Toyama Yukinojo~ <33 My new favorite character from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge~

Er, not that Tegoshi Yuya had anything to do with it. -shiftyeyes-

No, really. Even if Tegoshi weren’t playing him in the live-action Yuki would still be my favorite. I tend to like the cute ones who look younger than their age and cry more than necessary and are bouncier than a superball (for example, Honey-senpai and Momiji). ^-^

*mumble* Maybe Tegoshi had a tiny influence.

Tego: Please watch Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge!! (That’s right, with TWO exclamation points.)

He’s SUCH a cutie! Is this guy really 22?

And yay, I can understand him! ^O^

I like his Yuki hair. It makes him look so young and adorable, perfect as Yuki. His Yuki clothes are probably the oddest clothes I’d ever seen him wear. Seems like something Massu would wear.

I hope the drama producers kept his character close to the original. They already changed the characters into university students (which makes more sense considering the ages of the actors, but it’s still different from the manga).

-crosses fingers-

Really looking forward to seeing Tegoshi do this:

(That made my day right there. You sadistic grandma… xD)

…and this:

(Oh God, just not that skinny, please.)

…and ESPECIALLY this:

Everyone else looks right for their roles. The ballet dude playing Morii Ranmaru looks a tad too old and not really Ranmaru-ish (i.e. sleek and sexy), but hey, it’s all about preference, right? I think Kame suits Takano Kyohei fine, even though a lot of people don’t think the same way. The actress playing Nakahara Sunako — something-Aya — is pretty, you can tell even when she’s wearing her hood. Wonder if she’ll have to deal with all the nosebleeds or not. xDD She gets to live with sparkly Tego-nyan.

Aaaaaaand last but certainly not least… Uchi’s back! His speaking voice is surprisingly deep. Since the only times I’d heard his voice were during old NEWS songs, I was expecting it to be a lot higher (like bordering on Tegoshi’s pitch), so that came as a slight shock.

It might just be me, but he looks exactly like Oda Takenaga. It’s the hair, I think.

Huh. Uchi’s handsome. Never noticed that before. :/

. . .

Right. My fangirly thoughts are all forced out of my head and into this entry. Now I need to report on my life, or else I’m not really using this as journal, am I?

Mama needs to take at least a month off work, sometime after Christmas. After all those hospital visits and scans and stuff, it turns out that Mama is starting to develop something. It might be some sort of cancer, I don’t know because no one will tell me. But she has to take some time off work to have this surgery. I hope it all goes okay.

But besides the issue of her health, Mama is the one who cooks all our meals. And she’s the only one who cleans. And she’s the only one in our family currently working. During and after her surgery, she can’t do any of that, so we all have to fare on our own for half a month. Not to mention that because of America’s crap health care, surgeries cost a looooot.

Money is getting awfully tight when I need it most — my school is asking for donations of food and tons of toys for these poor children who have nothing. I really want to help them, and my school is expecting me to bring a lot in since I’m one of the student leaders, but I don’t have the nerve to tell them that I can’t afford that stuff. They’ll probably say something like, “What do you mean you can’t afford it? The tuition is $9,000, how can you afford THAT?” My French teacher scheduled another dinner night at a fancy restaurant; I have to tell her I can’t go this time. Plus, the girls at the Honors lunch table asked me if I wanted to do Secret Santa with them, and being the slow person I am, I said yes before realizing that I have to BUY a gift. We can’t even get a Christmas tree this year.

In times like this I really need to listen to Arashi’s “We Can Make It” to keep me spirited.

And my birthday is coming up in a little over a week, too. :(

Until next time,

~ Mimi \m/^o^\m/

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