You will not believe how much of a RELIEF it is to fangirl out loud!

I’m perfectly content spamming my online journal with my fangirly thoughts and all, but I didn’t realize how euphoric it feels to be able to say Tegoshi’s name instead of just typing it. It’s not healthy to bottle up the fangirl part of me, huh?

The reason I’m so excited is that I found someone in my school who knows what JE is! ^O^

Haha, I’m probably going to use tons of exclamation points in this entry because as I’m thinking up what to write, my inner voice is screaming everything to me with the enthusiasm of a little kid.

Anyway, I had been seriously thinking of dropping the Anime Club from my schedule, since I’m not that into anime and manga. We don’t talk about Japanese actors and dramas and all that “real” Japanese stuff; I figured that it wasn’t worth staying because I couldn’t talk about what I truly like. I only joined in the first place because Corr forced me to. And besides, I didn’t think that anyone in that club had a clue about the world of JE or J-dramas.

The club, surprisingly, has very few Asian members. In fact, I love how diverse it is; you probably couldn’t tell if you were in the International Club or the Anime Club. It’s a medley of white girls, black girls, Asians, and Hispanics, with the white folk slightly dominating. I might have stayed in the club just for this reason, since I hate groups, towns, gatherings, any place where it’s mainly one race of people — diversity is good. I’m the only light-skinned person at my lunch table.

But then this one thing happened that made me decide to stay for good.

I was sitting at a table with the cute, bouncy bundle of a freshman Ellie, a crazy anime lover; J-rocker and Death Note obsessed sophomore, Nancy; one of the Korean exchange students and fellow junior, Hanna (an AMAZING artist); and the Chinese exchange student and Anime Club Representative, Cynthia, who’s a senior.

I was discussing Ouran High School Host Club with Ellie and Nancy, since we all love it. At the same time, I was listening to a recording of Tegoshi’s “Koi no ABO” performance from Dream Boys. I absentmindedly mentioned that there has been rumors of an Ouran live-action. Nancy’s eyes opened wide, but Ellie, who is stuck in the world of anime guys, didn’t know what a live-action is. After I explained to her what it is, Nancy shocked me by bringing up “that Wallflower manga,” as she put it; she knows that it’s going live-action!

Those few words were practically lethal to me because I definitely overdosed on my excitement. I said that I know aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about that upcoming drama, that my favorite person ever is acting in it.

I couldn’t help the “Oh, God, no! :O” when Nancy asked me if it’s Kamenashi Kazuya. It was so weird hearing his name out loud but at the same time I was so happy because SHE SAID HIS NAME OUT LOUD OH MY GOD.

But then I was worried that I offended her (because if someone reacted that way to Tegoshi I would definitely suffer some silent fury) and babbled that it’s not because I hate him or anything; it’s just that he’s too sexy and gorgeous (haha, I feel like Sunako) and just a little cute and I just don’t know him that well. I prefer cute over sexy. Though I have to admit that he has an incredibly cute smile.

Nancy then asked me about Akanishi Jin, do I like him? Again, may the gods curse my lack of control over my mouth because I hissed, completely without thinking first, “Akanishi is a slut.”

Well, so is Tegoshi, but he’s not widely known for being one.

Luckily, she only laughed and agreed with me. :D I love Jin’s reputation as a slut, though. Makes fanfiction so much more interesting. :Dv

Rapturously, I hugged my iPod to my chest, showed her this picture of Tegoshi from DREAM BOYS, and said he’s my absolute favorite. She looked at his name and said, “Ah, I’ve seen him before!”

I gasped so loudly it sounded really fake.

I then showed her this above picture of NEWS, since Tegoshi here is significantly more sparkly than the darker hot!Tego picture I showed her earlier. She exclaimed, “Oh, that one’s so cute!” and when I asked her which one she pointed at Tego. ^__________^ She also said that she knows who NEWS are. I went completely asdfghjkl over this because I’m not alone with my infatuation! Of course, she probably doesn’t listen to NEWS because she likes the rockier types and visual kei and scary things like that, with Gackt as her favorite. It’s enough for me that she knows who NEWS are.

It turns out she’s a KAT-TUN fan! Since I rejected Akame, she asked me if I like anyone in KAT-TUN. It’s not that I don’t like the members of KAT-TUN; I just don’t like their sexy image, and their songs aren’t really for me. But she must have taken my hesitation as a negative, saying incredulously, “You don’t even like Ueda? But he’s adorable!”

I had to agree that, yes, Ueda is kind of cute, and was even once my favorite member because he’s sort of like the Tegoshi of KAT-TUN (passionate about a certain sport, quiet onstage, feminine-looking), but once I found out about his rather passionate anti-leggings comment, saying that girls should never cover up their legs with those hideous things, I’ve pretty much held a small grudge against him ever since.

Hey, I happen to love leggings.

He’s still somewhat cute, though. XP

We spent the rest of the meeting pouting over how pretty the guys are. XD All the while, poor Ellie had no idea what we were talking about.

. . .

In a complete 180-degree turn from the JE world:

Mama is bitching again. Her surgery has left her more bitter than ever, and this time, she’s ragging on my hopelessness.

It all started when Mama’s coworker (who has the same name as my nickname, Mimi) visited with her 8-year-old daughter. Her daughter has this huuuuuuuuge crush on The Pest. I haven’t the slightest idea how screwed-up her brain is; she’s a bright young girl, way out of his league.

But a few hours after they left, Mama comments on how bright that girl’s future is gonna be. Then I cringe and wait for her to bring me into the conversation, which she doesn’t fail to do. For the millionth time, she tells me I’m smart — at which I snorted, quite unladylike — and that I should go to medical school and become a doctor. Again I tell her that medical school is only for people who truly, TRULY want to be a doctor, and I’m just not passionate about it.

I thought she’d leave it at that, but she brings up the matter to The Old Man while I’m sitting right there. She acts as though I can’t hear her when she rants to him about how stupid I am to doubt that I can ever be a doctor. She sounds absolutely furious saying that the only thing I like doing is writing, how it’s such a shame to let my “brilliance” go to waste on writing.

The Old Man goes quiet for a second like he always does, and then suggests that they watch a movie. I know he would like me to be a doctor too, but he’s supportive of my writing. I heard him talk to Mama earlier today, telling her that he’s going to try to find me a writing job for the summer or something. I have a good daddy, one who doesn’t drink or smoke, one who’s okay with sleeping in a different room than Mama’s for the past 14 years, one who takes care of her and grins through her moodiness. If that new company decides to hire him, he’d be even more perfect.

The Pest is becoming harder and harder to control. He’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd, and unlike me, who can hang out with whomever and not be affected in the least (and probably can affect them instead), he’s acting like one of them. For instance, he steals his friends’ bags and messes around with them, he doesn’t do his work/does it crappily, and once he helped his friends VANDALIZE a car. He threw rocks at it, I think, while one of his friends peed into a bottle and hurled that at the car. D:

And then there’s me, who lately can’t do anything but sleep.

My family is dysfunctional. DX

Until next time,

~ Nana >.<

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