever you are” is half in English and is probably my favorite from their album. It’s a little slow for a rock song, but maybe that’s why I like it. Rock isn’t my thing, remember?

“Liar,” also half in English, is currently battling “Wherever you are” for first place and I think it’s winning… but the PV is a little frightening. Taka’s expressions can get pretty freaky. He reminds me a lot of dear Markus — just, you know, minus the Asian and crazy faces for Markus.

I should take the time to learn the rest of the band members’ names. Everyone is great, not just Taka. ONE OK ROCK is definitely something people should check out if they like J-rock. Or even if you don’t like J-rock, give it a try anyway.

Must study for History now.


Until next time,

~ Mimi -___-

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