To each his own, I suppose

Today was boring, so I think I’ll just fangirl for this entry. I’m so sick of school. :Dv

Just finished watching the second episode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge~~

Sunako/Aya is so pretty when they dress her up. *jealous* But I don’t like the way the actress portrays Sunako (or maybe I should be pointing fingers at the people who wrote the script); she did a lot better doing Lady Sunako than regular Sunako. Reading the manga, I got the impression that Sunako is a mentally strong person and doesn’t cower as much as live-action Sunako does, and that her only sensitive spot is her face. Manga-Sunako talked to people without shaking, quarreled with Kyohei physically and verbally, and didn’t take her cape everywhere she went. I liked that Sunako a lot, hate the live-action one. But maybe I just need to give the girl a bit more time.

I absolutely abhor Sunako as a lady. Please stay abnormal forever.

I miss Kyohei’s host hair. D:

I’m starting to like Miyao-san aka That Ballet Guy more and more. I take back what I said before; he suits Ranmaru well. And he’s not a terrible crossdresser, either. Can’t compare to Tegoshi, of course, but he could be halfway convincing if he’s a little smaller. XD

Kamenashi, too. I think a lot of people still don’t like that he was cast as Kyohei, but he makes a good Kyohei to me. He’s got the right attitude (though a tad bit on the soft side), the look, and just enough cuteness whenever food is involved, just like manga-Kyohei.

Uchi. Handsome. That is all. ^–^

Takeru! Love that kid, but I forgot the actor’s name. Kato something. I wanna squish his cheeks. ^^

I wanna know who sings that solo after the first refrain of the YamaNade version of “Love Yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” I’m not into KAT-TUN (how many times must I mention that I prefer cute over sexy?), so I have no idea who has what voice, except for Koki and his rapping. Haha, I accidentally typed “raping.” XDDD Well, whoever it is, I like his singing. It’s interesting.

And of course it’s obvious that I love Tego as Yukinojo. I’m on my Tegoyuki high right now, like I am every time I watch this drama. ^o^ Although — I don’t know if it’s just me — I think Tegoshi’s facial expressions are a tiny bit over-the-top sometimes. But because it’s Tego, I honestly don’t care. No guy can do cute and childish like he can. :P

Is that a mummified teddy bear printed on his shirt? I can’t really tell. But those pants and shoes are definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY

…taken from Massu’s closet. XD Just, you know, placed in the clothes dryer a couple times because Tegoshi likes tight things. By now I’m just about convinced that Yukinojo’s wardrobe manager person consults Massu for fashion advice.

This scene cracked me up so badly. XDDD The clothes that Yuki hides from us is just as ridiculous as his outside wear. The pattern on it caught my attention, but I couldn’t see it too clearly. So I searched the brand on Google and found a much clearer picture of it. And, well…

It took me about ten seconds to identify what that pattern is. I had no clue until I saw that one of the images included three of those little squiggly stick things and realized, “Oh God, these are sex positions.” O______________O

What the heck is Yuki doing wearing such perverted underwear? I thought he was supposed to be the angelic one of the four. Ero Ouji I can see wearing them, but innocent little Yukinojo? They’re reeeeally tight, too, judging by the guy modeling it. Does Tegoshi even realize what’s printed on Yuki’s underpants?

I think I’m gonna start archiving Yuki’s absurdly colorful outfits. I once saw someone do it for Toma’s character from Majo Saiban, and I thought it’d be fun if I tried it too. I wanna see how many of them there will be by the end of the drama. I was in such a rush to watch the first episode that I forgot to take shots from it, but I remembered to do the second one. Counted four different outrageous outfits from that episode alone. o.O

Umm… I should probably sleep now because it’s two in the morning. I think I’ll end today with one of Yuki’s, er, lovely expressions.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

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