‘Tis the Season

What a cliche title. I’m losing my creativity. -_-

To make it up, I wrote tons of holiday haiku during my last Literary Magazine meeting. Here’s one of them:

He claims it was Nick
but I see the cookie crumbs
all over his face.

My school delivered wonderful, WONDERFUL news yesterday. Originally, Christmas vacation was scheduled to begin on the 23rd of December. But everyone did so well with the toy donations that the the principal decided to give us an extra two days of vacation time! So that means Friday is the last day of school for the year, and THAT means I get more time to sleeeeeeeeeep.

Who says being generous has no benefits?

I spent an awful lot on toys for the poor kids who don’t have any, not to mention for the Secret Santa thing. Somewhere between fifty and sixty dollars total, which isn’t terribly high but I’ve already talked about the money situation. No need to repeat that.

But I felt so guilty that I was making my parents use money that we don’t have on gifts that I’m not required to give. There was nothing I could really do about it, so I told my dad to not get me birthday or Christmas presents this year. I generally don’t receive many gifts anyway, maybe five at most, so I don’t mind. There’s nothing I particularly want, anyway. And seventeen isn’t an important birthday, compared to sixteen or eighteen or twenty-one or fifty.

It’s interesting. I figured that I’d be upset giving up both my birthday and Christmas gifts, but it doesn’t bother me. I think, after all these years, I finally understand why this is called the season of giving. I don’t NEED presents. It doesn’t excite me to think of what I could possibly unwrap on Christmas morning.

What does make me smile is spending ages thinking of what each person would want for Christmas, selecting that perfect gift, and imagining that person’s pleasantly surprised expression when they tear open the wrapping paper. I’m always a lot happier when people tell me that they love what I got them, because I really put everything I can into getting them that gift. And when they don’t like what I got them, I can always sense how they feel, and that always depresses me.

I remember when Ame phoned my house after Christmas years ago to tell us that she absolutely loved the outfit I picked out for her. I distinctly recall nearly turning the store upside down in search of the ideal Ame gift. Months later, I saw her in person and she was wearing the same top I bought her. I couldn’t help myself when I pointed excitedly at her shirt, and she happily informed me that it was one of her favorites.

I beamed harder than I thought I was capable of beaming. Who needs material things, anyway?

Ahh, I’m beyond tired now. Still reading Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, up to chapter 43 now. I am disturbed by the semi-resemblance between Morii Ranmaru and Sohma Yuki of Fruits Basket because their personalities differ so much that they aren’t even in the same dimension. The hair is similar, but Ranmaru looks like a sleeker version of Yuki.

And since I mentioned YamaNade, it’s only logical that I fit in Tegoshi Yuya as well, no?

The split second after I saw this picture, I thought that if “Devil or Angel” had ever been a single, this would make the perfect cover. The Tegoshi on the right looks so cutely sweet with his white puffy jacket, smiling into his microphone. The Tegoshi on the left is an absolute sexy beast, all hot and sweaty and looking so gorgeous in that outfit.

That’s Tegoshi Yuya for you: angel on the outside, devil on the inside.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :D

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