Dragging through the week


I don’t know what triggered that declaration, but I just suddenly realized it. Then again, why am I surprised that I ship such an odd pair, seeing how I already ship Tegoshi with anything that moves (and some that don’t ;Dv), and Shige with all of NEWS at once.


In unrelated NEWS, this is why you shouldn’t completely trust Wikipedia.

Oi, he’s not 23~ D:

By the way, I think something is seriously wrong with me because I’m in love with Tegoshi’s current poof of a hairstyle.

Still have yet to find one living soul who’s not in a mental institution who likes him looking like that. Except for me. Why am I weird.

. . .

I feel like writing an ultra lengthy life entry because I don’t talk about my life enough. And because fandom has been pretty quiet lately.

Last week had been horrible. Absolutely terrible. Good things happened, of course, but I can be pessimistic when I want to be and right now I want to be.

I practically spend my life at school, ew. DX

Huge entry below, just to warn you.

Sunday (aka Mother’s Day)

(I don’t know why but I really hate putting in the dots like I’m supposed to when I write certain abbreviations. It’s more proper to write “a.k.a.” but I never do. Hmm.)

I have no money, no time, and no drive. And so, I didn’t do anything for Mama. I just appreciated her quietly. Her uptight and strict parenting screwed up my mentality pretty bad, but she cooks like awesome so I have to tolerate her, at least until I can leave this house.

And also, she tripped while pregnant with me and I’m convinced that did something to my brain. D: Hence my slowness.

Instead of doing something for her, I made myself a bracelet in five minutes. I don’t know, sometimes I just do things I wonder about. :Db Here’s a photo of the bracelet resting on my open Bio book:

(Rainbow + black + glass beads = <333)

Still suck at taking pictures.

One of my cousins (or something like that) celebrated his first birthday on Mother’s Day. There was lots of food. I ate lots of food. I eat a lot when I’m stressed. *pokes belly* Then I went outside and read my Bio book until I had to leave. The Pest disappeared to play video games somewhere upstairs in that house, with a friend. They had been friends for years, but last year someone from my family married someone from his family and now I guess we’re related through marriage? Ha, this reminds me of when my old friend Beverly and her worst enemy became cousins when their aunt and uncle got married, way back in third grade. Lol, today they still hate each other. :P

I have this theory that if you randomly select two people from the street and trace through all their connections, somewhere along the way you’ll find that someone will know someone or someone is related to someone.

The world is so small~

EDIT: Apparently this is not an original theory? Boo, someone had already come up with it.

After that, we went to visit my grandmother at her home. I continued to study for Bio, guided by an extremely helpful outline written by someone who had contacted me about beta reading a fanfiction (mentioned in an earlier entry; it’s two in the morning, too lazy to look it up). I was now convinced that fate is trying to make amends by having such a person contact me just days before my AP Bio exam. There ARE nice people in the world after all. TT-TT

(Note: Ask for a name/alias. And gender. Can’t automatically assume person is female because I’ve beta read for two guys before. Interesting how the guys are usually better than girls at writing. /jealous)

Oh, I came up with a super lame pick-up line while eating dinner, entirely influenced by Bio. It’s a scientific pick-up line that’s guaranteed to score you nothing more than a slap in the face:

“I must be an ectotherm ’cause you’re making me hot.”

Ectotherms, by the way, obtain their heat from external sources, while endotherms make their own heat.



It was worst day of my junior year until noon, and after that it was the best day ever. AP BIO EXAM: DONE AND OUT OF MY LIFE. I got to miss five of my classes; always a plus. :Db

The exam wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was so used to the 70-question tests our teacher always gives that adding 30 to that didn’t affect me much. But I actually grew bored with the exam because I was tired of not knowing the answer.


The essay questions were worse. Little giggles rippled through the school library — where we took the test — as we laid our eyes upon the first question, because it was clear that not one of us had an inkling of what to write. It wasn’t until near the end of the exam did I realize what the exam makers were asking. I probably would have scored tons more points if the questions had been worded better. The other three questions weren’t nearly as bad, though.

Definitely did not score higher than a 2.

I had to go to second lunch because we missed first lunch/didn’t want to go to class after the exam. Ate lunch with the friends I never see because we have completely different schedules. Then, the admissions director of my school called the juniors to go up and collect the information sheet about our little sisters.

My school has this thing where each incoming freshman is given at least one incoming senior (us juniors), called little sisters and big sisters, respectively. It literally seems like it’s been a week since I was once a little sister. I was a good foot taller than my big sister. D: That girl was tiny. Can’t remember her name, unfortunately.

Anyway, we had selected our little sisters from a list of names the week before, and now we were getting more information. My little sister is named Nikki and apparently likes writing and drawing and has such an awful-sounding email address that I was extremely worried that she’d turn out to be your typical bratty rich girl. Her email had the name of a car I could never ever afford, then the word “princess.” Lil sis is probably gonna think I’m a total loser. Well, I was already envisioning her as a total brat, so we’re even.

I’m supposed to write her a letter introducing her to the school, with some info on myself and tips about attending school here. Due Wednesday. Far too busy to write such a letter because evil French teacher is evil. She announced exactly what she had planned for the rest of the week. Hell, just hell.

Stayed up all night to study for my loooooong French declamation. I memorized it, but I can only recite it very slowly.


Can’t remember anything about Tuesday. Just that I sort of floated through the school day, snapped at Corr for bothering me while I was trying to study for the History test, tripped on the stairs again, apologized to Corr for being a jerk, crashed when I got home, and ignored all of my homework for the next day. No one did their French declamation that day, but I can’t remember why. Stupid memory.

Ah, I do remember some details now.

We had speeches in the morning for student reps for the junior-soon-to-be-senior class. Wasn’t paying that much attention because I was trying to sneak in snippets of History studying. The election for student council leaders was last week, by the way. Carlie became, as expected, student council president, Laney is now vice-president, Franky is secretary, and Adele is treasurer. How the heck did all my friends become the leaders of the school? I’m happy with my position as club representative for the Literary Magazine so I didn’t bother running for anything.

No more AP Bio exam, so teacher let us watch some documentary about evolution… I think. I forgot what most of the film was about. But I do remember that fifty percent of the time the screen was showing some kind of pulsating animal fetus. I never realized that hearts could beat that fast.


Last period was a study, and instead of writing my letter to little sister Nikki, I turned around to face Song, a Korean exchange student, and started asking her a bunch of questions about what South Korea is like and stuff like that. This is what I learned:

  • Apparently she’s been studying English since third grade, which is why it’s rather good for someone who’s only been in the United States for two years. The schools are thinking about teaching English to students as early as kindergarten.
  • She’s never attended high school in Korea (because HS starts in tenth grade) but her mother is a teacher over there, so she knows that the hours go from 7 am to 11 pm. That’s not a typo; it really is 11 at NIGHT. And these aren’t boarding schools. O___o
  • Schools are mad strict about uniforms. Sometimes they force you to tie up your hair or cut it a certain way. No makeup, no piercings (not even a single one in each ear). Skirts must go past the knees, which I’m not sure even I can stand because I usually wear my skirt 4-5 inches above the knee. That’s not as short as it sounds, really, considering that I wear black tights under.
  • Song went all “NO WAY IN HELL” when I asked her if it was okay for her to walk across the border to North Korea. She said there are mines there embedded in the soil. O___O I hadn’t realized it was so serious.
  • The Korean alphabet is kind of like the English alphabet, with each character representing a letter. Unlike the English alphabet, there’s way more than five vowels, which I still don’t get.  Haha, I am so ignorant about Korean culture.
  • Song will attend university here, but after that she’s not sure if she will live here permanently.
  • She came to America because she found a flier about a foreign exchange program and begged her parents to let her go. What lovely parents~
  • She lives in an apartment near my school with a roommate right now, and in the summer she’s gonna move out to live on her own. Isn’t that incredible?


Choir rehearsal in the morning. Voice dying due to lack of sleep, but I managed. Singing at seven in the morning is not a smart thing to do. >_<

Fetal pig dissection in Bio! It’s an adorable little thing, a little under a foot long. My lab partner is Laney, and although she did most of the cutting, she did it while making a whole bunch of sympathy noises. The teacher told us to name it, and if I had been alone I would have named it Massu ^^, but Laney and I decided on Wilbur. Compared to the other pigs, Wilbur is a fatty.

I didn’t write the little sister letter when I was at home, so I did that in little bursts while at school. We had a French test scheduled today; luckily, French teacher had to leave early because her baby is sick or something. She’s a single mother who’s never been married and her boyfriend left her and she works as a waitress immediately after school and WHY DID MY SCHOOL HIRE HER.

In place of class, we were assigned an absurd amount of book work that no one ever understands. Or we could work on translating our research papers due Friday. I ignored all of that and wrote my letter to my little sis. It ended up being three pages long, all handwritten because it’s more personal that way. I unintentionally sounded so sarcastic and condescending in it that little sister is definitely going to hate me.

I tried to get some sleep that night because I knew I wouldn’t be going home until late on Thursday.


While practicing for my French declamation in the morning, I somehow steered off track and started doing vocal warm-ups/exercises for half an hour. I always thought that stuff was stupid until I tried it out for myself, and boy did it work wonders. My usually scratchy voice experienced no problems at all as I sang in choir for the Ascension Thursday liturgy in my school (which happened during the hour period, my French class!). I hit all the soaring high notes easily when ordinarily I would struggle so bad. I’ll try to make these vocal exercises at least a weekly thing.

During History, where we watched a film about apartheid in South Africa, the sophomore Alaine passed me a note saying that the librarian would like me to write something for the Literary Magazine. Putting all the pressure on the club representative, huh? I had told my parents I’d just stay at school until the cookout at night ends, which is an event for us juniors to meet our future little sisters. Originally I had nothing to do after school, but with this task from the librarian, I headed off to the computer lab (where they were holding a Yearbook meeting at the same time) to type up something for her. It took much longer than was necessary because I’m slow, but at last I finished.

It’s got to have one of the WORST openings for a short story I have ever written:

“Owen witnesses the fall of the next victim. Her attacker stretches his arms, reaching, reaching, reaching. The victim tries to flee; her legs are but a flurry, feet pounding heavily on the blacktop as they trace a path impossible for her pursuer to follow.”

How awkward sounding. DDD:

Finished it around four, then went up to my locker with Adele so we could change out of our uniforms. I had been running late this morning and only had time to grab my black leggings and a long-sleeved school shirt with my name on the back.

(Note: I don’t think I’ve been pronouncing my own last name right. Need to ask Mama about it.)

When we got down to the cafeteria, Laney got all excited because Adele wanted her to do her makeup. Laney adores makeup; that day she was wearing what she called her “trampy look.” Besides the occasional light swipe of eyeliner, I never wear makeup, but Laney told me to come along anyway. In front of the bathroom mirror, Laney told Adele, Lynne, and me to hold out our arms. Then she brushed them with this kinky shimmery pink powder that she got from a senior and told us to lick our arms.

Laney is a total good girl but sometimes I wonder, you know?

It tasted good, though.

Afterward, I spent a while doing nothing with my friends in the cafeteria. We were waiting for our little sisters to show up. Then, they did.

My first impression when I saw Nikki? “Why, God?”

I know it’s not good to stereotype, but she looks just like those former cheerleaders of my school who all hang out with each other and look the same and could care less about school. Her blond hair was twisted into the typical mean girl messy bun. Huge eyes with tons of eye makeup. Low-cut top. Skinny jeans and boots. Exactly like the mean girl type.

I was horrified to discover that she’s taller than me. By a lot. T_________________T

You could cut a hole in the awkward. I tried to sound cheery, but it didn’t help that she didn’t talk much. Things got better when bouncy Corr with her easygoing manner suggested that we sit together. I was so relieved when Adele brought her little sister over because she and Nikki are friends. Nikki, as it turned out, is a nice girl and seems to be smart. She thrilled Corr when she mentioned that she wants to join Robotics; Corr is the club council rep for that club.

A friend who knows her told me that she heard that Nikki is psychotic. I’m not sure if I should believe it or not.

Later, as I passed by the table Christa and Sheena were at, Sheena introduced me as their friend who hangs out with them sometimes but isn’t as crazy as they are. And Christa told the little sisters that I become substantially more crazy when I’m high on coke.

After a beat she clarified that she meant the soda.

Little sisters were unconvinced.


By now it’s become clear that I’ve caught a bit of the senioritus floating around. Sheena says she got senioritus when she was a freshman. :P Oh Sheena. What will I do without you?

(Probably a lot better, since all you do is bully me.)

“The main symptoms of senioritis include procrastination, lack of motivation, a drop in academic performance, and “coasting”, which is the act of going through classes with very little concentration or application of intent along with truancy.[citation needed] This often happens in the last year of high school, college or even graduate school.”
– from Wikipedia

Yep, yep, senioritus is definitely contagious.

I lost my gym pants. I had been fretting over losing points when I saw the pair of maroon track shorts on the ground near my locker. Stole them without a second thought. =D I returned them afterward.

Not to boast, but I was pretty awesome during kickball. Did I forget to mention that I got the effort award for PE last month? Well, I did. Along with another Religion effort award. I am officially convinced that Daisy loves screwing with my mind because I don’t try that hard in his class.

Half day for juniors and seniors because of prom. My school is so small that we have one prom for both grades. I didn’t want to go this year. Not my kind of scene, anyway. Actually, a ton of the juniors didn’t go. And besides, I fell asleep as soon as I got home and woke up at one in the morning; doubt that I would have had enough energy to dance. It doesn’t matter what I say about next year’s prom: if  I say yes then it’s yes; say no, and a group of ninjas in prom dresses will break into my house and kidnap me and take me there.

I gave Corr a hug before I went home, whispering a little “Be safe” and getting a bit teary-eyed. Not only was she safe that night, she made prom court. :D I am friends with such great people, so why am I so plain?

Fridays are so great.


The usual volunteer work with Christa and my volunteer friends. We had nothing to do so Christa was just lazing around, reading out loud sex facts from some app in Tommy’s iPod because she’s pervy like that. Tommy’s a health major so that’s why he has such an app, I guess. I was reading a book while listening to music through one earbud. When I noticed that Christa was struggling with a word and no one else could figure it out, I vaguely said, “I know what that is. It’s called exhibitionism.”

Understandably, silence and stares followed.

I have a very clean reputation, so they were quite surprised by my knowledge.

I defined sadomasochism for them too. Tegoshi taught me that word. ^^ It seems you DO learn things from reading fanfiction~

Before Christa and Sheena started teasing Angel about resembling male Korean celebrities (right, male, not female, poor girl XD), I never saw anything remotely Asian about her. She looked completely white to me. Then again, Tegoshi stopped looking Asian to me after a while. And I’m also terrible about guessing that kind of thing (I thought Alaine was Spanish; she’s actually Greek, whoops).

But after two incidents (1. when I started to call out her name and realized that I had been looking at one of the Korean exchange students; 2. when the Pre-calc student teacher saw a self-portrait of one of the Korean students and asked Angel if that was her), I started to see it. And then on Saturday, I saw this picture of Taguchi of KAT-TUN and thought it was Angel at first.

She has his eyes, lips, and facial structure. And that same flippy hairstyle and hair color, just a bit longer. I’d like to show this picture to her but I’m afraid she’d be offended that I thought she resembled a guy. Well, at least he’s a pretty guy, right?

I’m pretty free tonight so I’m trying to work on Let Me Hear Your Voice. Adele’s getting desperate. While I was typing, I only had a second to vaguely wonder why she was reaching over me — then she stole my USB. I had to literally wrestle it from her, and she would only release her grip when I promised to let her read what I have so far. She’s very upset that I’m writing a sad ending and seems convinced that I’ll make it happy somehow. I can’t write convincing romance so I just decided to make the girl not love him in the first place, then kill her off. I’ll post another snippet below. It motivates me to write more.

. . .

He finds his eyes being pulled magnetically to the table beside her bed. Still bare, after all this time. Nothing more than a resting place for her cell phone. A scene from school flashes back at him then: a wide circle of her friends, their exuberant laughter, goofing off and having fun and not once sparing a thought of concern for their mangled friend, the half-hearted inquiries of Sydney who? that he’s almost positive are floating around. He pushes down the urge to tell her about it, ask her why they haven’t visited, what kind of friends are they.

His mouth betrays him.

“Aren’t you lonely?”

Sydney blinks. Surprise evident in her face. “I’m not lonely.” She smiles up at him. “You come see me every day, don’t you?”

Try as he might, Stevie can’t ignore the butterflies that flutter beneath his ribs.

. . .

“Butterflies that flutter beneath his ribs”? Can I get any more cliché? D:

Until next time,

~ Mimi :DD

P.S. With the excitement of my life (TASTE THE SARCASM), I forgot my usual NEWS-related picture.

The pretty sparkly pin in Tegoshi’s hair demanded that I take this shot. :Dv It kept wiggling and catching the light whenever Tego moved, practically begging for attention.

I want it~

The shot is from the Tanabata Matsuri event that comes with the Tegomass no Ai mini-album. I feel like crossing my arms and pouting because of how jealous I am of Tegoshi’s beauty.

I’m also waiting for the day when Massu dyes his hair completely blond. Come on, Massu, be more adventurous with your hair.

Hi, skull-chan. :D

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