I took this shot so long ago that I forgot about it. But I came across it while clearing out some of the files that’s cluttering my laptop and it made me laugh, so clearly I must write words about it. This was back when YamaNade was still filming. Yes, that long ago.

What. Is. This.


I’ve been trying to figure out what Kamenashi is holding in his left hand. If I rewatch the video I might remember, but my memory is awful and I can’t find where in my laptop I saved that clip. I think Corr has that exact same watch.

Uchi + hair clips + concentrated expression = CUTE. ^o^ But what ARE those things they’re holding?

Um, I don’t know what Ballet Guy is doing. Ahaha, Miyao is so awesome. :D

And Tegoshi, is that an eyelash curler? O_____________O This is why it is so tough convincing people that you’re totally manly. I must watch those episodes again and check his lashes.

Don’t they have hair and make-up people to do these things for them?

In other NEWS, I continue to spam-listen to the “Sakura Girl” single. ^___^

. . .

On Thursday, my guidance counselor had given me a sheet that said

  • AP Literature and Composition
  • AP United States History
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Calculus
  • Honors French IV
  • Honors Bioethics

are the classes I’m supposed to be taking next year.


Mrs. English Teacher (my current English teacher) and Daisy (the AP English teacher) recommended me for the AP English course. Even though I really, really, REALLY do not want Daisy as my English teacher for my final year of high school, my pride will not let me degrade to Honors World Literature, even though that class is taught by my favorite teacher. I’ve heard AP English is beastly.

I don’t know why I’ve been approved for AP History when History is easily my worst class. Lynne and Laney are taking it this year, and they are constantly studying for some kind of test for it. And I saw what they had to do for summer reading. Someone had handed in a packet that was one centimeter thick. God help me, I’m scared. D:

Christa says that I’ll do fine in Physics. I believe her, so I’m not worried about that.

Calculus will be okay. I hate math, but things always turn out fine in the end.

French is so hard this year that I think everyone is dropping it. Even Franky, and that means we’ll no longer have identical schedules. I saw her switch it for Art II. I’m disappointed, though, that she doesn’t have more faith in her abilities. Adele is, uh, really bad at spoken French. After three years, she’s still pronouncing the s sound in est. But that’s understandable, since French pronunciation is rather complex, compared to her native Spanish, and she’s still learning English on top of that. I’m glad that Savannah isn’t dropping the class. I won’t be alone. T.T

Bioethics is a class so scary that none of the seniors wanted to take it, and so there had been no Bioethics this year. But since it seems that the class WILL return for the 2010-2011 school year, and I am one of the lucky incoming seniors who has to take it. The teacher? She used to be a nun, and now she’s the dean of students, the one in charge with handling all the disciplinary stuff — like the hour detentions and expulsions. She’s wicked brutal when it comes to assignments. She’s a really intimidating person… despite that she’s not even five feet tall.

With a coarseload like this, I think I will DIE next year. English, History, and Bioethics all require massive amounts of writing. I love writing, but not when I’m forced to. Blech. I have absolutely no idea how people can take NOTHING BUT AP COURSES and still retain their sanity.

I told Tyson and Leander — of my volunteer group — about my courses for next year, and they said that it’s way too much for a senior to have to deal with. Tyson is a sophomore so he doesn’t know what seniors do, but he said that he’s failing Physics right now. Leander is a senior, and although he’s plenty smart like Tyson, he’s rather passive about school. He even applied to college late, that lazy bum.

Anyways, forget about all that. I can deal with my killer courseload later. Like, “next year” later. :P

I’m such a stupid person. Didn’t realize that it was April Fools Day last Thursday until fourth period of school, when I happened to glance into the senior locker area and saw that it had exploded.

In my school, seniors get the most attention, then the freshmen (we call them freshwomen in our school), followed closely by the juniors, and lastly the sophomores. Haha, sophomores are unloved. :D Freshman lockers are all on the lowest level above the basement, Floor Two. Floor One is actually the basement. Junior lockers are on the highest level, the fifth floor (lucky me, huh?). Sophomores have their lockers under us. The senior locker room is this alcove-like area between the third and fourth floor. So, Floor 3.5.

As I was heading up to French from AP Bio, I had to go by the seniors’ lockers. The first thing I saw was the yellow DO NOT CROSS tape stretched across the entrance. Then the colorful plastic Easter egg halves on the ground. And finally, the plethora of streamers and confetti tossed haphazardly all over the room.

It really did look like it exploded. But it was pretty; such a pity that they had to clean it up. The principal let them have their fun, as long as they cleaned up after themselves.

That was the seniors’ prank. I didn’t get to witness the glory that had been the juniors’ prank, but the person who planned it all gave me the details.

She sits next to me in English and Religion, thinks everything I say is hilarious even when I’m being serious, and likes harassing poor Song. That’s right; Carlie, our beloved junior class president and my good friend, was the mastermind behind the prank.

Of course, she didn’t want to skip class to set it all up, so she got some people who were all too willing to miss their classes to do her dirty work.

Well, that’s her explanation for why she didn’t participate, but I knew better. I had snorted and poked her in the side with a teasing, “Lazy.”

I wonder how long it all took, because they had blown up 96 balloons and jammed them all into the vice-principal’s office. The VP’s office is really small. Just enough for a desk and space for kids who had screwed up. So the office was literally filled up with balloons. I can only imagine her face as she opened her office door and was attacked as nearly a hundred balloons spilled out. No one got in trouble, though. The VP is a nice lady who understands that girls will be girls.

Hey, when there are no boys around to do the pranking, you gotta find a substitute, right? :P

I’ll end this entry with another screenshot I had taken recently.

Why, hello there, cutie. ^___________^

I love the shameless part of Tegoshi, but his embarrassed face is so adorable that I can’t help wishing that he’d be embarrassed more often.


Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

3 thoughts on “Ballooooooooooooons.

  1. .hello hello. i just stumbles upon your journal while looking for tegoshi’s pics.
    could you please tell me the show in the yamanade pic? i love it! i NEED to watch it. *inner fangirl panic*
    please? thank you so much! ^.^

  2. Oh, I’m really sorry, but I can’t remember the exact name of the video I got it from. All I remember is that it mostly focused on Kamenashi.
    Sorry again if that’s not helpful; I really can’t remember which show it was. D:

  3. .aww. ok. thanks anyway. ^.^

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