They remembered!

First day of school of the new year. Whee.

I stupidly underestimated how much Christmas vacation homework I had, so I ended up pulling another all-nighter Sunday. I was falling asleep all over the place today. My life is so screwy. TT-TT

A lot of people’s Secret Santas forgot to bring in their gifts again, including mine (everyone seems to know who it is except me D:), so that will be tomorrow. Adele got this interesting body spray that smells like peppermint-vanilla candy and leaves your skin all glittery. She sprayed some on my shirtsleeve, and it still smells so good even though she did it ten hours ago.

I won’t lie; I was a bit upset that my Secret Santa forgot about me (oh God, story of my life right there D:). But when I stood up from my locker in the morning and turned around, Adele, Franky, Savannah, and Gail were standing right behind me. And then they gave me a red bag and told me that the four of them had gone out and got me a birthday gift.

They remembered that my birthday happened during vacation! Even though I only mentioned it to them once, during French class. I usually never tell anyone when my birthday is because no one ever remembers, so just imagine how surprised I was that those four did remember.

They got me this absolutely beautiful notebook and a new pen and a random Tootsie Pop (and in cherry, too, my favorite flavor!). Franky said that there’s something very Mimi about the notebook, and that’s why they chose it.

I’ll definitely cherish it. Definitely. I haven’t a clue how I’m going to use it, though. I’m sure I’ll find a use for it in time. It’s too pretty to tarnish with my Handwriting of Atrocity.

Dangit, I can’t take good photos to save my life. >_____<

. . .

My entries will not be complete without NEWS members infiltrating it in some way. So I found these pictures of Tegoshi and Massu.

That look on Tegoshi’s face gives me the shivers. They’re good shivers, of course. ^o^ I’d love to run into him in a dark alley. Massu looks, er, kind of lost. And awkward. But still so cute. ^^ It was a good attempt at a serious face, though.

It’s funny whenever you compare these two side by side. Massu makes Tegoshi look so girly, and Tegoshi’s slight body makes Massu look chubby, even though he’s not. It’s the same in the magazine picture above this one. And I love the complete change of tone between the first and second picture. Still can’t decide if I like hot!Tego or cute!Tego better.

Ahaha, Massu’s hair never changes.

Hmm. Tegoshi’s scarf looks just like the one I got Kaylee for Christmas, since I was her secret Santa. Except hers is red.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

P.S. I feel like adding another picture, just because. This time of a scene from Tego’s drama, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

His angelic sleeping face is too adorable for words! Aww, his hand is all curled up like a baby’s. ^///^

But, but, but… why is Tegoshi sleeping with those girls? O_______O Definitely don’t remember that scene in the manga. I didn’t know Yukinojo was like that, since he blushes madly in the manga whenever the topic of sleeping together — in any way, shape, or form — is brought up.

I wish I could read what those red words are saying. Since it has an exclamation point and all.


4 thoughts on “They remembered!

  1. Hello,

    Just a random visitor, but I want to help you with those red words.
    They are 添い寝してあげたい男子No.1, read: Soinushite agetai danshi no.1.
    I think they can be understood as “The no.1 most wanted to-sleep-together man”. Please note that “sleep together” here is innocent mean because 添い寝する (the dictionary form of 添い寝して) means lying/sleeping next to someone :).

  2. Oh, okay, thank you so much! ^________^
    Yeah, I kind of figured that it’s entirely innocent. Just got curious, that’s all.
    Thanks again!

  3. Shld watch the drama on this show… it’s nice! ;P kawaii!

  4. And the idea was that it was all in the fan-girls’ heads . . . he never actually did it.

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