I had loved him before I knew him.

A most tragic catastrophe has befallen my iPod. T___T

Ah, but first I’ll talk about fandom-related stuff. Get the happy things out of the way before I depress myself further. XP

So, with the tenth episode of YamaNade, the drama has met its official end. What am I talking about, this is not happy. >.<


What a perfect ending. Of course I’m sad that it’s all over, but I’m happy that they didn’t screw up the ending — like they had done with the beginning. It wasn’t a great drama or anything; I thought it was bad, to tell you the truth. But I still loved it anyway.

Bwahaha, somehow I knew that beneath that cutesy exterior, Yukinojo is a cruel bastard. XD I took my last screencap D: from this drama:

(His pupils are huge. O__O)

At first, I had awwed at Tegoshi’s softly smiling face. I love Tegoshi’s uncontrollable laughter and toothy grins, of course, but it’s nice seeing him like this too.

But after I finished the episode, I realized that this was no innocent Yuki smile; it was a freaking smirk. A smirk of evilness and carefully constructed plans and haha-you’ll-never-see-it-coming-because-I’m-supposed-to-be-the-cute-innocent-one.

Didn’t know you had it in you, man. :Db

I really liked this drama, despite how terrible it was. I thought that it didn’t make sense at times, but I learned to ignore that once I watched enough. I only wish that they had started out the drama better, because the first episode was planned out awfully. It probably repelled many people away from the drama, because if the first episode sucks, would you really want to spend the time to see if it gets better? Well, in this case, YamaNade really DID get better, but too bad so many people had decided that episode one was enough for them.

Now I have nothing to look forward to every week. D:

Aside from YamaNade, I had listened to another of the songs from NEWS’s “Sakura Girl” single. I couldn’t help myself, but asdfghjkl “Anata ga Tonari ni Dake de” is a gorgeous song. Such a soothing ballad. I’ve been trying to force myself to not listen to it so much; that way, I would love the song even more when the single is actually released. But, uh, that plan isn’t working out too well. Because I’m listening to it right now. On repeat.

BUT I’m not gonna crack and sneak a listen at the other two songs yet. Less than a week of waiting to go.

You know, I think I’m too lenient when it comes to Tegoshi’s hair. The only hairstyles I’ve ever objected to were when he dyed it that strange greenish blond around the “Ai Ai Gasa” release, and when he let it grow too long and puffy for DREAM BOYS. Those are the only two; I like everything else.

Everyone — and I mean everyone, haters and lovers of Tego alike — frown upon his hair on the Tegomass no Ai LE cover and his recent “Sakura Girl” PV hair. When the PV came out, everyone was going, “O__O wtf Tego, what did you do?” and I honestly could not for the life of me figure out what they were talking about. I didn’t see anything wrong; he looked as beautiful as always.

Am I truly the only person alive who loves his hair? D:

. . .

So. Continuing on from the opening line. A catastrophe has befallen my iPod.



I tried to recover the data, but because I am utter fail at computer things, I couldn’t do it. Now I have to manually add all 400+ songs back into my iPod, which takes a long time because I’m extremely obsessive-compulsive about correct info and album art and lyrics (with translations if the song isn’t in English). Right now, I recovered 120 songs, 88 of which are NEWS’s or Tegomass’s. Still got a loooooong way to go, and all this happened more than a week ago. DDD:

If I could have one wish granted right now, I’d wish for 10 more hours to be added to the 24-hour day. It would be so helpful.

That 48 and 60 wouldn’t have happened if I had more time to study. DDD: BUT OH GOODNESS WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL 87. I studied incredibly hard for that, without going to sleep, and it all paid off. But since the term ends in a few days, it looks like I’ll be stuck with another B on my report card. I just can’t find it in me to care anymore.

I’m still pouty over my iPod and AP Bio. But it’s no fun dwelling on what I can’t change, so let’s move on.

I realized something important, and it started last week.

Last week I had gone to see Franky act in the school musical as one of the leads. She’s got a rather, ah, high-pitched and grating singing voice, but she’s a brilliant actress. She’s not terrible at singing; it’s just that her voice is reeeeeeeaally high-pitched. For some reason she always gets cast as a young boy — and she makes a really convincing one. O_o Convincingly crossdressing is another addition to my list of reasons why I feel that Franky is the female Tegoshi, as I had written here.

Tiana is a senior in my French class, and she plays one of the leads as well. Her family came to watch: her brother and sister (she’s a triplet, a quintuplet if you count the two babies that didn’t make it), her identical twin brothers, and one older brother.

Before high school, I had gone to school with her twin brothers. I remember when they took a week off when their father died. D: I didn’t know Joel too well, but I talked to his younger brother Timmy occasionally.

Timmy has light brown eyes, a head of blond hair, and, as the lead singer in the choir in middle school, an absolutely gorgeous singing voice. He had a small build, loved acting, used his angelic face to his advantage, and despite this face, preserved the boyish side of him by getting really competitive when it came to sports.

Oh, his voice~~

He has a voice that’s a little high for a guy, but that’s okay, because when he sings he sounds like an honest-to-goodness angel. I remember that during school liturgies I would watch him when he had a solo — of which he had a lot. I love his voice so much. Throughout my entire life, even today, people just love to randomly call out my name whenever they see me. Timmy would call out my name a lot (maybe because my name and his name are similar, I never did learn why) with this huge smile on his face, and when he did… oh, simply euphoric~

He used to attend The Pest’s school, but he left after two weeks or so. o_O Guess he couldn’t take the workload? (Pfft, what workload?) He goes to the same school as Markus right now. It parallels my school in that it only allows one gender. No girls allowed.

He was the absolute cutest thing. I didn’t even care that he was younger than me. That’s right, I had the H-U-G-E-S-T crush on him several years ago. You know, the kind with tons of sighing and his name on my binders and bits of shy glances and bright red blushing and stuttering when he comes up to my face. I remember when he once cutely nuzzled his head against my neck — and Lila and Markus had to hold me up to keep me from fainting. His hair smelled really nice. ^///^

I learned his name when I was in the seventh grade, after I had joined the school play. I saw that the actor with the biggest role (a detective/FBI agent) was this cute boy with an unusually high voice and curly blond hair. After watching him with his passionate acting and spending so much time around him for many weeks, it didn’t take long for my little heart to flutter every time I saw him in the halls. I attended every rehearsal just to see him. And later, in the following year, I worked incredibly hard and landed myself the lead female role in the play so I could work beside him.

So, this is where the title of this entry comes in. “I had loved him before I knew him.” This doesn’t refer to Timmy, actually.

I’m referring to Tegoshi Yuya.

This is because as I was typing up a description of Timmy, I felt like I was describing someone else, too. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was practically describing Tegoshi even though I was focused entirely on Timmy. O_____o

It came as a huge shock when I reread what I had typed and saw the extreme similarities between Timmy and Tego. Timmy even had (has?) a whole lot of Tegoshi’s personality, i.e. he’s kinda slutty (contrary to his babyish face), he’s harmlessly self-centered, he acts girly but insists he’s all guy, he’s clingy, and he complains a lot. And he’s got tons and tons of energy, even more so when you add sugar to the picture.

Thinking back, I was probably drawn to Timmy in the first place because he acted all girly and cute. That must have been when my infatuation of girly men began, huh? It might seem that I like Tegoshi only because he reminds me of Timmy, but that would be wrong. I’m mostly over Timmy… although I won’t deny that my breath caught in my throat when I saw him again that night. He’s all grown up now. Actually, he used to be shorter than me. >_<

To sum it all up, I had loved the Tegoshi-character type years before I even got into any sort of Japanese entertainment. I discovered anime in ninth grade, J-pop in tenth, and NEWS in the summer before junior year.

Life is so freaky, isn’t it? The current Timmy looks scarily like the Tegoshi in this picture, except Timmy’s a little lankier and blonder:

(credit to yumasama@lj)

And I’m not making this up, journal, I swear!

Until next time,

~ Mimi :DDD

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