16 < 17

Asdfghjkl I couldn’t finish this before the 20th ended. Dx

I meant to write an entry Saturday, too, but I fell asleep while reading a book — I don’t read nearly as much as people think I do — sometime around 5:30, and didn’t wake up until one in the morning. So that pretty much ruined my plan. -_-;; I was still wearing the same jeans and scarf that I wore to my volunteer site.

I woke up a measly fifteen minutes after it started snowing, and already there was a good inch or two of snow on the ground. I decided to just go to sleep (properly) after that.

The next morning indicated how the rest of my day would progress.

First thing I did after waking up was say good morning to Mama in the kitchen. She didn’t say hello, didn’t say good morning, didn’t wish me a happy seventeenth birthday. Instead, all she told me to do was go outside and help my father shovel snow after I brush my teeth. Don’t shower, even though I forgot to do so the day before; don’t eat breakfast (aka The Most Important Meal of the Day) to get my energy for shoveling, even though I hadn’t eaten in eighteen hours. Just go shovel.

So I did. I was doing pretty well until the hunger caught up with me and I couldn’t throw the snow properly, and then I started thinking about the unfairness of life and how every average American teenager wouldn’t be spending his or her birthday shoveling snow while lacking energy and deprived of cake, gifts, a party, or birthday dinner.

Typical of my overly sensitive self, I started crying really hard while tossing the snow over my shoulder at the same time. The tears were trying to freeze on my face, but they couldn’t solidify correctly so they just got incredibly cold as they ran down my cheeks, and the wet paths they left stung. Really badly. D:

It didn’t help when The Pest decided that there wasn’t enough snow on me and took the liberty to pelt me with snowballs. At my face.


I *accidentally* hit him hard where the sun don’t shine with my shovel. >:D

Boys should beware: I am merciless when it comes to punishment.

I realized that crying would only depress me more, and so I stopped myself. I’m seventeen now; I have to stop being so childishly selfish.

The rest of the day elapsed like any other day. There wasn’t any celebration, no cake or anything. Yesterday, while The Old Man was driving me home from volunteering, he informed me that he hadn’t gotten me a gift this year. I said that was fine, I don’t need one. There’s actually nothing I want, anyway, so even if he asked I wouldn’t know what to request.

But he said that he’s gonna get me something. It’ll be a day or so late, but he’ll get one. He said he thinks I’ll like it, and now I’m scared because I haven’t a clue what he’s planning. How’s he going to know what to get me when I myself don’t?

Well, I’ll just have to wait and see.

The day was about to end normally, without any sign that it was my special day, but then my ringtone sounded right beside me, loud and obnoxious, while I was in the middle of typing this up.

For a moment, I thought it was my alarm ringing, that I’d accidentally set the time to PM rather than AM. But it was Adele, calling to wish me a happy birthday.

She had no idea how happy I was to hear her. I don’t like to tell my friends about my birthday because I know they’ll just forget, but Adele knew about it and she remembered. That alone surprised me. She said that she’s going to bring a cake and a gift for me when we come back to school, the 4th of January, two weeks after my birthday. Of course, I asked her not to do that, because it would only draw attention to me when all I want to do is shrink into the shadows. But it was such a nice gesture that I couldn’t even protest properly.

I hope all she gets me is a nice little notebook, which is all I really want right now.

I’m happy with this kind of birthday. ^_______^

Oh, and I’m planning to further get back at The Pest for throwing snow at my face. We got a phone call from the public schools system today saying that there would be no school for him Monday. I know this, The Old Man knows this, Mama knows this.

The Pest does not know this.


I’m not gonna tell him. :3 In fact, I’m going to wake him up at ten in the morning and watch his reaction. I believe I shall film it.

That’s what he gets for messing with me on my birthday. >:DDD

Since the last several posts mentioned NEWS members (well, just Tegoshi, really) in some way, I am going to continue that trend.

LOOK, THEY ARE SO MARRIED. Their arms are linked and everything. *____*

(Sorry, Massu, I only JUST realized that you’re a good singer, too. Forgive me. TT-TT)

Dangit, it’s pictures like these that will eventually convert me into a fan of the Tegomass pairing. I mean, I already like the pairing in pictures, but not so much in fiction. I like Tego with everybody.


And as a bonus, I took this shot from Episode 3 of Soukon, which is surprisingly quite an interesting show when it’s all about running:

This tells you everything you need to know about TegoShige: The universe loves Tegoshi, and Shige is destined to fail. It made me laugh out loud. :P

Tego’s victory face is win. ^-^

Until next time,

~ Mimi :Dv

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