Reflection of Self

Hehe, I feel like Massu right now. I’m wearing colorful clothes that don’t really match: white PJ bottoms with blue snowflakes and trees all over them, aquamarine flip flops (yes, flip flops in winter), a dark grey long-sleeved shirt, a purple t-shirt over that, and a checkered green and black scarf.

That’s really a typical Mimi outfit, the one I wear everyday, anywhere: long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt over it, a scarf, obnoxiously colorful socks, and depending on where I am, either PJ bottoms or jeans. I just realized that my style is Tegomass-like, meaning that my outfits usually include something black and tight-ish, just like Tegoshi; and then I’d wear loose-fitting pants and always add something in an obnoxiously bright color, like Massu does. I love the black/neon combo.

I just watched bits from Johnny’s Live Countdown Concert. I felt a little upset that Ryo chose to be with Eito instead of NEWS, but I guess they just have to share him. But Ryo’s so small that there won’t be enough of him to go around. D:

The Eito Rangers made me giggle reeeeeaaallly hard when they sang Arashi’s “One Love” with Arashi singing along with them, because although I’ve only heard that song once or twice before, even I can tell that they weren’t in sync with the music. But their performance was so lol inducing that I didn’t care.

Might just be my bias speaking, but I thought NEWS did the best with their borrowed song, singing KinKi Kids’ “Aisareru Yori Aishitai.” They wore their prince outfits again! Shige looked like he was working hard on his dancing.

I have no clue what song Arashi borrowed, but they did really great, too. Those kind of happy songs suit them.

Ikuta Toma was there! Looking really good! Clinging to BFFs Yamapi and Matsujun! I love their friendship. ^o^

I saw Nino and Tegoshi singing together. I like Nino. I clearly love Tego. Made me happy. I like that Tego is obviously picking up techniques from Nino. :Db

Tegoshi’s hair looked lighter. Or maybe it was just the lighting. Either way, he sparkled.

Massu was really cute during this concert. Like he is always. ^o^ But you know, still worth mentioning. There was this one time where he is just staring cutely into space, and all of a sudden he realizes he’s being filmed and makes an “Oh, HEY!” face to the camera.

I minimized the window and let the audio run for bit while I did my History homework that I FORGOT ALL ABOUT, Godhelpme D:, but I opened it back up, very confused, when I heard the beginning of “Kibou~Yell~” because it sounded emotionless and weird and butchered. And then I just about died laughing when I saw that KAT-TUN was the group singing it. They looked so AWKWARD singing such a happy song. I think they were trying to sing it in their usual sexy voices. Jin wasn’t even dancing. -_-;; Ueda looked cute, though, with his hair up like that.

. . .

Anyway. So, uh, my life.

Mama came home from the hospital today, still weak but looking pretty and young as ever. She can’t cook yet, so I have to endure several more days of trying to make dinner with The Old Man. When you combine his simple palate, my stubbornness and failure at everything related to cooking, and The Pest’s general pestering, things can’t go well. Mama hated the food we ended up making.

The doctor had asked her if she has any children. She said she does, and the doctor said that she wouldn’t be able to hold them for at least another week. Mama must have laughed and told the doctor that her children are 13 and 17. I imagine here that the doctor lady blinked, confused, because she then asked why are Mama’s children so old when she’s so young?

Ha, Mama turned 46 in September.

D: Why didn’t I inherit her pretty genes? She has flawless porcelain skin, no wrinkles at all. People tell me all the time that I look like my dad, and the first time this happened I panicked and thought, “I look like a man? D:”

I’m just hoping with all my might that I’m like Tegoshi, who was an ugly duckling when he was my age, and then suddenly matures into the most beautiful one of them all (haha, I’m so biased here) after NEWS’ hiatus.

Well, I don’t have time to think up resolutions right now because I’m in my holy-crap-school-starts-in-a-few-days-and-I-didn’t-do-my-homework mode. Jeez, you think I’d learn after all these years. -_-;; I have a lot of work. A LOT. I stayed up until three-thirty in the morning yesterday and DIDN’T DO AN OUNCE OF IT. WHY AM I SO STUPID.

I’ll type up my list of goals later. Right now, I’ll do a short reflection on myself, in groups of tens because it’s 2010.

Things I Like About Me

  1. My writing skillz.
  2. My perfect nails.
  3. I’m abnormal.
  4. I’m cute!
  5. I always try to make people happy.
    (Argh, this is really hard, thinking more than five. DX)
  6. I’m sensitive and easily moved.
  7. I have no enemies at the moment. All the louder, more popular people in my school seem to like me, don’t know why. (How the heck did the senior class president learn my name? O_o) Makes life easy when your class president loves you. :Db
  8. My naiveté.
  9. My humbleness.
    (Just one more, I can do it!)
  10. My magical powers of persuasion. (I talked a teacher out of giving me detention… twice!)

Wow, took me twenty minutes to think of those. -_-

Thing I Don’t Like About Me

  1. My scratchy, high-pitched, unpredictable voice.
  2. This stupid inferiority complex. XP
  3. That I unconsciously talk to everyone (and I mean EVERYONE: The Pest, friends, teachers, parents, my PRINCIPAL) in a condescending tone, especially when I’m explaining something.
  4. My chubby face. TT-TT
  5. I’m lazy. VERY.
  6. That my teeth is white enough and straightened, but my two front teeth are a bit bigger than the rest, so whenever I sing all you can see are those two teeth and I look like a bunny.
  7. I’m not smart at all.
  8. My dislike of talking. (I’m not shy, but I HATE talking, particularly when it’s in front of people. Probably because I hate my voice.)
  9. My hair. IT’S FALLING OUT, MAN. D: Because of all the stress. Also, it stays flat no matter what I do to it. And it’s long. I hate long hair, why do I have long hair?
  10. My awkwardness around people.

That one only took five minutes, as expected.

Ways To Improve Myself

  1. Learn new and better writing techniques.
  2. Acquire a singing voice like Tegoshi (just, you know, not a manly one).
  3. As always, lose weight.
  4. Upgrade from cute to pretty.
  5. Fangirl less, study more.
  6. Drink lots of water. Water always helps.
  7. Express my emotions better.
  8. Redecorate my room so that it actually reflects who I am. It’s currently emptier than a skull’s eye sockets.
  9. Lose the stage fright and talk in front of my class without wanting to vomit or faint.
  10. Manage my time smartly.

I would have done more than just those three lists, but I really, REALLY need to finish my History. According to my schedule, I was supposed to have finished last Wednesday. Why do I bother making these stupid schedules when I Never. Follow. Them.

Oh well. I have tons of years to improve myself. Time for my usual picture of someone from NEWS.

Love this Tego pic to bits. <33 But his arms are so manly compared to his face. o_o

I think he motivated me enough to finish my History work before three in the morning. It’s one-thirty right now.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^^

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