Mimi the Thief :D

Monday was my last gym class of my high school years; unless you failed the class (how the heck do you fail gym?), seniors don’t take gym. I love gym class, so I am one of the few people who are sad that’s it’s all over. I may not be the most athletic person in the world, but I love the opportunity to set free my inhibitions and run wild. And maybe kick something.

Melinda once pointed out that I unconsciously put on this intense expression whenever I play a sport, and it makes me seem like a different person because my usual face is either blank or smiley.

We were supposed to play ultimate frisbee for our last day — which I’d been reeeeally excited about because I never played it before — but the athletics director of the school had asked the gym teacher to decorate the gym for the athletics’ banquet the next day. My gym class was first period, so naturally the teacher wanted us to decorate instead of having class.

My D: immediately changed to :D when I saw the packet of balloons. Some of us worked on blowing them up (to throw into the basketball hoops) while others helped the teacher with streamers. My throat had mostly healed by Monday, but because it was still weak I could only blow up one balloon. I guess it doesn’t matter how strong your lungs are if your throat feels all shredded.

Not all of the balloons could fit in the hoops, though. We started bopping the extras around the gym with our heads, so I guess that can count as exercise?

BUT — then I saw it. The red balloon. The red heart-shaped balloon. The red heart-shaped balloon that I just HAD to have.

So I stole it. :D

Haha, I am stealthy. :Dv

Did I ever mention in this journal that I am a compulsive thief? Well, now you know. :P I can’t even count the number of things I’ve stolen over the years. Most of the paperbacks I own? Stolen. I think I got this from Mama because she steals stuff from work all the time. Like, “every day” all the time. No, I am not proud of my habit.

I am proud that I can get away with it. ^vv^

Now, any proper Tegomass fan who knows anything at all about Tegomass no Ai will know why I needed to steal this balloon. In case you haven’t a clue, here’s a hint:

(How are they able to NOT feel awkward around so much pink?)

I was gonna go with a more subtle hint, but I’m sleepy and far too impatient to find a less blatant picture. So let’s just settle for this. :P Tegomass fangirls all over the world will probably forever associate heart-shaped balloons with Tegomass. Well, I do, at least; don’t know about the others.

Er… that white couch… and their positions…


That dream just keeps coming back to haunt me.

Until next time,

~ Mimi <3

P.S. Speaking of dreams, I woke up from a nap today. And I had a dream that was entirely Tegoshi-centric. The thing is… I can’t remember what it’s about.


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