Introduction: Mimi Style

And by “Mimi style,” I mean “long and rambly.”

(Warnings: objectionable language; American/New England slang; swooning over Japanese celebrities; atrocious photography; mediocre writing; rambly, unstructured bits about my life.)

Hi there. :D If you’re here, it most likely means that you were led here by the Google search option, because this is an ANONYMOUS PERSONAL JOURNAL and none of my friends should ever find this page. If, by any chance, I know you and you’re reading this, oh crap I’m in trouble.

As long as I don’t know you in real life, I don’t care who reads my entries. And as long as I’m comfortable with sharing, I’ll write about anything and everything, no holding back. (This translates to potentially squirmy posts because I just discovered that I’m equal parts sexual and awkward.) Leave a comment if you want to speak up, whether to agree, disagree, tell me off, or just say hi — and I’ll definitely respond. I don’t bite, unless you deserve it, because if I were a deadly sin it would be wrath. Otherwise, just enjoy your stay.

The name’s Mimi — not my real name, but a legitimate nickname that my parents have been calling me since I was tiny. Most of my friends don’t know about this nickname, so I should be safe. In my older entries I would sometimes sign off with “Nana.” Nana is what my friends used to call me because I would look after them like a nanny would. Signing off as Nana indicated I was in a foul mood. I don’t do that sign-off anymore because I’m too old for this.

My real name’s in my profile. Can’t risk drawing attention to this journal.

Detailed About Me page is here. But to sum things up, I’ll write some /quick/ points.

  • I started this journal as a 15-year-old deep in the throes of teenage angst. I am now 26. Not sure if I ever made it past that stage of my life.
  • Here I am in my bare-faced and sweaty glory. I chose this photo over a more presentable one because it better captures the essence of this journal. Also maybe people won’t recognize me in such a state.
  • Never been to public school, which makes things interesting when I attempt to write fic about them. 10 years at various Catholic primary schools. (I am not Catholic but my parents thought it would be stricter there and therefore I wouldn’t go “astray” and do drugs or something.) 4 years at a teeny all girls Catholic high school, 4 years at a teeny women’s college. Recently completed my master’s at a large private university. The Catholic part of my education is important because it explains why I’m always mentioning prayers and God, even though I was raised without religion and identify as agnostic and I often think blasphemous thoughts. High school was also, um, not like any regular school (more about that here).
  • Writing is my passion, my hobby, my obsession. I’m not amazing at it, but I’m still learning. I tend to side-eye people whose first language is English and yet can’t type coherently, ESPECIALLY if they shit on non-native English speakers for their English. Yeah yeah, I know, prescriptivism, elitist asshole, blah blah. Still can’t help it. No fancy words needed, just… can you at least make sure you’re not missing key verbs from your sentences if you’re trying to be serious?
  • Looove Japanese things. I’m not quite a weeb because I don’t actually listen to Japanese music or watch anime that much anymore, but the country and culture still has a special place in my heart. You’ll see in older posts that I used to talk about the boys from the idol group NEWS a lot because I was completely infatuated with them. And it wasn’t until I saw that I devoted an entire entry to them and spent ages analyzing one of their music videos did I realize this. I’m still a fan but I don’t follow them very closely anymore, so my journal entries are now entirely life-centric. I have also matured and feel deep embarrassment toward my past fangirling antics so there’s that.
  • For me, gender is no boundary, and love is love. If you’re against that sort of thing I suggest you not read any further. I don’t know what I am or who I like and frankly I don’t care. I just call myself queer but if you want a more specific label, I’d guess I’m pansexual with a preference for men? My current partner does not erase this aspect of my identity.
  • Sorry for possibly coming off negatively at all. I’m just a very honest, opinionated, straightforward person, and my undergrad college had done wonders in bringing those qualities out of me. Which means I’m not always likable because I say what I think. Just letting you know, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

I don’t post nearly as often as I should so I have a personal Twitter connected to this journal! (To the side — see, see?) It makes me feel less guilty about being terrible with updates. But I have to be careful to not post on the wrong Twitter: I have another one used strictly for comedic purposes and that posts tweets to my Facebook. I see potential disaster in this.

Have a lovely day!

…This intro is longer than the About Me page, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Introduction: Mimi Style

  1. konnichiwa! hi there! nice to meet you :-) (not literally, though)
    hmm. i’ve read ur “fun with anime character”…
    i like it very much! yay :-)
    it’s really fun reading it.
    just want you to know :-)
    have a nice day!



    i hope u don’t mind if i ask for a copy of the e-mail u mentioned in “fun with anime”… arigatou :-)

  2. So sorry for the late reply! School is pretty good at controlling my life. D:

    Ohh, I remember the “Fun with Anime Characters” thing from like three years ago that I never finished. XD Woah, soooo long. I don’t think I have the email anymore, but fear not! I do still have the other two sets of questions that I never posted. You can get the rest of the questions from my four old posts, but here are the new ones:

    What would happen if…
    #1 accidentally kicked #10?
    #2 sent #9 an e-mail that was meant for his girlfriend?
    #4 and #7 discovered they made love while being drunk?
    #3 and #6 did a work-out together?
    #7 won the lottery?
    #8 had quite a big secret?
    #9 became a singer?
    #10 got a daughter?

    What would 1 think of 2?
    What would 2 find weird about 3?
    How would 3 greet 4?
    What would 4 envy about 5?
    What dream would 5 have about 6?
    What do 6 and 7 have in common?
    What would make 7 angry at 8?
    Where would 8 meet 9?
    What would 9 never dare to tell 10?
    What would make 10 scared of 1?

    And there you go! Have fun with them and thanks for reading!

  3. hey, i stumbled onto your place whilst looking for stuff about tegoshi.
    and i loveeeee it because :
    1. im a weirdo too. (going to all girls school makes you like that)
    2. i hated NEWS guts first too untill my sister showed me their cherish performance.
    3. i love tegoshi too even though he is the complete opposite of me. i was hooked when i saw NEWS first appearance at domoto kyodai. i thought he was cute at that time eventhough many people thought he looked ugly.
    your entries always keep me entertained. hope to see more of it.
    p.s dont kill me for my english. it is not my first language. =)

  4. YEAHHH NEWS FANS. I always get super excited when I find more fans because it seems a lot of former fans couldn’t stand to wait for them anymore. ): Anyway, nice to meet you!

    I think going to a women’s college is just going to make me weirder. Sometimes the girls bring guy friends to visit, and every time I see one I just want to point and exclaim, “BOY.”

    Haha, I actually think that young Tegoshi was kind of awkward looking. I’m glad he grew up so well. :DD

  5. yeah i’m really sad that so many fans are leaving NEWS for other bands especially k-pop. can’t blame them though because it has been really too long…thank god tegomass will be doing concert but i would still prefer NEWS.
    my university has girls and guys but i still only hang out with girls because i’m not used to hanging out with guys ( except a few guys who are gays, yeah i’m weird like that ). i’m kind of envious of you, attending a women’s college must be fun. the best time of my life was spent in an all girl’s high school. we don’t have that kind of universities here.
    yeah, i know a lot of people think that way. but if i had known him when he was all pretty and perfect i wouldn’t love him that much. i love the fact that he was so awkward looking and young ( im not a pedo i promise; tegoshi is 3 years older than me ). my sister hates his guts though.

  6. I LOVE HOW YOU PUT YOUR THOUGHTS INTO WORDS X3 And I’m totally crazy over NEWS as well =S Especially the sexy osaka man with his shy but shameless attitude <33 Hahah although RyoPi left, I really have faith in the 4 member NEWS right now and hope they kill anyone who doubted their briliance with a better comback than 2006 <3333 Hehehe

  7. SORRY SORRY I totally did not mean to ignore your comment for a good month. You just happened to comment while I was hospitalized lol so I couldn’t reply and this past month has been filled with catching up with school. Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read my nonsense! And for loving NEWS, of course <3

  8. Yo~ \(^o^)/

    I’ve been watching your blog, but I never had the gut to comment on your posts (I mean, the NEWS-related posts xD) for some reasons (Err, I don’t also have the gut to explain those reasons. Peace. ^_^v)

    By the way, I’m LEA. Oftentimes I use my stylized name LeYa or my Japanese name Kumiko when addressing myself to someone. In short, call me LeYa or Kumiko! I’m a Filipino; English is not my first language (Before, I thought I’m good at speaking this language but I realized I still suck at it. So hope you wouldn’t mind my grammatical errors. Hehee~)

    If you’re wondering why I’m watching your blog, it is because I love your blog. Or rather, I love how you blog. Ok it’s really hard to explain why… I just love it! <3

    Another thing, we have many similarities (I think!). We're both NEWS fans; like you, Tegoshi Yuya is my bias (obviously, in my username LOL). I am also weird (Don't be freaked out if I tell you I TALK TO MYSELF! As in I spend hours continuously talking to myself–about random or fandom things, whatever comes out of my creative (?) mind. 8D) Uhm, a Hypersexual too, but never admitted it. (only now haha xD). We both love Paramore and Jeannette McCurdy. Lastly, I am 17 years old, already in college, but I look like a 10-year old kid. Yeah, I guess we have the 'forever-young-looking' genes. (:

    Sorry for the long comment, but can I still share something? I'm just amazed at this little 'coincidence'. Here it goes:

    Waaaay back, I made a one-shot fic, the pairing is Tegoshi Yuya x OC (original character). The original character was me (why am I telling you this? Now I'm getting shy LOL), and of course I used my Japanese name Kumiko. (So it's Tegoshi x Kumiko). In the story, Kumiko (often called Kumi) is a weird girl but has lots of friends and one close friend–the one she calls "Twin", her soul sister Mimi. I wrote that fic before I found this blog, so basically I'm really amazed to find out that we have many similarities… And I call myself Kumi and you call yourself Mimi! :DDD Cool~

    That's it! Again, sorry for the long comment, but your blog is so entertaining and inviting that right now I couldn't stop typing this senseless (I hope not!) comment. Just dropping by :) I'll still watch your blog, with the semi-promise of commenting on your NEWS-related posts. (I cannot fully promise it to you because I still lack the gut to comment, and I for the fact that I seldom visit WordPress. ^_^v)

    Arigatou gozaimasu~ have a nice day! (^o^)


  9. Hello there~ :D It’s lovely to hear from you, LeYa! I love it when readers speak up even once so don’t worry about commenting. (I never ever ever comment either so I understand.) Also don’t worry about the English thing. I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re not a native speaker if you hadn’t told me. Your English is much better than that of most people who live here, oh America. -_-

    Oh my, so many similarities! That fic thing is almost a creepy coincidence too! And do I see in your email that you’re also a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? :DDD

    Umm, I’m sorry about not writing about many NEWS-related things lately. This is a personal journal, not an entertainment blog, so I feel it would be redundant to write about their releases/activities when you can find that stuff elsewhere and in more detail. I am still a huge fan but I’m not nearly as invested in them as I was 2-3 years ago. That is, I don’t obsessively NEED to track down all of their appearances on TV, download all their magazine scans, or stalk Japanese blogs for even slight mentions of them. No time to do such things. TT-TT If you will, please bear with me through this period where I’m focusing more on my personal life!

    Thank you for enjoying your stay!

  10. Oh really? Yay! xDDD Err, I have a slight fear of people noticing my grammar (whether my native language or English), so telling me that I am good at English makes me really happy! ^o^

    YES! I was a fan of A:TLA… ‘Was’, because I don’t fangirl over the cartoon series anymore. But I’m still preserving my Avatarded side by following A:TLA-related blogs. Admittedly, it was NEWS’ fault that I abandoned all my other fandoms. Well I still try to keep track of some :)

    Ah~~ it’s ok if you don’t post much about NEWS! I understand this is your personal blog. I’m just impressed at how you say your thoughts about them. ^^ And besides, I’m also watching the updated entertainment blogs, so no worries; I’m not expecting you to update your readers about NEWS everytime. (:

    Okay then… Just passing by~ :D

    P.S. I love Toph Bei Fong! She’s an AWESOME earthbender! <3

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