Utterly, completely fooled

I just read here that our dear Masuda Takahisa got himself his first girlfriend, at long last! Here’s her picture.

[credit to katrinasacay@lj]

Woah. Prettyyyy. *_______* Not bad, man; not bad at all. Way to go Massu for snagging such a gorgeous lady. :Db She must be some sort of model or something.

…At least, that’s all what I had been thinking before I looked at how the authoress tagged her post and realized that



I honestly had no clue that the girl’s identity is none other than Tegoshi Yuya in a wig, make-up, jewelry, a white dress, fake nails, and (even though you can’t see them) high heels. I thought she looked familiar, like I’d seen her in a drama or magazine somewhere, or maybe a relative of a J&A boy. When I found out who it truly is, my jaw dropped to the ground and stayed like that for a good five minutes.

How in the world can that guy look so good crossdressing? Is it for his Yuki role in YamaNade? Or does he just feel like it? Argh, I really want to know how he feels about his crossdressing habits.

Except for the muscular arm, Tegoshi looks just like a girl. Heck, he might look more like a girl than I do, and I think I look pretty feminine. Where have I gone wrong as a woman? TT.TT I’m positive that guys would start hitting on him if he walked outside that building. I showed the picture to The Pest (aka the straightest guy I know) and asked him, “Isn’t she pretty?” He grudgingly agreed that she is. And when I told him that it’s actually a guy, his face totally went like o__O and he just walked away slowly.

Couldn’t help the smirk on my face. ^^

I wanna know how NEWS members reacted to this, if they recognized him or not. Does this mean there will be a return of Shigemi? Kind of hoping for a battle between her and Yuuko. :Dv

Hehe, I love how the picture of NEWS in the corner is positioned in such a way that only the whole of Tegomass is showing. ^O^ You can see Shige too but part of him is missing. :D

And speaking of Tegomass, their DVD is out — Tegomass 1st Live 2009 Tegomass no Uta!

I’ve already watched the entire concert and encore; haven’t touched the documentary yet. I love it, of course! They aren’t as exciting as NEWS is, but they have their own special brand of charm. And I actually know every single song they sang!

The one quirk I have about the concert, though, is regarding Tego’s voice: He doesn’t seem to realize how loud he is compared to Massu. They sound perfect when he’s singing the melody and low parts, but his higher harmony lines stand out way too much in some songs. It’s really evident in “Power of Earth,” for example. Maybe he’s just holding his mic too close his mouth, which is a problem he addressed in the NEWS Winter Party Diamond DVD.

I don’t mind it that much, really, since I’m in my school choir and we deal with harmonies quite a bit, but those people who maybe don’t know much about singing might mistake it for singing horribly out of tune. It happened before with Corr, whose likes doing harmonies and her voice stands out a lot in choir. I’m worried they’ll think Tego is bad when he’s just singing a little extra loud. But other than that, I loved every single bit of the concert.

Oh God, their voices in “Kushami.” *_________* I seriously started tearing up, it was so beautiful. Tegoshi sounded absolutely heartbroken; Massu sounded like he’d just found out that gyoza is now illegal.

It wasn’t until watching this did I realize why “Chicken Boy” is called “Chicken Boy.” Wow, I’m slow.

The thing Tegoshi did with his voice at the end of “Sayonara Boku no Machi.” <33333333

That dance for “Fantastipo” is one of the stupidest dances I have seen in a while. I loved it, of course. :D They looked like they were having so much fun.

I love that they can bounce around and sing at the same time and not sound like crap, and they got soooooo sweaty after they changed into their second outfits, especially during “Highway.” Sometimes they sweat even when they’re sitting; makes me wonder if it’s hot in there or not, since it’s summer and all. I like it very much when they’re sweaty. :Db

Honestly, I hadn’t been too fond of “Highway” before the concert (just because I love them that doesn’t mean I have to love all of their songs, right?), but watching it live definitely changed my opinion by 180 degrees. Absolutely in love with how rough Tegoshi made his voice and how much power Massu put in his singing for that performance. But as expected, without Kei-chan to guide them their MC part was incredibly awkward at times — awkward silences included — but in that cute Tegomass way. Tegoshi just kept repeating after Massu sometimes. Anxious to see how the documentary will go.

EDIT: Finished the documentary! My conclusion: Tegomass are clearly the most adorable in JE.

Watching the documentary, I don’t think Massu is all that dumb, despite what people say. He was the one to point out the KoyaShige mic thing, not Tego. (Heck, I didn’t notice the mic, either, and I knew what was going on.) Who says Massu is stupid? He’s always giving KoyaTegoShige bits of trivia they don’t care about during Soukon.

But WHY did they cut short the acoustic version of “Hajimete no Asa”? DDD: That’s another Tegomass favorite of mine, and what I heard of the performance was PERFECT. In a way, I guess I should be glad they started talking over it, because if I listened hard enough I could hear that they were very off during the bridge, with Massu not able to hit his notes and Tegoshi randomly breaking into falsetto.

I hope Tegomass can release something new soon. NEWS, too, because we haven’t had any new releases as a group from them in a while.

I’m watching and replaying their “Bokura no Uta” performance right now (one of my all-time favorite Tegomass songs and it’s absolutely addicting live) and I simply MUST comment on their fashion choices. It seems like they’re wearing their regular clothes and not Johnny’s outfits, thank God. Tego’s costume is so Tego and Massu’s costume is so Massu that it’s rather ridiculous.

(I’m not gonna talk about their second outfits because I’d probably never stop finding things to comment on. That was one of Massu’s most distracting outfits to date.)

Tegoshi — Where would he be without his customary boots and vest? And skulls, can’t forget the skulls. :D I spot one made of either metal or glitter (can’t see too clearly) on his earpiece. Is he obsessed or something, to go so far as to get his earpiece embellished? Must have had it custom-made. XD What’s next, a tattoo?

(Ohh, his nails are pretty. Why must he be so pretty? D:)

There’s a huge sparkly pair of crossbones and a peace sign on the back of his vest. The vest itself is sparkly too, and on the front he has these random polka-dotted lips. Yeah, there’s no doubt that this guy is in Johnny’s. When his hair’s not pinned back (like it is in the above picture), I’ve been trying to figure out what he’s wearing in it for the longest time. Is that a headband? Looks like a braid to me. It’s cute. ^^

Massu — Rainbow, and lots of it. Nothing less from Massu. XD His shirt is adorably colorful and would probably earn tons of wtf if it were anyone else wearing it. It only works because it’s Massu. ^-^ I think the jacket is personalized, judging by the glittery M on his shoulder and the typical Massu bow tie. Yellow shoes, yellow earpiece. Gee, I wonder what his favorite color is. Of course, Massu wouldn’t be Massu without his infamous baggy shorts. Umm… I can’t distinguish what else is on his shirt and jacket. There’s so much going on, they look more like collages than clothing. Maybe if I stare at it long enough I can figure it out:

(How hard must it have been to sing on those swings? It looks so uncomfortable.)

. . .

Now that I got fangirling out of my system…

Midterms are over! I can breathe again!

I have to say, that was the single worst week of high school I’d ever gone through. I don’t think I’ve ever done so badly before on my major exams. Usually I have confidence that I did well in at least one subject (last year, Geometry and French), but not this time. Let’s recap, shall we? This is in the order of when I took the exam.

English — A whole lot easier than I thought it would be. The quotes section screwed me up, though, which means I answered the short answers wrong. The essay, too; I messed up there because Mrs. English Teacher wanted us to QUOTE LINES FROM MACBETH FROM MEMORY. Probably got a B. EDIT: B-minus, worse than I thought.

Religion — I thought Religion was supposed to be easy. It wasn’t. TT________TT Last year, the teacher had multiple-choice questions that had such obvious answers that even an Atheist person could guess the right choice. For example, as one of the choices for “What are the three beings of the Holy Trinity?” she included the names of three teachers in my school. The problem with the multiple-choice this time was that my answer sheet looked kinda like this:


I’m the kind of person to get really paranoid if the letters repeat like that, thinking that one of those multiple D’s should be an A, and it turns out that it’s not. I did a B-minus job, I think. EDIT: Got a 95. Why.

US History — Like English, a lot easier than I thought it would be. The teacher lied to us when she kept repeating that “Oh, no, I wouldn’t be evil enough to make you remember dates” and included a freaking TIME LINE. I kept finding hidden questions to answer after I finished. B-plus? EDIT: Yeeeeeaaahhhh, a 95!

Pre-Calculus — OH GOD THIS WAS BAD. Before I went off to take the exam, the senior class president was telling me about her Calculus exam the day before. It was a test so brutally long that everyone needed 2 hours instead of the regular 90 minutes. I thought to myself, “Well, that’s Calculus. Pre-cal is easier, right?” Boy, was I wrong. It took me an extra HOUR to finish, and even then I had to skip some questions because I forgot how to do them. Yeah, I so got a C on this. EDIT: Wtf, “5th highest score in the class”? How in the WORLD did I get a 93 when I didn’t finish? Lynn and I were the last two students in the school finishing an exam, and knowing Lynn, being the smartest in our year, she probably got the highest score.

AP Biology — When I walked into the testing room, I felt like I’d been sentenced to the death penalty and was walking the path to the electric chair. But it was waaaaaaay easier than her regular tests. That’s because she made up her own questions instead of using the AP ones. I thought I did great on the first few pages, but there was a gap near the middle where I didn’t know anything and just closed my eyes and pointed at a letter. I figured I got a C-plus, but then I went home and she already had the grade posted. Got an 82! On AP Bio! But… take a gander at this.

THIRTY-FIVE. DDD: On the take-home test I did during Christmas break. That’s the one time I get an F in that class, and that’s the one test she won’t let us correct. Why does fate like to screw around with me so much??? If it weren’t for that I’d probably end up with an A-minus in that class, but it dragged the grade down to a B. Well, it’s not like it matters, right? AT LEAST IT’S NOT A C.

French III — awgrkwarwkpgkvkujhn THIS EXAM WAS THE LIVING EMBODIMENT OF HELL. It included obscure phrases we never learned, vocabulary that she will completely mark wrong if you spell it wrong/miss an accent/give it the wrong gender, a writing part, and too many questions about nine pages of French history (entirely in French) in microscopic print that we had to memorize.

The French teacher makes it obvious that she thinks we’re stupid — like it’s our fault that we’ve had incompetent French teachers for the past two years — and yet she slams us with this Thick Packet of Horror called the French III exam. I skipped PAGES of it. That’s how bad it was. And she wouldn’t let us stay after to finish it. Definitely a C job. EDIT: Yep. Got a C as the actual grade. But I got some kind of bonus and she moved it up to 80. Definitely better.

I’m so scared for finals.

Until next time,

~ Mimi >_<

P.S. I never did mention what my Secret Santa gave me, right? Turned out that Savannah was my Secret Santa! She got me a notebook and pen, too, since that’s all I asked for. I have a nice collection of notebooks now. ^^ And she randomly threw in a small packet of chocolates, a mini deck of cards, and a small rainbow-spotted green slinky, probably because I mentioned that I like cute things. ^-^

I freaking love that pen so much, I don’t want to use it. It matches the pretty notebook! I couldn’t find the slinky when I took this shot because The Pest lost it, that bastard.

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