Confession and Rejection

No words. NO WORDS to express my feelings about NEWS’s “Sakura Girl” single. *_______________________*

Let’s have a celebratory NEWS group picture instead.
(I’d like to properly credit this but I can’t recall where I found it. D:)

Such a cute picture. I wish they could have more shoots like this. ^////^

I would really love to give the single a proper review, but I am such a biased NEWS fan that I would only end up commenting on each song with “awesome awesome awesome” and rating all of them 43 out of 10. Even though those are purely objective feelings and the songs probably aren’t that great to a casual listener.

To someone who’s not as intensely in love with NEWS as I am, the single must be average. But not to me; I love every single song and have been spam-listening to the entire single for the past few days.

Some seem displeased with the “Sakura Girl” acapella. Which I anticipated. Not many people liked the RyoPi acapella duet “Sono Egao Boku ni Misete” in the Pacific album, with Tegomass and KoyaShige vocalizing in the background. That’s one of my favorite NEWS songs of all time, so of course I would love the other version of “Sakura Girl.” It’s a lot easier for me to sing along than the fast-paced regular version, that’s for sure.

My favorite song from the single would have to be “FREEDOM.” I love it so much that I’ve listened to it over 58 times in the past day or so and am still not sick of it. If you don’t know the translation, it has a “SCHOOL IS OVER AND I AM SO OUT OF HERE” vibe, doesn’t it?

That seems to be everyone’s least favorite song — some people go so far as to say that it sucks — but I’ve always been a strange child; I like what people don’t like. It doesn’t seem very NEWS-ish, huh? I probably like it because it’s different.

Gotta admit, though: I couldn’t figure out who was the first person singing until I listened to it several times. I swore it was Massu at the first few listens, but then I figured out that it was actually Tego, who sounds so different when he’s singing low. Hehe, whoops. And I call myself a fan. ^__^;;

“Love Melodies” sounds like it should be the OP for an anime. I love the song — but wth is up with the repeats of “PRESENTED WORD”? Doesn’t make much sense. They need to fire whoever inserts those random phrases of nonsense English into their songs because it ruins some of the songs for me. :/

“Fight for win
Get break and thru
It’s time to go
Fly to high wiz NEWS.”

. . .

I have concluded that Christa is scary. D:

I had been talking to Adele at my locker like I always do, while getting my stuff ready to go home. Christa came by, and she was carrying her Religion project. Christa is a wonderful artist; you can easily tell with one glance at her poster board. I saw her board, pouted hard at its greatness, and told Christa I hated her. You know, jokingly, the way friends do to each other.

But you don’t go saying those kinds of things to Christa, especially not after skipping a day of volunteer work without telling her. Which I had done last Saturday. She’s still mad at me for that. DX

Her face got all hard and angry — all for show — and she demanded, “What was that? What did you just say?” She looked quite intimidating.

Naturally, I took a step back, hands flying up to protect my person, and immediately said loudly, “I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

Like I said, Christa is scary. -_-;; We’re complete opposites and yet we’re friends. Why on earth are we friends?

But I’m not writing this entry to talk about my love/hate toward Christa.

Several days ago, I saw someone walking on the sidewalk as I was going home. Something about him had caught my eye, and at first I only tilted my head at the handsome stranger, thinking that he reminded me of someone.

After a while, it hit me. Turns out that the stranger was Thaniel, waaaaaay back from my pre-high school years.

Ah, I remember Thaniel~ I first met him when I transferred into his school in fifth grade. He was tall, good-looking, funny, intelligent, and incredibly artistic. Haha, I know so many artists that it’s ridiculous. :P

But he, like Christa, was also scary, in spite of these good points. See, when I knew him, he had a bit of a foul mouth, an uncontrollable temper, and slight violent tendencies. So I generally avoided him when I could. He was always nice to me, though. You don’t dare be mean to a girl who could and would spontaneously burst into tears.

Well, I got a huge shock on the last day of school of sixth grade.

The teacher took our class out to the park several blocks away, just to relax and release. One of the students had his mother and toddler brother come along. Melinda and I entertained him for an hour or so with a gigantic blue ball. He was adorable. I wonder how old he is now.

After exhausting myself from playing with the little kid, I spent some time by myself on top on the playground thing. (Don’t know what that thing’s called; it has tunnels and steps and bridges and poles and ladders and slides. That thing.) I stood there looking out into the river.

But to my surprise, Thaniel came and joined me. I don’t remember everything, but I do remember that that was the day he confessed that he liked me. And to this day I wish that I handled that situation better.

Because I didn’t reciprocate his feelings and it would be cruel to lead him on, I did reject him — but I don’t think I did it nearly gently enough. He asked me if I liked him back, and do you know what I said, do you know what I said?


Can you imagine a crueler rejection? Well, I suppose there are far worse ways of being rejected, but this was majorly cruel for a person like me. DXX

I can’t remember anything else about that scene — just my response. I had simply said no. No explanations, nothing. I didn’t say “Ah, but I like you as a friend” or something like that, like you’re supposed to do. I’m often brutally honest, so I literally was incapable of lying to him by saying that I like him as a friend. I didn’t think of him as a friend. Nor did I hate him: I just didn’t know him that well. But I really did not handle that situation well. Not at all.

I don’t like emotions. Why can’t we just all be robots? Life would be so much easier. DDD:

Right. I’m a jerk, what else is new. D: Moving on from the obvious.

Got a ton of work to do right now. I’ll list them so I won’t skip over anything.

  1. English — essay
  2. English — a whole bunch of prewriting that I was supposed to have finished last week (SEE WHY I DON’T BELONG IN A PLACE LIKE HARVARD?)
  3. Religion — make little board game pawns out of clay for a project due tomorrow
  4. Religion — make up 10 questions for Pay Day cards
  5. Pre-Calculus — worksheet that I don’t understand
  6. French — finish translations
  7. French — many many pages of bookwork

I’ll certainly be busy tonight. D:

Until next time,

~ Mimi O_<

P.S. Bonus NEWS picture, ’cause I’m feeling giddy today.

Oh goodness, what’s going on here? O______O

I wonder, did Shige accidentally lose his trunks in a wave or did Koyama yank them off him? Kei-chan and Pi have their victory faces on. :Pv

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