Spreading the Love

“She’s freaking gorgeous.”

“Oh, she’s cute. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.”

“She’s really pretty.”

“No, she’s not ugly. A little too much makeup, maybe, but not ugly.”

“She’s cute. I’d leave my girlfriend for her.”

Those above lines are all responses to a question I had asked various people, boys and girls and one college student. The question?

“Do you think this girl is ugly?”

And then I showed them this picture:

That’s right, they all thought she (<— I seriously typed that without thinking o.O) he was a girl until I told them the truth. Needless to say, I got a lot of :O’s.  But there was one boy — Christa’s cousin Denny — who, after staring for a while, asked me if that’s a guy because he’d noticed the muscular arm in the full picture. The other guys heard him and said something along the lines of, “That’s not a guy, you idiot.” XD

Kudos to him for figuring it out, though. I didn’t know who it was until AFTER I learned it was Tego.

I’ve been spreading my Tegoshi Yuya infatuation to my friends lately. I don’t want to, but I can’t seem to control myself.

I showed him to Corr, who squealed at his absolute cuteness. Christa, who gave the first comment I listed above about the girl!Tego picture, said the same about the guy version: “He’s freaking gorgeous.” It seems I’m slowly converting Nancy, a KAT-TUN fan, into a a fan of Tego after I let her watch the YamaNade opening.

This is Step One in my plan to have Tegoshi take over the world. :D

Usually, I try with all my might to keep any hints of my infatuation suppressed. I like to keep fangirling and real life separate, which is why I usually divide my entries into two sides: one for squealing and the other for rambling. I don’t have anyone to fangirl with, so I figured no one would care. But ever since I discovered that convincing girl!Tegoshi picture above, I just couldn’t keep quiet. You can only fangirl in your head for so long, you know.

Fangirling is starting to creep over into real life, which is a cause for worry. A few weeks ago I randomly yelled out a Japanese phrase. Yes, desu included. I am NOT Japanese, dammit, and so I shouldn’t be using Japanese speech in real life. It irritates the heck out of me whenever I see other people do it.

And in History, the teacher was teaching us about WWI and gave us a date she thought we should memorize. Well, turns out I didn’t have to memorize it, because the instant she wrote “November 11, 1918” as the end of WWI, I just about screamed in my head, “NOVEMBER 11 IS TEGOSHI’S BIRTHDAY.”

That’s one historical date I know I won’t have trouble recalling. ^o^

Well, my point is that I shouldn’t be thinking fangirly thoughts outside of my Fangirl Zone, i.e. anywhere not in front of my laptop. But for some reason, the amount of fangirling I do escalates when I’m reeeaaally busy in real life. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? I’ve been fangirling a lot this week and I have a lot of things due.

My French teacher isn’t trying very hard to hide that she’s trying to kill us, because she’d assigned us a fashion magazine project (due today) and a video project on conjugating verbs (Friday).

I stayed up for 24 hours straight because of that stupid magazine project. I’m proud of the end result, but I was falling asleep in all my classes: in English, where I sit in the very front; in History, where I sit in the very back, next to this genius sophomore who keeps getting A’s on her tests while I despair over my 76; during PE, which was our Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) period today because we do that once a day for seven days after we get report cards, and Franky told me I was snoring >.<; and in Pre-Calculus, where I don’t really listen anyway.

For the video project, Sandy and I are doing a parody and music video of a Paramore song. It’s absolutely ridiculous (with “I got some verbs I wanna use” as the starting lyrics) if it’s what the teacher wants…

Since my parents won’t let me film it with Sandy, I have no choice but to make an animated music video. Animation… is not easy. I have just a few days to finish the cracky lyrics, record the song, and learn how to make an animated video. I sense another week of sleepless nights. ;__________;

I’ll just try my best, I suppose.

And speaking of report cards, I did fine. Got an eighty-freaking-nine in AP Bio, just ONE POINT AWAY from an A-minus. Eh, whatever. It’s not the end of the world.

Lalala, listening to old NEWS songs right now because I miss them so~

Wahh~~ today is the first time I listened to NEWS’s “With Me” and the beginning instrumental scared the crap out of me. Don’t know why, but it reminds me of a murderer’s theme song. I’m alone on the first floor and it’s dark and it’s 12:30 in the morning so of course I’d be creeped out.

Tegoshi sounds incredibly pubescent and soooo different in “Beach Angel.” I almost didn’t know who was singing, but I can recognize his voice anywhere. ^////^

There needs to be a RyoPi duet of “Sono Egao Boku ni Misete” at the next NEWS concert, because they never sing together. We’ve got Tegomass, KoyaShige, all we’re missing is RyoPi.

Ah, and let’s hope for a new album this year, too.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^vv^

P.S. Forgot to end with a NEWS-related picture.

It’s so obvious which of the four is a Johnny. It’s all about the sparkles. :Db

Haha, the tiny little skulls all over his tie/neck ribbon/bow/whatever the heck that thing is around his neck. Oh, Tego and his skull obsession~

I might be wrong, but he looked like he was wearing lip gloss whenever they close in on his face.

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