Forever Cute

The weather had been nice-ish lately so I have abandoned my usual PJ bottoms and long-sleeved shirts for t-shirts and leggings (ha, take that, Ueda :P). I do love wearing leggings. And headbands. And skirts. And dresses. (Woah, what happened to that little tomboy I used to be?) Oh, and can’t forget my colorful tights. Just bought a bright footless one in this color and another one that’s striped greenish, black, and grey. I wore a neon purple one to my National Honor Society ceremony the other day, but I’ll detail that in my Real Life section. It certainly attracted a bunch of attention to my legs. ^^

I am on a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Tegomass high right now. If Tegomass were drugs, I would be passed out on the sidewalk somewhere right now, half-dead and drooling. Prepare for rambles and mindless fangirl babble. :Dv

Actually, if Tegomass really were drugs, they would probably look like this:

(You can’t see clearly, but it’s a medley of yellow, pink, blue, and white. Tegomass-y colors, don’t you think? :D And I swear it isn’t a jar of dyed crack; they’re crushed-up Dum Dum pops. XD)

Never before have I been struck speechless by anything, but Tegoshi’s “Ai Nante” performance on the latest Shounen Club Premium made me do just that.

My eyes were absolutely huge and admiring as I watched him perform. He almost always oversings that song, but this time, ohh, definitely not this time~ <333 The piano arrangement, ambiance, singing, singer :D — all so beautiful.

Before long, the audio rip joined the other two Ai Nantes in my iPod, the original and solo PV versions. Couldn’t help myself, I love that song so much. ^________^

After listening to him sing, I was hit by the sudden urge to hear Tegomass try their hand at “Ai Nante.” I’m not sure if Massu has the right vocal qualities for it (just like how I think it would be extremely weird hearing Tego sing Massu’s “Superman” XD) but I’m sure that it will turn out absolutely heartbreaking no matter what. Tegoshi is good at passionate and Massu can do sad pretty well.

In addition to this, Tegomass performed “Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO ga Nakunattara” on SCP. Flawlessly. I think I nearly died. It’s too much awesome for a fangirl to handle. I especially love how smiley both of them were throughout the whole thing.

I would post the video from Youtube, but it’s gonna end up deleted in five seconds so what’s the point? I took a shot of it instead.

I love it when they look at each other at the same time. ^///^

That stage, by the way, is stunning.

They do look very tired — Tego always looks that way lately D: and Massu’s hair uncharacteristically sticking up in several directions makes him look like he just got out of bed — but their voices are top-notch as always. I hope they get way more sleep than I do (an average of three hours a night, I think) because a lack of sleep absolutely destroys the vocal cords.

Other than that, they look the same. At least, Massu does. As expected from Massu. :D Tegoshi looks like a 22-year-old for once. I love young-looking Tego, but I don’t want him to still look 16 when I turn 20. That would make me feel so creepy. D:

I always love love love Tegoshi’s voice, so much that I usually fail to mention that I really love Massu’s voice too. I’m sorry, Massu, I really do love you. I think his singing is so wonderful in this performance. Tegoshi’s hand motions in according to the lyrics are delightfully girly adorable; almost seems like he’s flirting with the camera. :D I admit that I had to bite my fist to keep myself from squealing. Yes, squealing.

See what Tegomass can reduce me to? >.<

And then, and then, AND THEN… I saw the new PV for “Moshimo”! Let’s see, how to describe it…


That should suffice, I think. =D

I know that I don’t bother concealing that I majorly ship Tegomass — and judging by that O__O-worthy dream I had of them, neither does my subconscience :P — but in reality I actually don’t think they’re like that at all. Of course I hope they’re like that; I just don’t believe they are.

But whoever the heck directed this PV, I’d like to say something to you and this is it:


I don’t know if they truly intended to have Tegoshi and Massu seem like they’re dating and totally in love… BUT DAMMIT I APPROVE ALL THE WAY. What else can it possibly mean when they have Tegoshi waiting for Massu in a cafe filled with couples; or when Massu makes happy faces at a couple holding hands in the bus while he’s on his way to meet Tego; or when their world lights up again when the two finally meet and smile sparkly smiles of awesome at each other? It all radiates the message of “The world is only right when I’m with you.” They have given in to the demands of fangirls everywhere.

Tegoshi’s pen is pink. ^^

What is with Tegoshi sounding so much like Massu lately? I really don’t know if I’m going crazy (knowing me, that could very well be true) for thinking this. If it weren’t for the “Tego-nyan’s heart goes doki doki” part, I would have been convinced that Massu’s was the first voice I heard in “Chu Chu Chu!” Meh, I blame it on the strange effect they used.

Speaking of “Chu Chu Chu!”, IT IS SO ADORABLE. It can easily become my favorite song from Tegomass no Ai, though I doubt that will happen because I honestly CANNOT choose a favorite after listening to the entire mini-album. It makes me wonder if they had unknowingly hired a die-hard Tegomass fangirl disguised as a lyricist to write the lyrics of that particular song. That same fangirl might have directed the “Moshimo” PV, which seems like a reenactment of a fanfiction.

I am completely out of Tegomass pictures, so I’ll use this one from my iPod. It’s of Tegomass proving they can be cool for once, not just cute.

Aren’t they incredibly handsome in suits? They look like a hot detective duo that I would hire just so I can stare at them.

. . .

I had meant to type up little entries throughout the week that are purely in the Real Life category. But I got lazy. And so, I decided to mush it all into one longer post. I’ll break it up into a list to make it easier for me to remember.

1. Have I achieved pretty?

The National Honor Society ceremony was last week. The returning members and new inductees got to wear dressy clothes instead of our uniforms. I wore the dress I showed here over a black long-sleeved shirt, the neon purple tights I mentioned above (for some color), and the same black flats I wear everyday with my uniform. I tried to look my best for that day, and I guess it worked, because I was complimented dozens of times, sometimes from people I never talk to. Either the student council president or vice president (can’t tell them apart; they’re identical twins DX) called me as I was walking to my lunch table and told me I looked really cute. Until then, I didn’t realize they knew my name. I was happy, of course, but…

Will I ALWAYS be cute?

I was called cute at least two dozen times that day, even from my homeroom teacher, whom I heard murmuring, “She’s so cute,” after I had turned to leave her room. I know I should be content with being cute (at least they’re not calling me ugly), but I want to upgrade to pretty someday. How terribly vain of me, huh? I blame my gorgeous mother, whose beauty genes I didn’t inherit. Franky did call me pretty, though. ^^ One down, many more to go.

I’m STILL hoping that I’m like Tegoshi and end up becoming beautiful after I hit my twenties.

I got my NHS pin, by the way. Can’t take a picture of it because it always ends up blurry. I’m not good with cameras. D:

2. The Pest screwed up — AGAIN.

Lil’ bro is a moron. I don’t know what he did, and like last time, I don’t want to know. I just know that he listened to his moronic friends and got himself in trouble. The disciplinarian called home… for the third time this year, I think. The Old Man and Mama are not happy at all. They don’t know what to do with him because it’s never happened before with me. I never got in trouble.

There’s a centimeter-thick pile of papers on the table. Those are all the apology letters The Old Man forced The Pest to write. I confess, I enjoy seeing the boy suffer.

Haha, I so fail as a sister.

3. Daddy Daisy

Daisy’s wife is supposed to give birth soon, so that means he will be WITH her and NOT TEACHING ME for a while after vacation. This is huge news for me because I STILL CAN’T STAND HIS GUTS. Whenever people ask me why, I am at a loss for words. I really don’t know why. I just think he’s a creep who’s out to get me.

I’m not schizophrenic, by the way.

4. Three months of SAT studying into one week.

Pretty self-explanatory. I was incredibly stupid and didn’t study for the SAT at all, so naturally I’m panicking now. It’s in… HOLY GOOD GOD IT’S IN TWO WEEKS. /hyperventilates/

5. CPR certified!

The CPR class was so tiring. I didn’t realize how exerting it is to try to save a life. But I’m all done, and they gave me a card that said that I’m all trained and certified. And did you know that while performing CPR you might break the dying person’s ribs? You are essentially beating that person up when you give CPR.

It was incredibly awkward to practically make out with the mannequin we were supposed to practice on. I named him Brett, ’cause he looked like a Brett.


I remember tiny parts of three dreams. In the first one, a random lady needed CPR. This happened a few days after the class, by the way. I was about to perform it on her, but she came to before I could do anything.

It’s clear in the second dream that AP Bio is taking over my life. I dreamed about AP Bio. I don’t remember how, but I know that it played a huge role in the second dream.

The third dream was so incredibly realistic that I’m frightened that it might have actually happened. But I know that’s impossible because… well… I just know it is! I can’t bear to write about it to the world because it sends this hot, hooooooooot flush to my face whenever I even think about it. It involved a circle of seven of my friends (I clearly remember seeing Savannah and Kaylee) and, umm — just think back to that last Tegomass dream I had and you’ll understand what I’m getting at. Shut up, I was raised to be prissy. -///-

I really don’t know why I’m having these dreams all of a sudden.

7. I miss my gay guy.

I was having this conversation with Angel the other day. We often talk in the morning because she gets to school early now. I think Angel is the only girl I know who has an infatuation of gay guys like I do. I didn’t realize how much I missed Markus — who was really effeminate — until I talked to Angel. I think what I really want is a gay guy for a friend. I love them. I don’t seem like the type to like homosexual people, but I really do love them. I want to be able to whisper to him that I think that boy over there is hot and have him agree with me. I would never say such a thing, of course, but the thought is nice. :D

8. Do they just not see me?

I think I’m cursed to be invisible. And I mean it literally — people actually don’t see me or realize that I’m there. Or they forget me. I remember several occasions in fifth grade when my teacher forgot to pass me my paper. In Precalculus, the teacher passed out a test to everyone and skipped me. In English, Mrs. English Teacher was going around to check the homework while we were working in groups. My group was the first group she visited, and yet she forgot to check my homework when I was right in front of her. I told her about it after finished with everyone else; turns out she truly did forget me. In the halls, people bump into me all the time, sometimes semi-squishing me, and although they do apologize, they never saw me until they nearly knocked me over.

I remember when the senior class president came hurling out of nowhere and crashed into me from behind. She apologized profusely, blamed it on Carlie for pushing her. But it still hurt. Physically and mentally.

The latest example happened after school before the NHS ceremony. I had decided to stay after school with a bunch of others, but it turned out that we were required to leave for a while because no one would be in the school to supervise. The principal kicked us out, giving us her own money and telling us to go eat dinner for an hour. The sixteen or so of us went to the pizza place across the street — with some dressed in sports uniforms and most in dresses. Breanne and I ordered a pizza to share with Laney. We paid and waited. But it became obvious that they forgot our order when everyone else got their food, even though we ordered first.

Breanne and I confronted the cashier about it, and I acted completely proper and polite even though I wanted to show him some attitude. After all, that was the final straw and I just about had enough of being forgotten. I held my indignation in as I nicely requested for them to give Breanne her money back. It doesn’t take much to make me angry, huh? I’ve always had a short temper.

Okay, excessively long post, I think I’ll stop here. I’m tired and reeeeeeeeeeally need to catch up on sleep.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^///^

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