Christmas Smiles

Just thought I’d type up a Christmas entry really quickly before I head off to bed. I won’t be able to use the laptop in the morning since I’ll be away at Ame’s house. Really hoping she’ll like the present I got her. That was my first time stepping foot into the stores normal girls go to, like Wet Seal and Forever 21. They’re really colorful. O__o

It’s already Christmas Day here, but it doesn’t really sadden me that my family has not a single gift to unwrap when we wake up tomorrow morning. Ha, I feel so poor. I hope other families are more fortunate than mine is.

Mama, ever the vain one, declared that she won’t be coming with us to Ame’s house tomorrow because she accidentally burned her face. Pfft. It’s not even that noticeable.

Hmm. I have nothing else to say. How sad. D:

So here’s a picture of Ryo to brighten things up.

If everyone smiles like this more often, well… maybe things will just be okay.

Or maybe more people will be arrested under suspicion of crack use.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

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