Nerdy has never looked more gorgeous

It’s Fridaaaaay. And you know what that means, journal?


I really have to applaud the NEWS boys. Or anyone who sings during concerts, really. I don’t know how they can last for so long without their voices dying. My choir group walked over to the hospital several blocks down from my school yesterday. The same hospital I was born in. ^-^ What a coincidence that I ended up attending a school practically across from it, huh?

Anyway, we went there and sang Christmas carols for the elderly. There were quite a few of them, all eating dinner while some volunteers from my school served them. Old people are really cute. ^__________^

Let me tell you this: it’s not easy singing for half an hour straight. And they were choral songs, and since I fail badly at harmonizing I always stick to the melody. Which, 99.96912584% of the time, involves some super high notes and tons of breath support.

Needless to say, singing like that for 30 minutes without stopping takes a toll on the vocal cords. It’s good thing I don’t plan on becoming a professional signer when I grow up.

It all went well, except for that one time when we reached the second verse of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” I accidentally glanced over at Corr and both of us dissolved into giggles at the “figgy pudding” part.

I guess we remembered back to one of our rehearsals when I commented that figgy rhymes with piggy.

A particularly adorable old man in a green sweater was so enthusiastic, clapping loudly and voicing his praises. The nice people at the hospital gave us each a slice of chocolate yule log afterward because they had extra. Also, before we started singing for the diners, the hospital staff let the twenty of us stay inside a SUPPLY CLOSET while the old folks ate. While we were rehearsing Silent Night, I sang directly into Corr’s ear because she stood in front of me and slightly to the left. Corr, who’s a far superior singer and is working on getting a CD out, turned and told me that I sounded pretty.

Praise, chocolate, compliments — all worth it, I say. :D

Now, more of Tegoshi! There’s been a ton of Tegoshi-related activity lately. Not that I’m complaining, of course. Not at all. :DDD

I took a few shots from the new trailer of the movie Tegoshi acted in, titled Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac/Nakushita Kioku/Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita. It’s supposed to premiere in Japanese theaters in March.


But I’m liking the idea of Tego with Maki.

Even as a nerd he’s still gorgeous. The glasses look suits him. I wonder if those are his real glasses or not, because it isn’t really logical to have him wear his contacts with prop glasses over them. :/

Then again, what do I know? I don’t wear contacts.

His smile is… so sparkly. *____* Smiling Tegoshi is my favorite Tegoshi. You know, besides slutty!Tego.  He actually looks his age for once, even though this movie was filmed forever ago, back when he was still 21.

I took this shot point-five seconds after that last one. It’s the same as above, except he’s not smiling this time. This is one of the rare times where “handsome” applies to him, not just “pretty.” Although he is definitely pretty, too.

XDDD He looks like a true nerd here. Reminds me of those awful school photos where your parents force you to look all proper with a suit and tie and an oh-God haircut. Quite worthy of lols, indeed, but still gorgeous nonetheless. Or maybe just dorky-cute.

I’m going to take my infamous forever-nap now. I have volunteer work tomorrow, followed by a trip to the library, then Christmas shopping. I’ll probably have to shovel snow on my birthday Sunday, like I had to do last year.


Until next time,

~ Mimi =)

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