As usual: bias, you win

I feel like flailing over Tegomass guesting on Music Station two days ago. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched them perform “Moshimo,” but I still love that song as much as I did when I first heard it.

But please don’t tell me that I am so crazy that I actually

LIKE this hairstyle?


That skull necklace is so inappropriate for Tegomass. XD

This is all the proof I need — I need to be checked into a mental hospital because obviously I have lost my sanity (or what little I have left).

I know that I shouldn’t like it. I know that it makes him look like a nerd. I know that no person with properly functioning eyeballs should think that Tegoshi looks good in that mini afro.


I have yet to find a single soul who likes his hair like that. Not one. And I shouldn’t, either. But my Tegoshi bias is so scarily strong and blinding that I can never hate his hair nowadays, no matter how, um, experimental he gets with it.

You see, journal, Tegoshi’s hair to me is like Massu’s fashion to Massu fans (which I also am); it’s part of who he is. Tego just wouldn’t be Tego if he keeps the exact same style forever. You get used to it after a while, and soon you learn to love it. Hey, if Massu is allowed to get overly exploratory with his clothes, why can’t it be the same for Tegoshi and his hair? I don’t even notice anymore when Massu dons something crazy weird.

That means that yes, I really like his hair in that little afro. It’s certainly different from anyone else’s hair, and I love that because I am always against following the crowd. Straight hair, although pretty, is veeeery boring, and he ends up looking like a member of Super Junior or some other South Korean boyband when he has his hair like that. Straightness is overrated, and yes, journal, that is a double-entendre. :P It’s fun to be a rebel. This is why I never wear my hair straight — I make sure to spritz it with hairspray to keep my curls from falling flat. And to control the frizz. :Db

Notice, for example, that the girls in the audience all have their hair dyed the same color, with the occasional variation in shade. (Do they have a thing against black hair or something?) And many of them are wearing the same style, too: medium-length, straight, bangs. Where has the originality gone? D:

For some reason, Tegoshi seems more like a guy with that hair. His face doesn’t look as soft and girly as it usually does. Boy is growing up, isn’t he?

Ah, and I absolutely looove the semi-mohawk thing he had going on when Tegomass guested on HEYx3. Reminds me of a bird:

I don’t see what the fuss is about; it looks so cute on him. Or maybe I’m just super blind when it comes to Tegoshi’s hair. It’s probably the latter, but I actually do love that style to bits. I wouldn’t mind if it becomes a regular thing.

Speaking of Tego being guyish, I’m really not sure if I should believe him when he says that he’s not girly in real life. He can act like such a typical guy at times that I feel like hating him (because you know how I feel about men, journal), but other times his mannerisms can raise eyebrows. A  few weeks ago, I remember reading in a translation of an interview that he thinks small pink accessories are cute and that he owns a pink game console. I like the color pink (with the exception of hot pink), but I would never buy myself a pink game console.

I like his reasoning for buying such a thing, though. That he doesn’t want to be like all the other guys out there. ^^

And now, with Tegomass’s guesting on Music Station, Massu tells a tale about Tegoshi crying. No, not just crying — sobbing. Not because someone close to him died, not because he found out that he has a terminal disease, not because his dog ran away — but because he watched a documentary about animals.

Either he really, REALLY loves animals or he’s girlier than he wants us to believe, because most grown men don’t cry over animal documentaries.

Heck, I don’t think I would cry over an animal documentary. And it doesn’t take much to make me cry.

And by Massu’s rather gross demonstration, Tego sounded like he was crying pretty uncontrollably. I really wanna see Tego tears now~

By the way, for the longest time I swore that Massu’s outermost shirt had the word testes written all over them until I took a closer look.

Um. I should probably ease off on the Bio homework for a while.

They’re too cute. I don’t know what Massu did there but he’s so adorable. I’m sorry for ignoring you in my journal so often, but YOU NEVER CHANGE so there’s not much to discuss. I’ll be sure to write lots when you have your first scandal. ^____________^

. . .


Well, let’s look at the bright side: It’s not like I care about college anyway. I have no hope for my future.

And also: My earbuds are hurting my ears like crazy. I have no choice but use them because the sound quality is excellent.


Until next time,

~ Mimi Q_Q

P.S. I am mildly amused to see that the majority of visitors to my journal has been lured here by Google searches of girl!Tego. Thrilled to know I’m spreading the Yuuko love, though. I love that chick. :DDD

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