The Most Exaggerated Storm Ever

Ehh~ no one woke me up last night~~ D: I fell asleep on the couch while watching TV around 10 or so. I still had homework to do, I didn’t brush my teeth yet, and I wasn’t wearing my retainer — but no one woke me up. I was supposed to have a half day of school the next day, so did no one care if I overslept (which I have a huge tendency to do)?

When I finally woke up, I think it was because I heard my cell phone vibrating in my backpack. (I would love it if someone could tell me why THAT woke me up when most of the time the normal, shrill, obnoxious alarm is unable to rouse me.) It was 4 in the morning when I woke up, and a whole bunch of lights and my laptop were still on. Well, that explains why our electric bill is so high, sorry Old Man. ^^

I was preparing myself for school when I noticed my school name on the internet list of school closings. And I started dancing around because school was not shortened but CANCELED. :DDD All because of that scary snowstorm people were all hyped up over.

It was supposed to cause mass chaos on the roads and nightmarish accumulations. It was supposed to start around 9 in the morning and continue steadily until early Thursday. It was supposed to require police officers patrolling major intersections. It was supposed to be bad.

It was NOT supposed to be what actually happened.

True, it started snowing around 9. But it stopped five minutes later. And started again. And stopped. Stopped for a long time. No accumulation so far. No snow at 2:30, either, which is when my school normally lets out, so that meant we had a day off for absolutely nothing. :Pv

Eventually it did snow harder, but it’s not anymore. 1 AM right now. There’s less than two inches of snow on the ground, not even enough for the snowblower.

It might have been bad for the folks down south, but up here in the north, in the city: pfffffffft. Like the title of this entry says, the most exaggerated storm ever~

I skipped over a NEWS picture in my last entry. But not today, because I’m in a good mood. :)

Why does this picture make me think of a boyfriend entertaining his girl? Must be because of Shige’s manly pose and Tegoshi’s laughing face.

I took a poll once about my OTP, and I picked TegoShige. Hey, opposites attract, right? I couldn’t decide between Tegomass and TegoShige, so I just went with the unusual one. I think the most-picked OTP was RyoPi, and TegoShige was second-to-last. -_-;; I have always been an unusual child.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^–^

P.S. I’ve been working hard on this short story. Well, I’m always working on some short story, but it’s different this time in a couple ways.

  • A more complicated style of writing. I’m worried it sounds too pretentious, but I wasn’t happy with how I was writing earlier.
  • A boy’s point-of-view! Which is hard, seeing how I attend an all girls school and I hate men and therefore am clearly not male.
  • Incorporating everything I learned during that summer writing program. It’s hard.
  • Not a happy ending this time, but a depressing one.

I’m tired of happy, sunshiny endings where everything either goes perfect or is filled with promise. I want to make someone cry after reading it, and if I can accomplish that, I think I’ll be really happy. Personally, I love writing that can move me to tears.

Everyone I talked to demands a happy ending, but I’m dead set about that depressing end. Adele in particular really loves it (^_______________^) and she keeps pestering me to finish it. I already wrote the beginning and end, just gotta fill out the middle. I think I’ll post a bit of it:


He blinks, once, twice, a third time; he is no longer standing in the halls. Somehow, his feet had transported him past the door. The room’s only occupant lies awake, staring at him with such bright, sparkling eyes that it’s unmistakable who that train wreck of a person is, despite the bandages, the scratches that crisscross her face, the—

“What the heck happened to your voice?” he blurts.

The most memorable part of Sydney is her voice, as it’s likely one would hear her before seeing her; it’s a voice crafted of sunshine and powdered sugar and maybe even some rainbows, almost uplifting enough to rouse the dead into living. Once heard, it’s impossible to forget. Kind of like the scratching of nails on a chalkboard, lingering in your mind afterward, but decidedly much more pleasant.

He can’t even classify the noise that came out of her throat as a voice, more of a croak, really—and just as cringe-inducing as nails on a chalkboard, because it’s the first time Stevie’s heard her utter such a gravelly sound. She sounds like someone had choked her and added some extra wrenches to make sure she never speaks again.

But: “Sore throat,” she rasps, and smiles when Stevie flinches. “I can’t whisper because that irritates the throat more. It’s better to speak like this,” she explains.

He nods and breathes a little oh of relief. He doesn’t say anything else, doesn’t know what else to say. He’s never spoken to her before, not willingly, and she’s just smiling and staring and probably curious why on earth he’s here. He wonders the same.

It’s about guilt, discovering love, an unrequited love, friendship, and the simple pleasures of life. I highly doubt I can pull it off, but I’ll try my best and we’ll see what happens. I let Carlie read the very beginning, and to my absolute horror, she laughed and thought it was funny when I wasn’t aiming for funny at all.


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