Somewhere over the rainbow~

America’s Got Talent. Taylor Matthews.

It was only a minute or so long but I’ve fallen in love with his voice. It’s unique, a nice break from the generic voices I’ve been hearing. I love his arrangement too. He’s the first person to make me like that song, when it would ordinarily make me want to kick a puppy (WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO, by the way). He seems like such a sweet person, one who works hard to make his dad happy; I could feel the love his dad has for him, and vice versa. If there were more guys like him in the world I would probably have way more faith in men.

It does help that he’s an absolute cutie, though. Shy boys be adorable. ^///^

Again, I stress that I am a teenage girl. Thinking like this is in my programming. :Dv

Speedy entry before I head off to sleep from a long night of homework.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

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