Real life Johnny

Ahaha, random web polls are always so amusing. The fans of some celebrities really spam these things good. There’s some kind of Secret Massu Society lurking around or something.

Who could you imagine riding on a dragon?
01 – Domoto Koichi
02 – Yaguchi Mari
03 – Tanimura Shinji
04 – Tegoshi Yuuya
05 – USA (Exile)
[<1000 votes]

…I really don’t know why they voted him for that. Maybe because of his princely image? (Refer to this picture here that I posted long ago:)

But hey, why not? He’s ridden on a horse and elephant before for Tegomass concerts. Dragons are just a step up.

Celebrities you would like to see more in a mini-skirt?
01 – Uga Natsumi
02 – Takahashi Ai
03 – Takashima Aya
04 – Tegoshi Yuuya
05 – Yaguchi Mari
06 – Omoto Ayano
07 – Tanaka Reina
08 – Fukuhara Haruka (Mine-chan)
09 – Ohashi Nozomi
10 – Kashiwagi Yuki
11 – Ichiro Maki
12 – Moritaka Chisato
13 – Konan Yuka
14 – Yamamoto Mona
15 – Aragaki Yui
16 – Nagasawa Masami
17 – Kuniya Hiroko
18 – Kuriyama Chiaki
19 – Tomoko Kogoh
20 – Nakayama Miho
[<5000 votes]

Please excuse me while I crawl under my bed and laugh forever because I think this is So. Incredibly. Awesome. XDDD It seems that I’m not the only person entranced by Yuuko. Even though his legs aren’t girly at all. This one was supposed to be a poll about FEMALE celebrities, so they were forced to title this category “Female Celebrity Polls (except for Tegoshi Yuuya).” AND HE’S SO HIGH UP IN RANKINGS TOO. See? Only Tego can transcend gender. :DD I would have voted for him too. Multiple times.

Tego also made it in the polls for Most Beautiful Smile (yes, oh God YES) and Best Young Actor/Actress (which I don’t exactly agree with, but ehh).

Your favorite song of all time?
01 – “Ayakashi” (Domoto Koichi)
02 – “DIVA” (Nakamori Akina)
03 – “Namida ha Doko e Itta no” (Minamino Yoko)
04 – “Heart no Ace ga Detekonai” (Candies)
05 – “GUILTY” (V6)
06 – “Dekiai Logic” (Domoto Tsuyoshi)
07 – The Doraemon Song
08 – “Yasashii Ame” (Koizumi Kyoko)
09 – “NEIRO” (KAT-TUN)
10 – “Shiroshi” (Mr.Children)
11 – “Koukou San Nen Sei” (Funaki Kazuo)
12 – “One Love” (Arashi)
13 – “Kiyoshi no Dodonpa” (Hikawa Kiyoshi)
14 – “Zutto” (Tegomass)
15 – “Hanamuke” (Tegomass)

16 – “My Friend” (ZARD)
17 – “Natsu wo Dakishimete” (TUBE)
18 – “However” (GLAY)
19 – “Yozora no Muko” (SMAP)
20 – “Seishun” (Iwasaki Yoshimi)
[<7000 votes]

Lol, Doraemon.

Very surprised that Tegomass made it on this list, but ecstatic nonetheless. <333 I’ve always thought that Tegomass songs are better than NEWS songs. Same thing with their PVs. It’s just the two of them, so I wonder why they get the bigger budget when NEWS as a whole has a larger fanbase; many people hate Tegoshi because of his personality, and some just think Massu is weird. Funny thing is, I hated Tegomass’s songs when I first discovered them. But now I know that in order to be a fan of Tegomass, you need to be a fan of Tegomass.

Um, that made a lot more sense in my head, so I’ll explain.

I didn’t like most of their songs at first. They had pleasant voices but their songs were kind of boring. I tried listening to “Chocolate,” “la la sakura,” “Shikisai,” and “Tadaima, Okaeri” tons of times, but I just didn’t like them. That was before I became the crazy fan I am today. Once I got to know and love each member of NEWS, I gave Tegomass another chance, starting with “Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song.” I think listening to that song while watching the special PV (CLOSE UPS OF THEIR FACES HELL YESSSSSS *______*) was the beginning of my love for Tegomass.

I went back to those songs I previously hated — and fell completely in love with them. They actually sound pretty hot in “Chocolate”; Massu is a pleasant change as the leading vocals in “la la sakura”; Tego’s voice is gorgeous in the verses of “Tadaima, Okaeri”; and as for “Shikisai”… that’s become one of my favorites. The traditional instruments in that song might turn some people away (I sure did at first), but you can’t deny that they sound incredibly beautiful in it. The harmonies cannot be any more perfect. Quite upset that that have yet to perform that in a concert.

Tegomass, good job. :Db

. . .

Oh God, Christa said that Daisy is hot. She thinks that our Religion teacher is hot. My ears, MY EARRRRRRRRSSSS. DDD:

Anyway, all fangirling put aside, I just wanted to make a quick entry before I go back to beta reading and homework. I meant to finish the beta reading yesterday, but something came up and that occupied a chunk of my time. I can never keep my promises. D: The writing is good, albeit a bit complex. It’s rather stiff and formal, so I think I’ll work on loosening it up some more without conforming it to my tastes. I’m jealous, why can’t I write like that~


You know, this guy here who used to be part of NEWS:

Christa has at least three hundred friends and is always introducing me to one of them. Last week I met this guy who looks like Koki of KAT-TUN. Except that he wore jeans tighter than spandex and rainbow shoes that rival Massu’s.

Yesterday she introduced me to this sophomore boy who had a light mustache, ghetto pants, and huge sunglasses that took up half his face. I didn’t pay much attention to him because all of Christa’s friends tend to have sketchy personalities. Actually, I don’t know why I even hang out with Christa; we have almost nothing in common. I’m a good girl, she’s… not. -____-

Her friend didn’t remove his sunglasses until later, when he brought his girlfriend over. And when I looked at him, my eyes became like this:


He looks EXACTLY like Kusano. I was seriously about to start searching his face for Notti’s beauty marks; the resemblance was amazing. If he weren’t so lanky and if Christa hadn’t told me his name and age beforehand I probably would have started spasming because I honestly thought he was Kusano. I tried really, really, really hard not to stare, I really did, journal — but I literally could not tear my eyes away. He was so beautiful. And so very much like Kusano. It felt like I was meeting a Johnny, if Notti can still be considered as a Johnny.

I wanted to snap a photo of him and post it here to prove that I’m not making this up, but that’s rude and sue-able so I didn’t. :P

I don’t know, maybe all Asian people remind me of Asian celebrities. Angel (who isn’t Asian but looks mixed) reminded me of Taguchi, this Korean(?) guy working at a restaurant looked like a member of Super Junior, and now there’s Koki and Notti. I don’t hang out with enough Asian people, I think. Most of the Asian people in my school are exchange students who only hang out with each other. :/

Kusano-lookalike’s girlfriend, by the way, is a complete and total whore. I’m not being mean — I’m being truthful, and I’m sure she knows that well. Not only does she look like one, but she is one.

I swore — swore — that she was AT LEAST my age, with her painted on make-up and they way she dresses. No, she’s actually in eighth grade. EIGHTH GRADE. The same as The Pest. She apparently lost her virginity when she was in the seventh grade. Wtf, seventh graders are still babies. DDD:

Won’t be long until she gets knocked up, you’ll see.

Next post will hopefully be a massive fangirl entry. I’m still tired from being sick and from staying at school late for the seniors’ graduation, though this week was quiet compared to how chaotic it was this time last year. This is my last time in Honor Guard before I graduate. TT____TT

On the positive side of things, that means no more standing outside in nearly 100-degree temperatures while wearing black knee highs and a thiiiiiick uniform sweater. They placed me directly in the sunlight. D: I sweated more than enough to fill ten buckets that day.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ;P

P.S. Beta client is male. I KNEW IT. There was something distinctly masculine about the way he typed, something that didn’t seem very lady-like, but I didn’t want to be rude and ask him outright. Ha, being in an all-girls school for three years has heightened my intuition. :Dv

P.S. (part II)  Mama is angry at The Pest for being “an insolent, uncontrollable brat.” Right now she’s yelling at The Old Man about why he can’t control his son better.

Meanwhile, I sit here and ignore them all.

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