Studying: The Bane of My Existence

I tried to get The Old Man’s attention earlier today. He was watching a movie and couldn’t hear me. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Daddy. (Doesn’t that make me sound like such a brat? D:)
The Old Man:
Me: Daddy!
The Old Man:
Me: Daddy!
The Old Man:
The Old Man: Huh, what?

Yeah. XDDD I wanted to see if he was paying attention to me. He obviously wasn’t.

Anyway, didn’t do well on the English midterm. As expected when you don’t study. D: I sure as heck am not going to make it to Harvard. Not that I want to go there or anything, but just saying.

I’M NOT SMART, PEOPLE. >.< My friends at the lunch table I regularly sit at (I’m the one rebel who refuses to sit at the Honors Table, unless Adele forces me) laughed at me when I suddenly declared that. I hate it, hate it, when people call me smart.

Religion and History tomorrow. Both troublesome subjects. Wish me luck, journal. I’m truly, TRULY going to study this time.

…But first, I ran across this picture of Tegoshi. I played around a bit (yes, instead of studying) and came up with this:

(“Look what I found! You won’t BELIEVE what people are writing about us!”)

He seems thrilled about his discovery. :Dv

This was a first for me; of course it’s going to be a fail. At least I tried, right? The lettering took a ridiculous amount of time because I hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

But really, I’ve been wondering lately if the JE boys know what the fangirls are writing about them. Do the girls in Japan do it, too, or is it a foreigner thing? I’ve read and enjoyed some reeeeaaally strange stuff so far. JIN KNOWS ENGLISH, HE CAN PARAPHRASE.

I need to go study diligently now.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :(

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