Overdosing on the Sparkles

On February 3, I had written this:

“Lalala, listening to old NEWS songs right now because I miss them so~

Wahh~~ today is the first time I listened to NEWS’s “With Me” and the beginning instrumental scared the crap out of me. Don’t know why, but it reminds me of a murderer’s theme song. I’m alone on the first floor and it’s dark and it’s 12:30 in the morning so of course I’d be creeped out.

Tegoshi sounds incredibly pubescent and soooo different in “Beach Angel.” I almost didn’t know who was singing, but I can recognize his voice anywhere. ^////^

There needs to be a RyoPi duet of “Sono Egao Boku ni Misete” at the next NEWS concert, because they never sing together. We’ve got Tegomass, KoyaShige, all we’re missing is RyoPi.

Ah, and let’s hope for a new album this year, too.”

And then one week later, it was surprisingly, shockingly, magically, UNBELIEVABLY announced that — there’s going to be a new NEWS single!

No, this deserves more than one exclamation point. It deserves six gigantic exclamation points: one for each member of NEWS in their respective colors.


I am not exaggerating when I say that I actually felt my heart do something weird when I heard the glorious news. It felt like it had stopped for a moment; that’s how happy I was. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to feel such euphoria because compared to other NEWS fans, I hadn’t been waiting that long for some activity. After all, I’ve only been in the fandom for a little over half a year, so I haven’t suffered as much.

But does it matter? Just as long as I love NEWS, it shouldn’t matter, right?

The title sounds pretty, though. It seems every group has a sakura song, it’s about time NEWS got one. All I’m worried about is whether I’d hate it. The only NEWS single I’d ever disliked was “Happy Birthday”; I like some of the songs in that single, but I don’t love any of them. I’m PRAYING that won’t happen with “Sakura Girl.” The title sounds rather Tegomass-ish.

Speaking of Tegomass, there’s supposed to be a second Tegomass tour, too! Does that mean there will be a second Tegomass album, or even a single? They can’t really have another concert if they haven’t released anything new, can they? It would be terribly boring for those who already attended the first concert to hear the same songs all over again. I’m keeping all fingers crossed for something new~

I watched the fifth episode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge yesterday. Right, without subs. It’s the first time I had ever done so for a drama, and it just shows how much in love I am with it. I don’t care how low the ratings are dropping, or that YamaNade is actually a pretty terrible drama if you stop to think about it. I’m pretty sure that this is the lowest the ratings will be, though; I noticed that the third or fourth episodes of most dramas tend to receive low ratings.

Some quick thoughts on the characters:

Kato Seishiro is still adorable, so I’m happy they created his character. (There are some people who aren’t, it seems…?) It makes more sense that he exists, doesn’t it?

Sunako is less irksome in this episode; no, I think I really like her in episode five. She’s getting more Sunako-like. Although I like her voice for Sunako, I don’t get why she breathes so heavily all the time. And I also don’t see any sort of romantic connection between her and Kyohei — not in the drama, not in the manga.

I really like Uchi as Takenaga. Especially whenever he interacts with Noi. They’re reeeeeeaally cute together. ^____^ I didn’t ship them in the manga, partially because she can be rather annoying when it comes to pleasing Takenaga. She’s adorable in the drama, especially when she’s rapping on the door with her cute, “Open up~”

I like Miyao in general. He seems like a really cool guy, and his character matches the manga-Ranmaru perfectly. Well, he’s maybe a bit on the silly and theatrical side, but I like it anyway. I hope we see more of Miyao in the future.

Kamenashi is scoring higher points in my book, however much I don’t want to admit it. I keep finding myself flushing slightly whenever I see him smile. Can’t help it, his real smile is so cute. >__<

I like Yuki’s girlfriend, even though she appeared for only about two minutes. Something about her just seems really Machiko-like, just like in the manga, and I liked Machiko in the manga.

There was so much of Yukinojo in that episode (always a good thing with me) and the previews at the end (more crossdressing!) are making me really impatient for the next one.

Tegoshiiiiiiiiiiiii. Why are you so cuteeeeee? DX

I had to restrain myself from taking so many screenshots of episode five or else I’d just be taking shots of every Tegoshi appearance. I did restrain myself — after I managed to take three shots of him, each one of a gorgeous Yuki expression.

Sad!Yuki is such a beautiful being, isn’t he? He makes me want to cry by just looking at him. Oh, I just wanna take one home so badly~ Well, don’t we all?

Asdfghjkl so cuuuuute! ^o^ I feel the strong urge to set this as my desktop background. He’s incredibly cute even when pissed. Why is that little nostril flare so adorable?

Of course, no YamaNade episode is complete without some form of pouty!Yukinojo. All three shots are of a pouty Yuki, really, but I like this one because he’s making his defiant, attitude-y face. I love it when he pouts. I love the things he does with his mouth. ♥


. . .

I had just about my strangest dream yet this morning, and I surprisingly remembered most of it. O_o Maybe it was because I had been watching NEWS’s Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD just seconds before I went to bed. There’s only so much of JE and sparkles a girl can take before it starts to do things to the brain.

So the dream starts out… well, that’s one of the parts that’s still kinda fuzzy. I don’t know where I was, but I do remember that I was outside with a group of friends. All of them are shivering in fright because we had just been told to deal with the ghosts haunting Room 58 of the fifth floor of my school.

(Now that I’m awake and aware, I just realized that Room 58 is Daisy’s classroom. That man just won’t stay the heck out of my dreams, won’t he? >___<)

It’s obvious we’re all scared — that is, everyone except for me. I don’t recall looking frightened at all. Ha, only in my dreams am I fearless. :P

But getting to the school is no simple task. It requires a daunting venture through a forest filled with darkness, freaky noises, and…



I stopped watching Pokémon when Diamond and Pearl started (I hear there’s a new season now?), so I really don’t know why it’s in my dreams. But it is, and I’m not gonna question it. I have with me several Pokeballs, and inside them, Pokemon. Don’t remember what kinds, but I successfully battle my way through the forest with them, and I do it alone because we all had to go our separate ways.

The first four floors of the school are brightly lit, like it usually is. I huff and puff my way to the fifth floor — where my locker is the very first thing you see when you turn the corner — like I always do, because even after three years I’m not used to the number of stairs. (They call it the fifth floor but there is way more than five floors. XP) It looks just like the fifth floor of my school — if you strip away the light and add all sorts of creepy shadows and old-building creaks.

Now I start feeling a little afraid. I hear ghostly moaning coming from down the hall, where Room 58 is. Behind me, I hear my friends coming up the stairs. By the look of their faces, it’s obvious that it’s up to me to get rid of the spirits. So, I bravely make my way down the hall. My footsteps echo far too loudly in such a creepy way as I move closer and closer to Daisy’s classroom. My friends follow.

At first I thought I had gotten the wrong room, but then I see them: there’s three ghosts about my age, one guy and two girls. The girl closest to the door rises; she’s powder-white, she has on your typical ghostly white dress, her hair is a tangled mess, and I can’t seem to look her directly in the eyes.

But instead of taking my soul/possessing me, she challenges me to a Pokémon battle. With Pokémon cards.

Yeah, I really don’t know. XP

But we play, with the other two ghosts and my friends watching. Halfway through the game, I realize that something’s wrong. The ghost girl isn’t playing by the right rules at all.

After I confront her about this, I can see her visibly getting sadder and sadder as she explains to me that she never learned the correct rules, and now she’s stuck playing with the wrong rules for the rest of eternity. If this were a drama I would be laughing at how comical it seems, but the girl is entirely serious. And dream-me isn’t laughing: I’m silently crying and nodding with her.

And this is where it gets stranger. She finishes her sorrowful tale, and she’s just sitting there looking pretty with tears sliding down her face and dripping onto her white dress while I watch her, and like some kind of twisted love story, I lean in and kiss her.

I think this is time to cue the O__________________________O. Because that’s what everyone else in the dream does. Well, they do that along with lots and lots of :O while they watch her kiss me back.

Er… eventually it goes from an innocent comforting kiss to just plain making out. And then I wake up at this time, which means the image of me making out with a ghost girl is VIVID and CLEAR and TATTOOED INTO MY MEMORY.

Umm, I’m not sure what to make of this dream. I record down every dream I can remember so they can serve as possible sources of inspiration for my writing — but for this dream, I’m just concerned about what it’s saying about my mentality.

I’m gonna go to bed now and hope for more strange mental pictures.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =/

P.S. In the excitement of “Sakura Girl” and Tegoshi and YamaNade and bizarre homosexual dreams, I forgot to mention that after a month and a half, Mama has recovered from her surgery enough to go back to work.


The Old Man finally got himself a job after being jobless for… uh… actually, it’s been so long that I don’t remember when he stopped working, just that it was before we got our new president. So, over a year ago. With both parents working full-time now, we’re finally getting some money into the bank. Which is good, because my school just mailed us a letter informing us of next year’s tuition. It’s roughly $9,500, so we need to scrape together as much as we can.

And lastly, The Pest didn’t get suspended, only because he was honest and didn’t lie when they asked him if he did it or not. His punishment is four detentions and three hours of community service.

This is Strike Two for him; one more and he’s out.

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