Tego-nyan is all my soul needs this Christmas <33

Back from Ame’s. She loves her gifts! I did something right for once! I got her this really, really low-cut and short dress from Forever 21 and one of those tattered, slightly off-shoulder tops she’s always wearing. She told me that I know her very well, but I just bought clothes exactly opposite of what I’d wear.


I ate too much. D: But it was good food, couldn’t help myself. Ame’s mother showed off her wealth by giving me and The Pest money, and I really wish she hadn’t because I don’t know what to do with my Benjamin Franklin (fifty for my b-day and fifty for Christmas).

Except for some more mechanical pencils (because I stupidly gave them all away) and index cards (because Mrs. English Teacher makes us use tons every week) and a nice notebook (because a writer can never have enough of those), there is literally nothing I want right now.

That is, nothing besides some NEWS merchandise and subbed J-dramas and the Tegomass no Uta 1st Live 2009 DVD (though I won’t be able to understand it) and perhaps even something from RUSS-K, but I there’s no way I can ask my parents for THOSE. Mama and The Old Man will be all, “Huh?” if I ask, because except for origami, they haven’t a clue about my infatuation of Japanese things.

And I DEFINITELY cannot let them know about my infatuation of the NEWS boys. God, even at seventeen my parents don’t think I have the slightest interest in men or romance. They probably think I’m asexual or something.

Well. No matter. It’s not like I’ll die from lack of stuff like that.

Most likely I’ll give the money to The Old Man to make up for the two hundred we spared for Christmas shopping.

I spent the rest of the day playing Dofus on my laptop because The Pest FINALLY got me a subscription. I don’t know how many laws he broke trying to get me that subscription — since he definitely did NOT pay a single cent — but I’m just happy he put so much effort into my birthday/Christmas gift.

That’s right; while everyone else in the world is playing Maplestory or World of Warcraft or whatnot, I have chosen this nearly-obscure-to-the-public game called Dofus, created by the French. (Still not sure how you pronounce the name of it. :/) It takes more of a strategic approach to fighting, rather than the standard mindless slash-and-kill approach. Though I sometimes like that method, too.

(It’s so fun being a dork. Who needs to be cool, anyway?)

The first time I tried playing a few years ago, all these French folk tried to communicate with me in their fancy romantic tongues. And each time, I had no choice but to reply with, “Je ne sais pas. Je suis americain,” because even if I understood them (and I usually did) and answered appropriately, that would encourage them to speak to me in more complicated French. I always went with the masculine form of americain because my character is a boy and would evoke some confusion if I did otherwise.

I captured a screen that perked my interest while looking at my Quests.

The candy has Shige’s name in it! I know, I know, how lamer can I get? DDDX But I got so excited that I noticed this. Normally I never notice ANYTHING.

I zoomed in and took a shot of my character, too. There’s this annoying little larva following me.

No, I did not misspell shrunken. -____- I spelled it that way on purpose.

Besides all that, I had a nice, relaxing Christmas. Ame’s little sister Emelia really seems to like the dress I picked out for her. I’m glad that everyone likes what I got for them. ^o^

It saddens me when I hear of all the people who got Nintendo DSi’s or iPod Touches or something of that sort. There’s nothing particularly wrong with wanting that stuff (in all honesty, I want them too) — it’s just slightly upsetting to me. We’d been talking about what this holiday is truly about in my Religion class, and we brought up the issue of a materialistic Christmas. People seem to be convinced that if you get TONS and TONS of gifts, preferably EXPENSIVE and including some kind of BUTTONS or SCREEN YOU CAN POKE, you will be satisfied.

In other words, Christmas is selling false happiness. Isn’t that sad?

Even though this year all I got was a coat and two pairs of PJ bottoms from some aunts, I was at my happiest. (And none of those gifts are electronic, either.) I don’t need a whole bunch of fancy, expensive crap to make my Christmas a good one.

All I DO need, I discovered, is Tegoshi Yuya. ^////^ When I got home from Ame’s, I found that there were two new promos for YamaNade waiting for me, full of Tego cuteness!

Have I mentioned before how much I love his Yuki hair? I wonder why he looks so surprised in that scene. Just have to wait until January to see! -can’t wait-

Looks like Yuki is upset about something. XD Look at that adorable pout. Aaaannnd… his phone strap is rainbow-colored!

YOU’RE KILLING US, MAN. That expression + the teddy bear = me exploding from cuteness overload. I don’t recall Yuki ever playing with a stuffed bear in the manga — and I’m on chapter 58 — but I APPROVE SO MUCH. :Db

I feel bad for cropping out everyone else, for they are just as important as Tego is, but I found him so cute that I couldn’t help it. I’ve never seen regular Tegoshi wear something like that before: a lavender hoodie with dice patterns printed all over it. That sort of thing has a very Massu-like image, doesn’t it? The drama hasn’t started yet, but I’m starting to get the feeling that Massu and Yuki have very similar clothing styles.

Tego in Massu’s clothes? THAT would be very amusing to see. XDDD

Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

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