Reminiscing 2009

Just watched a clip of NEWS performing on Music Station Super Live yesterday. For the first time since the song’s release, a live performance of Koi no ABO sounded, well, good. Even as a devoted NEWS fan, I have to admit that most of their performances of that song are off: Everyone sings the wrong notes and Tego’s harmony lines, instead of blending in like they’re supposed to, stand out way too much.

But this time, they sang pretty much perfectly! And they all look really good in their outfits, despite the billions of sparkles. XD

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1148" title="Tegoshi with a headband
-flails- Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Tego-nyan’s being extra adorable lately. ^////^

I feel kinda bad for capturing only, erm, 3.5 of NEWS. DX But this particular shot reminded me of something. Their clothes make them look so noble, don’t they? Massu seems like a bodyguard or a knight of sorts. Tegoshi is obviously a prince. (I’m half-expecting to find a white horse waiting behind him, he looks so princely with that outfit and stance. *______*) Yamashita is the king of NEWSdom, of course.

Hehe, King Pi. ^o^

Speaking of NEWS members, I can remember a short bit from a dream I had this morning. I’m beginning to get concerned about my mentality because of all these NEWS appearances in my dreams. This time, it’s Tegoshi and Massu. Well, not them exactly, but their characters from Gachi Baka!: Minoru and Kouta.

I’m now a student at their school, only I’m wearing my regular clothes. We’re in a cooking class and we’ve been paired up to bake cakes. (Yeah, can’t really imagine Minoru willingly baking a cake. -_-;;) I am paired with Tegoshi/Minoru, and I think Massu/Kouta is working with one of his cronies.

Needless to say, with my incompetence at anything related to cooking and Minoru’s, er, Minoru-ness, we got AWFUL marks — a negative-6. But on the bright side, at least we did better than the Kouta-Crony team, who got a negative-36.

. . .

Aside from my customary NEWS spazzing, it’s almost the new year, huh? One more week until I have to go back to school, and in that time I have to do a crapload of homework. That includes the take-home AP Bio test that I’m not allowed to use my book to help me complete. Already I can feel temptation’s pull. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE AND RESIST. >__<

But but but aaaaaaallll those 60s and ebil red marks… TT-TT

What did I do this year? I can’t seem to remember much of it. Just lots of sleepless nights and cursing my teachers and school school school. In the summer I got to explore the city like I never did before, all because of that writing program. And without my parents, too. This was really the year I discovered NEWS and the world of Japanese entertainment, for which I will forever be grateful.

I gained so much wisdom in this one year, it’s kind of unbelievable. In terms of experience, though, I’m still an ignorant child compared to everyone else my age. But I can honestly say, without conceit, that I’m far wiser than they are. Even if I’m slightly ditzy at times. =)

I’ve accepted that I’m not nearly as smart as my friends are, I’ve accepted my Biology failures, I’ve even accepted that I will never be a normal teenager with a normal relationship with my parents. It’s all fine, isn’t it? I feel so mature now, all this accepting. ^________^

I haven’t been keeping track of my resolutions accomplishments lately. Well, what better time to check them than at the end of the year? I’ll just redden and strike through whatever I accomplished.

52 Things I Was Supposed to Accomplish This Year

1. Train my mouth to say the right things to people.

2. Improve my singing enough so that I can match the intensity of Hayley Williams’s voice (of Paramore).

3. Teach myself  to play at least one song on my keyboard.

4. Write faster.

5. Finish at least one chapter of Forget-Me-Not every two months (see resolution #4).

6. Stop neglecting my kind-of-but-not-really-autobiography, How Cliche (see resolution #4).

7. Maintain my perfect GPA.

8. Control Nana, the not-so-nice side of me.

9. Keep Mimi, the bubbly side of me, from being so annoyingly optimistic.

10. Add more songs to my iPod.

11. Quit leaving things until the last minute. (We don’t want a repeat of last year’s science fair project incident, do we?)

12. Continue to avoid swearing out loud.

13. Try to further develop those plot bunnies floating in my head.

14. Be able to sing Paramore’s “Emergency” without shredding my throat.

15. Learn how to harmonize.

16. Write in my online journal once a week.

17. Get over Merry.

18. Get over Markus. *mustmustmust*

19. Cure my brother of his paranoia. (The world is NOT out to get you, man!)

20. Study the English language further.

21. Try to match the math skills of my twelve-year-old brother, the human calculator.

22. Continue sketching still-lifes again.

23. Collect more perfume samples from Macy’s catalogues. =D

24. Be less arrogant (see resolution #8).

25. Acquire more than four hours of sleep a night. (Oh, GOD nooooo.)

26. Improve my vocabulary.

27. Lose weight (which may be impossible, seeing how my mother feeds people for a living >_<).

28. Find more music I like. (NEWS all the way, yo.)

29. Write better.

30. Lessen my intense dislike of Twilight.

31. Cut down on the fancy vocab when talking to people, especially to little children.

32. Stop rolling my eyes whenever I see non-Japanese people wanting to become Japanese only because of the entertainment.

33. Stop rolling my eyes in general.

34. Buy a microphone to record my voice, to see how I really sound.

35. Participate more in Health class to show the teacher that I’m at least pretending to care.

36. Read more books.

37. Finish my “Fun with Anime Characters” entries.

38. Remember to breathe when presenting in front of the class.

39. Quit being so intensely studious.

40. Use the laptop more often.

41. Stop being so damn lazy.

42. Conquer my irrational fears of grown men, telephones, and crowds.

43. Rebel against my parents discreetly.

45. Stop being such a goody-two-shoes, dammit. (Halfway there.)

46. Craft more jewelry.

47. Keep redecorating the house. :D

48. Buy a new pair of school shoes to replace the ones I’ve been wearing since I was twelve.

49. Tell my bitch of a mother off (and not get killed for it).

50. Spam my school’s literary magazine with my writing. ^-^

51. Learn how to be a friend.

52. Sing solo in front of people.

TOTAL: 26.5 accomplished

YEAH, OVER HALFWAY THERE. ^_______________^

I’m gonna try to come up with a longer list of resolutions for the new year. How about a hundred next time? I’ll add some of these old ones to the new list, and hopefully I can complete more than half of them again.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :3

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