Late Late Late

In between my spamming of Tegomass no Ai, I’ve been revisiting some female Japanese voices I like and their songs:

  1. Becky — Suki Dakara
  2. school food punishment — Kakenukeru
  3. Fukui Mai — My Song for You
  4. Nishino Kana — Best Friend
  5. Shion Tsuji — M/elody
  6. JASMINE — sad to say
  7. moumoon — Refrain
  8. Hoshimura Mai — Popping
  9. Q;indivi — Across the Starlight
  10. BRIGHT — Shining Butterfly

^___^ Some are old songs, some are new.  “Across the Starlight,” by the way, is sung by a Japanese artist, but the song is entirely in English (and it’s good[ish] English, too!). I’ve been trying for the longest time to figure out the lyrics to it. It’s a good song, but Q;indivi isn’t all that popular because their music isn’t mainstream.

Anyway, I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t write an entry when I wanted to, which was supposed to be Saturday. May 1st is special for two reasons.

Firstly, the Tegomass concerts started in Japan! While I was internally wailing over and TOTALLY BOMBING my SATs, the first day of the Tegomass no Ai concert tour had already lapsed. I’ve heard that lovely things went on during day one, complete with questionable outfits (from both of them this time; really now, a pink jumpsuit? WITH A SPARKLY SKULL ON THE BACK?), semi-blatant…aww, who am I kidding VERY BLATANT fanservice, the typical Tegomass squishy cuteness, and the usual fail!MC.

Of all the songs they sang, I think I want to hear “Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure” the most. Hopefully, they sang that song the way they sang “Kushami” in the Tegomass no Uta DVD: lights dimmed, twice as heartbreaking. “Yoru wa Hoshi” has been trying to dethrone “Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song” as my favorite song. I love it so much; I’ve always been a sucker for sad songs with deep lyrics. If it ever becomes the theme or insert song for a drama, someone better die.

At the same time, I’m worried about the quality of the performance because it’s a tough song to sing — especially after the roughness of “Cheetah, Gorilla, Orangutan.” Of course I’ll be happy if they try their best… but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want it to suck. D: Patience, patience.

I hope all the love will make it to the DVD. -crosses fingers-

Secondly, I am so stupid that I didn’t have two seconds to plop down in front of the laptop and wish a very

happy 26th birthday to Koyama Keiichiro!

So, so, so sorry for being two days late~ Actually, I think it would be three days late if I lived in Japan.


There is no guy on this earth quite like Koyama (or Koyamama, as affectionately nicknamed by fans). There’s no one who can fail like he can. Or be as kind as he is. Out of the six of them, he truly is the one who loves NEWS the most, the one who worries about everyone else’s well-being, watches over them like a mother would.

After all this time, I’m still not certain about his relationships with Pi and Ryo, just that he thinks they’re cool. They just aren’t usually associated with each other. But I — as well as anyone who ventures into the NEWS fandom for more than three minutes — do know that he treats Shige as though they’re conjoined twins. I don’t care about all the people who say they’re Shige’s biggest fan — KOYAMA is Shige’s biggest fan. I love that he is so open about it~

And I love that although he constantly complains about Tegoshi’s antics, in the end he’ll just sigh and squish him and forgive him like the big brother he is.

Koyama, you’re the best. <3

Let’s end with a combined Kei-chan and Tegomass picture. It’s old but it does the job~

Koyamama with Tegomass, the children of NEWS. It really does look like a mother playing with her two sons. :DDD

Massu’s choice of footwear, lol.

. . .

The SATs were on Saturday. I had chosen to take it at my school to help me relax more.

That plan might have worked if males hadn’t showed up.

Since my school was supposed to be an SAT test center and not my school for that one day, guys were allowed to take the test there too. I can’t focus if there’s a guy in the room. I just can’t. But I braved up once Corr (whose seat was conveniently behind mine) gave me strength from her six hugs.

And before testing began, I turned around to Cappa — whom I sit with at lunch and is one of my good friends — and asked her to pray with me. It’s been a ritual of mine to pray before every test. We joined hands, and then we opened the circle when Bailey, Lynne, and Corr wanted to join us. Cappa, being the extremely social person she is, told this new guy she just met to join in.

That guy kept coughing during the test. I jumped every time he did so because I was so not used to hearing such a deep, manly sounding cough.

I sat through all 4.5 hours and emerged alive. Or some state that was close to that. As for the test… well…


I failed so hard. DDD: You won’t believe how bad I did, and I’m not saying this to sound modest. I didn’t finish any of the three math sections, I struggled over the reading parts, and I needed just ONE MORE MINUTE to finish the conclusion of my essay (which is considered to be more important than the second body paragraph). The writing (grammar) part I thought was ridiculously easy, which deeply worries me because Bailey told me afterward that she found the writing part to be beastly.

Guess who won’t be going to college in two years~

At least I have a second chance in October, right?

In other news (I just accidentally capitalized my n because I’m so used to writing “NEWS” XD), I received a private message from someone on several weeks ago. This person almost moved me to tears. In her message, she told me how much she loved Forget-Me-Not and how sad it is that I haven’t updated in such a long time. She sounded rather young, but that didn’t matter because I made someone happy with my writing. And that should always be the goal of a writer.

I promised her I would update soon, but I honestly don’t know when “soon” will be. I reread Forget-Me-Not — several times, in fact. And I couldn’t believe how awful it sounded in some parts. Choppy and seriously lacking smooth transitions. Staccato-like, you could call it, if we were talking about singing. That girl had motivated me to write again, but how can I write when I hate everything that comes out from my pen?

And then, a few days ago, I received a beta request! The writer seems really mature compared to past people I’ve beta read for, far more mature than I can ever be. I haven’t a clue why that person would choose me out of all the beta readers available. I feel like such a kid whenever I reply that I actually forgot to spam my message with my usual smilies. It’s obvious by our messages that our writing styles will be very different. I’m a bit nervous taking on this job, to tell you the truth.

But you know what? I’ll just be the best beta reader I can be and work hard to not take too long (’cause you know how I am with speed -_-;;).

No matter what, I’ll put all my effort into it.


Until next time,

~ Mimi @__@

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