Happy now, karma?

Karma is the cruelest bastard I have ever known.


I know I’ve said it before, journal, but I’m saying it again. And this is why:

I mentioned in my last entry that my evil French teacher had assigned us a music video project. It was supposed to be due January 15, but my magical powers of persuasion got her to move it to February 5, almost a month later. :Dv

I brought my laptop to school two days ago so I could record the song with Sandy. We didn’t want anyone to hear us, so we spent an hour after school in this cold, secluded area of the building that echoed a LOT and took our time recording. And the result of this?

I want to put my head down and cry, it was that bad.

My voice is screechy and childish. It’s completely different from Sandy’s voice, which isn’t high pitched at all. That’s the bad thing about my singing. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t in tune, because I was; I hit most of the notes. To be honest, Sandy was… flat. So flat that when we sang together in the chorus, it sounded like she had taken the lower harmony line when we weren’t harmonizing at all. I raised the pitch of the recording to make it less painful to listen to.

At least we finished, right?

But I still had to make the music video. Since we couldn’t film ourselves, I had to resort to animation. It took me aaaaaall night to draw the icky pictures on MS Paint, import them to Windows Live Movie Maker, and time it to the song. And by the time 6:25 am rolled by, I still wasn’t done, and I had to leave for school.

Well, when I got there, I wasn’t perturbed that there were no lights on in the cafeteria, since I’m usually the first student to arrive. But I was surprised shocked dismayed horrified to see that there were no cars in the parking lot. The very moment we pulled up to the curb, the principal herself came out and told us that



T_____________________T Are you KIDDING me?? I stayed up all night working my butt off to do this assignment, and school was canceled because there was no power or heat? We heard the announcement on the radio about five minutes after.


Karma, whyyyyyyyyyyy?

Until next time,

~ Nana ;______;

P.S. No NEWS-related picture this time, because it doesn’t fit the mood. D:

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