Causes for Celebration (i.e. Yuuko and a new fan cover)

Imagine my disappointment when I listened to NEWS’s “Sakura Girl” and thought, “Oh. This is okay.”

I didn’t think it was that catchy. I didn’t think it was bad, but I didn’t love it, either.

Then again, I shouldn’t have tried to listen to it when my parents were rushing me off the laptop.

Later that day, I found myself lightly humming a tune as I skipped up the stairs (haha, that’s probably why I trip so often) to take a shower. I stopped for a moment because I didn’t know what I was humming, but I thought the melody was nice.

And then it hit me — Sakura Girl!

That was probably my cue to go give the song another proper listen. I should have figured that I wouldn’t like it at first. I generally don’t like any song the first time I hear it: I hated “Ai Nante” — :O — at the first listen (I also probably shouldn’t have started with Tegoshi’s performance from the Pacific tour; my reaction was like, “wtf, this guy is way off”), I didn’t love Tegomass’s “la la sakura” at all until recently, and I also distinctly recall wrinkling my nose in distaste when I first heard “Bambina.” Which is now the second-most frequently played song in my iPod, beaten only by Tegomass’s “Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song.”

I think it’s obvious where this story is headed. After giving the song a second, third, fourth chance, I am now absolutely in love with NEWS’s new single. I’ve been listening to it on repeat as I’m typing this up. In fact, I’m worried that I’ll be utterly sick of the song by the time the single is actually released.

Pfft. Not gonna happen. Tegomass’s “Kiss” is still my favorite song of all time, is it not?

One more month to go until the release~

But right now, I just finished watching episode six of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. I’ll sum up my thoughts on it with this:

Why the hearts? Knowing me, it just has to be Tegoshi-related, right?

The return of Tegoshi Yuuko~ :D

Or, in this case, Catherine. :P However you spell it.

(That blond wig, the cute headband, the girly white dress — GOOD LORD HE LOOKS LIKE FRANKY.)

It seems more and more closed-minded people are getting disturbed by Tegoshi’s crossdressing tendencies, and some have even stopped liking him because of it. Well… I am NOT one of those people. I love both Yuuko and Yuya, so it’s a good thing I don’t give a crap about gender. Hey, if he’s got the looks, why not flaunt it, right? Honestly, you can’t claim you love Tegoshi if you can’t accept the crossdressing part of him, because it’s probably gonna be there until he grows out of the cuteness. You don’t have to like it, just be accepting of it. It’s not like it’s damaging to his health or anything. Girl or guy, I’ll still like him. <3

Yeah, my school teaches us to be very open minded.

This scene came a few seconds later:

Why does this look so much like a wedding to me? o____O

To be more precise, it seems like Yuki and Ranmaru, the bride- and groom-to-be, have decided to elope, and they have gone to meet priest Takenaga in secret at the top of a vine-covered tower so he can join the two together in holy matrimony.

It’s only a matter of time until Ranmaru accidentally hits on Yukinojo. Which he kinda did in this scene. XD

Ah, and let’s not forget dear Kyohei, who’s sulking inside the castle and can only watch on as the only girl he has ever loved marries another man.

Haha, it all sounds like a scene from a bad drama. I wonder about my imagination sometimes. :Dv

. . .

The problem with journaling so sporadically is that a whole bunch of stuff happens in the intervals between entries and I forget half of what I wanted to write about. :P


It’s actually a well-known fact throughout the entire junior class that I am one of only two students without a Facebook. Well, it used to be three students, but Tamara cracked under pressure several months ago. I’ve just never been into that sort of thing. But the creation of the DareKiss Facebook page is almost enough to make me want to create my own Facebook. Almost. Because I don’t succumb to pressure. Even if it means I’m passing up a chance to communicate with someone who worked with Tegoshi Yuya for several months. Even if it means that this is most likely the closest I’ll ever get to communicating with Tegoshi.


I feel bad for Mr. Director, though, for having to deal with so many Tegoshi fangirls. Sometimes I feel like sinking further into my seat after reading some of the comments they leave. It’s so embarrassing, because I just really want to tell them, “Oi, ease off on the Tego.” If I were Mr. Director, I’d probably start getting sick of Tegoshi for having to answer so many pressing fangirly questions about him. I’m a Tegoshi fangirl myself, but I wouldn’t have asked the director any Tego-specific questions, especially not after seeing how many people have already inquired about him.

Er, I guess the above info counted more as fandom than real life. NOW I’ll transition into RL.

The last Anime Club somehow turned into the Let’s Talk About Guys Club. As expected when you attend an all girls school. -__-;; Or when you’re sitting at a table that includes: several freshmen and sophomores whose semi-formal will occur in a week; Irene, a self-proclaimed boy addict; Ellie, who is trapped in the world of 2D anime guys; Nancy, a fellow JE lover; and of course, there’s me, forever infatuated with NEWS.

We literally spent the entire time discussing what kind of guys we like. We went over personalities, looks, but mostly ethnicity. Nancy makes it no secret that she prefers Asian guys. Irene prefers Hispanic guys and black guys, since there’s a whole lot of them where she lives; it’s hilarious when she stands next to all of them because they’re all HUGE and thug-like when she’s not even five feet tall. I remember she once mentioned that she loves Asian guys with interesting hair. (Note to self: Introduce her to Tegoshi.)

Corr recently started dating her old childhood friend, who’s Puerto Rican, I think. It’s surprising that she told me that she, like Irene, prefers Hispanics and blacks and doesn’t really go for the white guys. Everyone in the junior class went :O when Corr — who has bright blue eyes, perfect blond hair, a sweetly apologetic nature, and singing/speaking voice of an angel — announced that she was dating a black guy. Interracial relationships ftw. :Dv

As for me, I don’t care at all what color the guy is. I remember my first crush was on this black dude, and since then I’ve liked Hispanics, Asians, and white guys, though I find that I tend to lean toward the Hispanic ones.

I remember this total bad boy who loved to tease me and is half Puetro Rican, half Irish. He was gorgeous but he drove me insane. (According to Cappa, who had met him, he still IS gorgeous. When she brought up my name, he said something like, “Aww, Mimi. She was my girl.” Weird. Almost every one of my old guy acquaintances say the same thing about me.)

After that, Nancy and little Ellie announced that, in the summer, they will be going to Japan.


I simply MUST beg them to bring me back something related to NEWS, even it’s just a poster of their beautiful faces. I’m prepared to steal from my college fund and give them a couple hundred dollars to get me as much NEWS stuff as they can. Nancy knows of my adoration of Tegoshi, so she would definitely be able to get something. I just hope they can get around the country okay since neither of them speak the language.

Ahh, what else~ There’s so much to journal about but it’s been so long~

I just finished recording this song the other day. I haven’t sung anything in forever, so I just did this on a whim. It’s the English version of “Fields of Hope” from Gundam SEED Destiny. I didn’t realize until after I finished that I had been reading the wrong lyrics. -_- Oh well, too late now. I think it turned out okay. Er, at least better than my other covers. I did alter the pitch again, though.

I sat down today for the first time in a loooooong time and… read a book. I haven’t done that since sophomore year.

The book? Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere. Right, because she’s the author of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, the book-made-movie that Tegoshi is in and will be released VERY VERY SOON. Well, I couldn’t find Memoirs anywhere so I settled for Elsewhere.

I liked the concept of the novel. An afterlife where you age backwards is certainly different and optimistic, and it left me thinking if that’s maybe how death really is. I don’t know, it makes sense to me, since there are some religions that believe that life is a cycle: you live, you die, you are reincarnated as something else, be it a flower, an animal, a baby, whatever. World Religions should be taught in every school; it really makes you think about things.

I loved the dogs a lot. Though I’m a little disappointed that there were only dogs.

I liked the ending. There are parts where I started tearing up because some of the things said about life and death were rather insightful.

But, uh, that’s about all I liked, to be brutally honest. I’m no expert when it comes to writing and I’m definitely can’t write any better, but I thought the writing was really bad. I almost stopped reading halfway through because I couldn’t stand how the author wrote: the pacing, the characterization, the dialogue, the level of details — D: The pace was so fast and lacked a smooth flow and missed many, many details that would have made the novel so much more vivid. I think the idea of Elsewhere is brilliant — I just wish things had been explained better.

I guess for the average teen reader, this book would be great because most people don’t care about the technical junk just as long as the book is an attention-holder. Ahem, like Twilight. But I’ve been trained to be overly critical of books so I don’t exactly fit that category.

And, oh, the way the characters handled events! Incredibly unrealistic. Alvy’s calm reaction to Owen and his sister nearly induced a snort out of me.

Besides the writing, some of the content itself is bothersome. I’ve always believed that age is but a number and that love knows no boundaries so it doesn’t bother me, but I somehow doubt the author herself thinks it’s okay for a boy with the mentality of a man in his 30s to date a girl younger than me.

I’m all for diversity, so I especially dislike that Elsewhere seems to be a place for only English-speaking Americans. Well, I am an American who only knows English, but that’s besides the point. Where would a man from Egypt go when he dies? A Singaporean woman? A little Dutch boy? What about all of them, is there a separate island for those people or something? It upsets me a lot that those people aren’t considered.

But maybe the mistakes of the book were a first-time author thing. Maybe Ms. Zevin improved immensely for Memoirs, I’m not sure. Authors can’t be consistently good, you know.

Right now, I have to work on that short story or else Adele will absolutely have my head. She confronted me about it at school, and then she called me two hours ago and asked me to print out at least two more pages for her.

Ehh, but I’m not in the mood to write depressing stuff~~

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^-^

P.S. The Pest changed from a Catholic school to a public school only last year (The Old Man: “I’m not paying just to have you fail”), and yet when I asked him what are the three beings of the Holy Trinity, know what he answered?

The three wise men.


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