Fingers Crossed

Mama’s having the surgery today. I’m crossing the fingers of both hands that it will go as planned.

And I really should start my Christmas vacation homework now.

But I’m not gonna. :Dv

Not even a smiley-faced Tegoshi will motivate me.

Well… maybe a little. XP

Until next time,

~ Mimi o_<

P.S. A few days ago I asked The Old Man to take me out so I can get myself birthday and Christmas gifts, since Auntie Kim gave me a hundred to spend. Of course, the Old Man couldn’t refuse; he couldn’t get me anything this year, so this was his way of making it up to me.

True to my abnormal nature, I didn’t get any kind of tech-y stuff, like I’m sure most normal people would. Instead, I went to Office Max and got new pens, mechanical pencils, lead refills, index cards, and a hardcover notebook to serve as a writing journal. Totaled a little over $30. I just gave the rest to The Old Man since I’d either lose it or The Pest would steal it.

Every writer is supposed to have a “special pen,” so I got one. That orange and white one up there. It was $7, which I think is wicked expensive for just one pen. I took a close-up shot of it:

My first non-plastic pen. =D It’s chubby (and so is my hand, but that’s not the point). ^-^ It’s also heavy and so pretty that I’m afraid to write with it — but I guess I have to, or else it can’t really be called my special writing pen. I’m scared that I’ll accidentally knock it off the table and whatever the smooth, shiny orange and white part is made of will crack. And then I would cry. D: So maybe I’ll just lock it up and never ever write with it.

On another note, I love how perfect my nails are. They’re really the only things about me that I like, stupidinferioritycomplex. DX

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