Mimi At Your Service

Tegoshi Yuya, you are so slutty. DENY IT NO LONGER.

(credits and a huuuuuuuge thank you to yamapi85@lj for the scan)

I thought he looked massively cute when I saw the first girl!Tego calender shot, which is of Tegoshi flashing the camera peace signs with both hands and smiling prettily at the world. But then I move past some NEWS group shots, host!Tego, and trio shots — and come upon THAT shot up there.

That picture is so not PG. I just know that if I ever choose to display that in the house, Mama will take one look at her and demand, “What is that trashy girl doing on the wall?” XD

I really don’t know why I adore Tegoshi so much when he doesn’t hide his sluttiness, because I’m pretty sure that the whole cosplay aspect of his solo photos of the 2010 NEWS calender was his idea.

Anyone who observes Tegoshi in TV appearances will immediately notice that he unconsciously licks his lips and plays with his tongue a lot. Heck, even he himself acknowledged this habit, and I know he’s not doing it on purpose because it’s one of my habits too — that and biting my lower lip. But I’m certain that him sticking out his tongue for the camera and in a seductive way cannot be classified as an unconscious act.

Who taught him that?

If I could give that shot a caption, it would go along the lines of, “You know you want me~”

That, however, doesn’t mean that I hate the shot, because I don’t. I’m so so so in love with it. In fact, I think I like Tegoshi even more now, because it shows just how shameless he is. When I call him a slut, I do it affectionately; no malice at all. He makes a damn gorgeous girl. So many people, even hardcore fans, hate his portion of the calender, thinking it’s too plain or too weird. Pfft, let those haters frown all they want at his quirky habits. I love him [more] for it.


Or I could just be saying this because I have an unbelievably huge crush on Tegoshi in a dress. :P

I do wish that he’d gain back some weight once Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ends. He’s definitely under 120 pounds by now, which is getting close to underweight for his height. His girlfriend will look like such a fat cow when they stand next to each other. :P At this rate, I’m scared he’ll whither away. D:

I love how most of my past few entries have mentions of girl!Tego in some way. By now I’m making it pretty obvious that I’m in love with Yuuko. Is it weird that I no longer think of Yuuko and Yuya as one person?

Ah, and also: Tegoshi and Horikita Maki look like siblings. Just thought I’d mention it. :D

. . .

Fourteen. Hours. At. School. Thursday.


There was a candlelight dinner event last night and I had to help serve because I’m on club council. They had sent each club representative a little note that began with, “Thank you for volunteering.”

Volunteer? I was FORCED, dangit. >_____<

There were candles distributed haphazardly all over the room, and on more than one occasion I nearly set my head on fire when I turned too quickly, whipping my hair into the flames. I was serving all Italian food. Which I normally have nothing against, but just the other day my cousin-in-law’s (or whatever you call it; she’s my cousin’s wife) brother was visiting from Italy, and his family ordered a lot of Italian food. Too much, you could say. After eating all that, I didn’t want to see another Italian meal for a while.

The day was so long. And because they had lit so many candles around the cafeteria, the room was hot, and I got all sweaty because I sweat easily. In addition to that, the school choir had to perform, which I don’t like doing when I’m sweaty. D: Plus, Ms. Choir Director positioned me FRONT AND CENTER and Sammy was FILMING the whole thing.

I always mess up during one of the songs because Choir Director Lady wants us to clap to the beat — and I am utterly incapable of multitasking. I kept clapping when no one else was, and I saw some of the parents giving me “Is she stupid or something?” looks. Well, I am, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. D:

What made it even MORE embarrassing was that the waiters (that’s us club council folk) were required to wear huge plaid patterned red bows around our necks with our black pants and white polo shirt.

I had to get a sophomore to help me tie my bow correctly, and boy did she tie it. I tugged on the strings, but it wouldn’t give, and the teachers wanted the bows back. Adele saw me struggling and came over to help. Lynne saw Adele having trouble so she tried her hand at freeing me from the plaid trap. Sammy came over when Lynne couldn’t do it, then Laney and Merry eventually gave it a shot, too.

Then, with me standing in the middle of the five of them, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. Just my luck — it was Mama calling to tell me that she was parked outside, ready to pick me up, right next to the window that gave her a clear view into the cafeteria. And I was standing in her direct line of vision, with my friends nearly suffocating me as they fought for control over who got to pick at the tight knot. At one point, Laney pulled a bit too hard, causing me to go “Blech!” into my cell phone while Merry exclaimed loudly, “You’re choking her!”

In the end Sammy got tired of everyone and simply snapped the ribbon with one quick movement.

Fun times. >.<

I got home at 9 pm, spent the rest of the night studying and trying to finish 50 more pages of Pride and Prejudice and falling asleep all over the place, and ended up failing both my AP Biology quiz and French test the next day.

For the first time this year, a teacher caught me sleeping. It was Daisy.


I looked into his eyes and it was frightening.

Until next time,

~ Mimi DX

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