And it only took two hours ^-^

I followed the instructions here very carefully, and after about two hours, I finally finished. And all it took were precious hours of my life that I will never get back, little pieces of tape to help me, a whole lot of frustration, and five sheets of my beloved origami paper that I don’t like using.

But that doesn’t matter because I’m DONE and it’s BEAUTIFUL. At least, it’s beautiful to me.


Five intersecting tetrahedra!

(According to WordPress, tetrahedra isn’t a word. How silly of them for not recognizing the plural form of tetrahedron. -___-)

Just for fun, I tried changing the colors of it:

Ooh, it looks fluorescent that way! Kind of glow-in-the-dark-ish. Very pretty.

After finishing that, I promised myself I would start doing my vacation homework, because I know that no matter what I do I’m gonna end up pulling an all-nighter the Sunday before I head back to the Torture Chamber. Also known as school.

I should list what I have to do so I won’t forget.

  1. English — pick a poem to recite for declamations when we come back
  2. English — start reading Pride and Prejudice and fill out the chart
  3. History — whatever is due for next week’s syllabus
  4. History — start memorizing the Four Freedoms Address, which I’d chosen for my declamation
  5. Religion — nothing!
  6. French — nothing!
  7. Pre-Calculus — optional extra credit: make a poster about circles (hmm… I don’t do extra credit, so I think I’ll pass ^^)
  8. AP Bio — the next four chapters in the study guide >_______<
  9. AP Bio — study for test on Wednesday on those chapters
  10. Not homework exactly, but finish depressing short story because Adele is on her knees begging me to

Eh~ I don’t wanna do homework~

Oh, in the strangeness of yesterday’s entry I forgot to post these pictures I took. I didn’t go to the volunteer site last Saturday because I had to visit my grandmother’s grave. My aunt and uncle came with us, and they brought their adorable little dog with them.

I swear, they treat that dog as though it were their own child. They don’t treat their real daughter as well as they treat that dog, but then again, their daughter is grown up and in college.

(Oh look, some random guy’s gravestone got in the shot.)

He is the cutest thing! He’s so friendly and hyper. And a little fat, but that’s not the point. For some reason, the only person he hates is The Pest — maybe because he can sense The Pest’s hate vibes. The Pest hates animals.

Not only is the dog friendly, but he’s obedient, too. Auntie put him in her car, left the window wide open, and told him to stay — and he did! I took a shot of that moment:

I’d like a dog, too. D: Mama hates animals, though. Must be where The Pest got it.

Gonna get started on that AP Bio homework now.


Until next time,

~ Mimi DX

P.S. Whoops, almost forgot a NEWS-related picture.

Because once in a while, all you need is a handsome Massu to make your day brighter.

He looks good with normal clothes. ^__^

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