This probably means I should see a doctor.

Um. My throat is bleeding. Should I be worried? :/

I can talk now but it still hurts. Like, really bad, especially when I swallow. I’m supposed to give a speech Monday so my throat better heal by then. I don’t want to have to explain to Daisy why I can’t talk in front of the class.

We had a history test today. Just an essay on Bush’s administration, not too difficult. I wouldn’t bother mentioning this ordinarily, but something happened that I thought I should record, since it seems to prove a point I made in a previous post. See, people just never seem to see me, and I mean that literally. They would skip over me even when I’m right in front of them. I was about to start writing on the test when the teacher came up next to me. She asked me aren’t I taking AP United States History next year. When I said that I am, she told me that I didn’t come to the brief meeting yesterday to collect some important papers.

Thing is, I DID come. She clearly saw me yesterday because I SAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. There weren’t that many people in the room so there’s no way she could have forgotten. So there’s only one explanation: I AM INVISIBLE.

What is it about me that makes people not see me? DDD:

I haven’t had any time to write long entries, so I guess I’ll have to settle for these little bursts of updates. There’s a ton of stuff I need to get done before the night is over.

Things to Do Before I Sleep:

  1. College essay
  2. Precalc worksheet
  3. French final review packet
  4. Study for French reading test
  5. Study for English quiz on sentence structure and common sentence mistakes
  6. Edit Emilie’s college essay because she asked me to
  7. Beta reading work

For some reason, a bunch of people at school asked me to edit their college essays. Emilie got to me first and I said I would do it, but I had to turn down anyone after her because I just don’t have the time.

And because I haven’t been fangirling lately:

I love whoever snapped this photo. What great timing. :D It doesn’t reflect Tegomass’s sweet, cute image at all — at least, in my opinion it doesn’t: Tegoshi looks like a rocker with his outfit and guitar, and Massu, his pose makes me think of hip-hop and rapping. XDD

Never change, guys. ^o^

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^_________^

P.S. I’m listening to a recording of the Tegomass no Ai concert right now while I finish up my beta reading. I’ll list some comments I have on the audio:

  • I would marry their voices if I could. The both of them, they’re so beautiful. <33
  • I’d really love some footage of the concert; girls would randomly scream while Tegomass are singing and it makes me wonder what they’re doing to cause such reactions. Hopefully the two of them are taking the name of the concert to heart.
  • “Hanamuke.” Simply gorgeous.
  • “Hajimete no Asa.” Asdfghjkl. That should say more than my words can express. That powerful interval of silence before Tegoshi started singing again was just… asdfghjkl. *speechless*
  • I’m a little pouty that Massu didn’t start out “Bokura no Sora” in the same explosive way as he did in the CD. I like what he did instead, though.
  • “Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure” doesn’t suck! I’d been worrying that their voices would be so dead after singing “Cheetah, Gorilla, Orangutan,” but they sounded lovely. I know enough Japanese to understand what they’re saying during the chorus, and that makes it so much more emotional. I heard that Massu actually cried during one of the concerts while singing this, awwww.
  • Tegoshi’s heartfelt speech at the end. I can’t understand most of it, but his soft, sweet tone tells me all I need to know. I love this guy so much, seriously. ^///^
  • Massu can’t soften his voice like Tego can, but his speech was sincere in his own way. I would really love to see what he’s doing, or at least understand him, because the audience kept laughing and calling out “CUTE~” while he talked.
  • My favorite part would just have to be the very last song of the encore. It’s still my favorite song of all time, despite (or maybe because of) how cheesy and sickly sweet it is: “Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song.” Not only were their voices still incredible, even after all their performances, but I can clearly hear the entire audience singing along. There was even a part where Tegomass stopped singing and just let the audience sing. Massu joined in later with his harmonizing, and it was just an incredible thing to listen to. It’s not even that much of an emotional song and yet I still found myself tearing up. I wonder if there are any Tegomass fans who don’t like this song.

I’ll have some pleasant dreams tonight. ^^

EDIT: I’m sure this isn’t a Tegomass-inspired dream, but I dreamt that I was walking through the woods and met these two random guys who were bouncing around like crazy. And I mean that literally — they could leap ten feet into the air. They tried to teach me how, but I could only make it up to four feet. The two guys were black, for some reason. :/

2 thoughts on “This probably means I should see a doctor.

  1. Tegoshi is revealing more of his rockish side to his fans. Imagine, if Tegoshi was a visual kei artist instead of a Johnny…..

    BTW, I adore your blog. *hugs*

  2. Tegoshi adores rock music, I think, because he sings it all the time at karaoke. But in my opinion, his voice doesn’t suit it very well, so that’s why I have a hard time seeing him as a rocker type of guy. I find visual kei to be frightening. Tegoshi as a visual kei artist would be more frightening. D:

    My rambling isn’t supposed to appeal to anyone who’s not me, but thanks anyway. :D And thanks for dropping by!

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