Moshimo kono sekai kara “gomen ne” tte kotoba ga nakunattara

Ultra-long title of this entry shamelessly stolen from the first line of a Tegomass song~

I experienced it firsthand today, what would happen if the words “I’m sorry” were to disappear from the world. I mentioned in my last entry in the postscript that I was losing my voice. Not fun. D: I kept coughing all day today, loud, phlegmy coughs that sound absolutely disgusting.

I can talk, but only half the time; the other half of the time nothing but air comes out. And that’s exactly what happened in the halls today. I was in a rush to get to my next class (because two minutes between classes IS NOT ENOUGH when you have twenty pounds on your shoulder) when I accidentally hit a girl with my backpack. As usual, I would apologize when that happens and she would say something like, “It’s okay,” but when I opened my mouth to say sorry — nothing. No sounds came out of my mouth.

The girl gave me this dirty look after she heard no apology. I was looking her in the eyes so it must have seemed like I hit her deliberately. I felt so bad afterward. Imagine how awful it would be if the words “I’m sorry” really were to disappear from this world.

Anyway, the official deadline for Let Me Hear Your Voice is Thursday. I never intended to finish it this week — I was actually going to finish it on the last day of school to torture Adele — but we have a project in Religion class and I’m planning on making it easy on myself by using LMHYV.

Ugh, what an ugly abbreviation. XP

Now all I gotta do is figure out how to apply Confucianism (what we’re studying) to a story that’s mostly filled with poorly-executed teen angst.

Rushed entry because I wanna sleep, dangit. DX

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

P.S. Why does Ryo always look like he’s on some kind of drug in magazine scans lately? It definitely seems like they injected him with something before the shoots. He grins so hard that I’m afraid his jaw will break.

Eh, whatever. This is why I love Ryo. :Dv

Yamapi, on the other hand, never smiles anymore. I miss his smile. His serious expressions make me wonder if they’re overworking him. I saw the first episode of Nobuta wo Produce a while ago (which I really, really want to finish~) and it’s making me long for happy Pi.

Massu… looks the same. XD Still adorable. I heard he cut his hair recently, though. Wonder how different he looks, because whenever I think “Massu” and “haircut” in the same sentence I think of his Rescue hair.

Tegoshi’s rockin’ the fro. :DDD I love it so freaking much~ Ha, I’m sure everyone thinks that’s the biggest lie of the century, but I happen to think he’s beautiful in curls. ^///^

I swear I will scream and scream and explode internally if I see one more person say, “TEGO NOOOOO STRAIGHT DARK HAIR NOWWWW. DDD:” If Massu is allowed to wear what he wants, then Tego should be allowed to do what he wants with his hair. /annoyed

Shige is one of the most photogenic people on this earth, I swear. He always looks great in the shoots. I’ve been meaning to watch Troubleman but with my current schedule I’m lucky if I can squeeze in dinner.

Koyama — oh, Koyama has gotten so gorgeous lately. Being on news every sobered him up a bit, I think, made him more mature. The dark hair adds to the serious look. I just stared with sparkling eyes at Koyama in volume 51 of NewS no NEWS because he’s stunning in that. Koyama with glasses. Yesssss.

This entire postscript is making me sound like an incredibly shallow and superficial person. :P Pssh, they’re idols; it’s their job to look pretty.

And I am a teenage girl, you know. Can’t help it if I act like one at times.

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