So close! D:


For the 13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Winter 2010):


1. Kagawa Teriyuki – 1225
2. Tegoshi Yuya – 1064
3. Miyao Shuntaro – 980
4. Uchi Hiroki – 833
5. Asari Yousuke – 675
(Taken from here)

I know it’s mainly a popularity contest, and even as a hardcore Tego fan I don’t think that he is a great actor (nor do I feel that YamaNade is a great drama, but eh, can’t help my bias :P), but I feel so proud of him anyway. ^o^

There will always be people supporting you, so keep working hard!

Now that YamaNade is over, you have no excuse to lose any more weight. So — EAT MORE.

Let’s end today with this picture. Because it made me giggle. :D

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

P.S. What is with me starting every entry with capslock? o.O

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