Under Expectations

My SAT scores, that is.

That’s not enough for ANY of the colleges I’m looking at. 1900 isn’t a bad score at all, but it’s bad if I’m aiming for a good school.


Well. There’s always next time, I suppose.

EDIT: Newer scores are here!

In happier NEWS, I’ve just recently finished watching the May 16th episode of Itte Q. I feel bad for the regulars on that show, poor Tegoshi especially; it seems like he’s close to laughing his guts out.

Obviously I liked this episode a lot, or else I wouldn’t be commenting on it in my journal. I giggled pretty hard at this scene:

Kinda excited that I’ve picked up enough katakana to read the words on the screen~

Anyway, I’m just doing the usual right now. Homework. And working on Let Me Hear Your Voice. It’s so hard to write because I depress myself whenever I try to continue on with the storyline.

At the same time, I’m trying to learn how to make a gif, with not much progress. There’s this moment in one of NEWS’s concert DVDs I want to capture that a screenshot can’t do. Surprisingly, it’s not a Tego moment. It’s a Massu moment.

Fine, maybe one of Tego, too.


Until next time,

~ Mimi :P

P.S. Something’s wrong with my voice. I’m worried because this is exactly what happened last year just days before I got laryngitis and couldn’t talk for one or two weeks. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care that much, since I don’t like talking anyway. But on Tuesday this week (two more days!) there’s the baccalaureate mass in the evening for the seniors, and I’m expected to be there, singing in the choir.

I can’t sing if I can’t talk.

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