Four More (or Dream Batch #1)


Oh God, Ranmaru. XD I loved that scene from the manga where he imitated the others.

Oh God, Kyohei. D: I know his mother has psychological issues but I wanted to slap her SO badly.

I didn’t take any screencaps because I was too absorbed in the awesomeness. But I found this gif that includes my favorite scene of the entire drama so far. (And for some reason the creator doesn’t want to be credited, so no credits here.)

Bouncy Tegoshi, Tegoshi with alcohol, wide-eyed Tegoshi, Tegoshi squishing his own face — WHAT A LOVELY GIF. <333 Tegoshi is so adorable here, and the lamenting duo beside him makes me love this gif that much more. The Boys’ Night Out/Girls’ Night In is such an epic scene in the drama. It doesn’t even bother me that Yukinojo doesn’t look old enough to drink. :P

I love drama-Noi. :Dv Noi/Takenaga interactions are always hilarious.

I don’t want to think about how this drama will end in a few episodes. DDD: YAMANADE SP PLEASE.

The following isn’t fandom-related, but it’s not about me, so I’ll keep it in this section. I’ve been listening to some music sang by girls. I haven’t done that for a while, not since my discovery of NEWS. Well, I suppose that I’m only listening to Kylee because she’s acting in and sang the theme of DareKiss, which Tegoshi is in. “Kimi ga Iru Kara” is pretty catchy, but at the same time it sounds like a rather generic R&B song, the verses especially. Her Japanese sounds weird at times. Then again, I don’t know an ounce of Japanese, so what do I know.

She’s pretty in the PV. Kinda reminds me of a young, Japanese Mariah Carey when she’s wearing that black and silver top. It seems that she’s growing up too fast, though. Really hard to believe that she’s only 15. O_o I like her older songs, specifically “Plan B,” “Just Breathe,” and “You Get Me.” Even though the lyrics are all incredibly cliché.

Right now, I’m really addicted to Kana Nishino’s “Best Friend.” I’m not a fan of her music or image — not really into the whole R&B thing — but this is one of the rare songs that hooked me from the first listen. Or, in this case, from the first word. Her voice is so pretty and very clear. And she’s so gorgeous on the CD cover, almost like a doll. I love singing along, but her voice goes so high and in the end I just give up and simply listen.

. . .

Anyway. I’m being suddenly bombarded with dreams lately. >_<

Every time I wake up I can remember a snippet of at least one dream. I should be thrilled that I can remember them — since they have the potential to be inspirational — but the subjects of these dreams are really questionable. Not inspirational at all, just weird.

Actually, the title of the entry should be “Six More,” but I waited too long to type this up and forgot two of the dreams.

1. I can only remember a bit of the first one. I’m participating in some kind of scavenger hunt, looking for crumpled balls of orange paper hidden in really precarious places. I recall hanging out of a window and reaching for a bright paper ball impaled on a tree branch. I think The Pest was halfheartedly holding onto my feet.

And, uh, that’s all of the first dream. Hey, at least I remembered it, right?

2. The second dream played like a really bad drama. It’s a love story — but unlike the last dream I had that involved ghost girls and strangeness, this one has three boys and me. That’s right, a love square. I don’t remember the first boy at all, just that he exists. The second one is your typical nice guy: intelligent, really sweet, bringing me flowers, waiting for me outside my bedroom window, that sort of thing. The kind of guy girls should go for, right?

But, like most romantic dramas, I don’t go for him, who’s been there for me since the beginning. No, I had to go for the third guy — the one who’s been a complete bastard to me from the start, but once you get to know him he reveals this semi-soft, sentimental side of him that makes girls sigh and drape themselves all over him.

Yep, dream-me just had to choose him, huh? How cliché. I don’t think I’ll be borrowing this for a plot anytime soon, not unless I want to write a really bad rip-off of a Korean drama.

3. The third dream bordered on nightmare-ish. It’s kinda difficult to describe what the dream was about, but I’ll try my best.

Some old guy gives Adele, Franky, Gail, and me a mission to decorate the tiled walls of this huge white bathroom. We each receive a tube of glittery paint in a summery, pale color; I got yellow. We’re supposed to squeeze it onto the walls and spread it around with our bare hands. We do that for a while, but it isn’t until after I move away from my friends do I realize that something weird is going on. Their faces are weird. I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something demonic about the way their faces look. Somehow, I just know that they’re out to get me.

So I run out of there as fast as I can and end up crashing into a friend of Christa’s, whom I met several weeks ago at a festival. I forgot his name, but he’s a 17-year-old boy scout who’s rather cute and acts kinda girly and gay, which must be why I like him.

Anyway, I literally run into him. Seeing that I look pretty rattled, he asks what’s wrong. Then he puts on this extremely serious face when I describe what’s happening to my friends, and he tells me in a low voice that I need to get out of there right away. This surprises me so I question him, but then my friends come over, and we can’t discuss the matter any further. And the dream ends there.

4. I can’t remember most of the fourth dream. When I woke up, I typed up some words in my cell phone to remind me, but I have no idea what they mean now. The words are Konon, boy band, Tegoshi, and interestingly, pedophile.

I remember that Konon was a word I saw in the dream. Not a clue what it means.

Boy band. Nope, doesn’t click. D:

I’m certain that Tegoshi was the only NEWS member in this dream, and I remember that in the dream his name was used in the western order, meaning that he was called Yuya Tegoshi. I can’t remember what his role in the dream was. T___T

Pedophile. Umm…

WAIT, I REMEMBER NOW. At least, some of it. After thinking really hard, part of the dream is coming back to me. Still don’t know what boy bands have to do with it, but the other three words are related. In the dream I’m reading this magazine called Konon. More specifically, I’m reading a Tegoshi interview, and it’s in English. One part of the interview asks him about what kind of acting roles he would like to attempt in the future. And he answers, “I’ve always wanted to be a pedophile. It seems interesting.”

O__________O I have no idea. Really. What have I been eating before bed?

And that’s the end of Dream Four.

Now I’m off to tackle some of the chapters due Tuesday for AP Bio. NINE CHAPTERS. 200 PAGES. BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

P.S. I got to talk to a female FBI agent the other day. And all I can say now is that I’m considering becoming one. Many people don’t pass the initial tests and questionings. You can’t have a criminal history, they don’t want a druggie or alcoholic, you can’t be under age 23 or over 37, they hook you up to a polygraph — a lie detector — sometimes for hours and hours, and you must pass a physical fitness test. And if you pass all that, they actually put you through all the training you see on TV, the whole learning how to shoot from behind a pole or while lying on your side. Bad thing is that you are required to retire at 57.


What a cute album name. They just love toying with the fangirls’ minds. Some of the song titles make me lol, though. Quite hard. XD Most people are o_O about “Cheetah, Gorilla, Orangutan,” but I’m rather concerned about “Pasta.”

Nothing less from Tegomass. :P

Because I already mentioned Tegoshi above, let’s celebrate with an adorable picture of Massu from episode 16 of Soukon:

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1720" title="


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