I dreamed a drama

I had a dream this morning. I think they were two separate ones, but I can’t be sure. But I remembered most of them because my cell alarm kept going off, and I forgot that simply pushing the button sends it into snooze mode, so that went on for a good hour-and-a-half before I figured out that I have to press down, then ok. Anyway, I thought I’d tell the dream here since I have no school. It’s probably the most random dream I’ve had yet.

It starts out with me walking outside my house. It is 5:30 in the morning. I know this because my disembodied drama announcer voice declares it so. Outside, this gentle old abandoned dog is sitting waiting for me. Announcer-me says that the dog was nearing its end, and dream-me will be there for it when it passes on. And so, dream-me stays and cares for the dog.

Before it dies, however, it gives birth. A MALE dog gave birth. Not to a puppy, but to a hamster.


Then the dying dog speaks. It tells me to take lots of pictures with its baby, and I do. All these photos of dream-me and the hamster start falling from nowhere and overlap each other on the movie screen of my dreams. We look happy. But dream-me kind of has this “wtf is going on?” expression.

I think the dream ends there. Either that, or it morphs into this completely unrelated dream.

I’m assuming the next dream is also a drama, judging by the English subtitles running across the bottom of my dream-screen. I’m waiting for someone who’s arriving on this huge ferry. There’s lots of people around me, but the person I came with is…

Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Again, o_______O

I don’t even like the JBs. I like Keven the best out of the three but WHY ARE YOU IN MY DREAM.

The two of us aren’t really talking. Just standing and waiting. But for who?

Why, who else but Tegoshi Yuya himself emerges from the crowd that’s pouring out from the ferry, looking cute with his red RUSS-K coat, a scarf of a color I can’t recall, and his fringe pinned back with a girly-looking clip. Furthermore, he’s carrying a baby that’s just as cute as he is.

He goes straight up to Kevin and gingerly passes the baby to him. And then he speaks. In hesitant, choppy, horribly accented English. The subtitles stream underneath him. He says something along the lines of “Thank you for lending me your senpai” to the eldest JoBro, which makes NO sense whatsoever. The baby is clearly no senpai to anybody. Even worse, Tegoshi said the thank you almost perfectly, but he paused before the senpai — which is in his native language — and GETS IT WRONG. He said “sempart.”


After that, Tegoshi didn’t know any other English phrases to say and my dream-mind can’t conjure up accurate Japanese speech when I don’t know any, so he and Kevin just smiled totally awkward smiles at each other.

What’s wrong with my head?

The worst part of that dream was that Tegoshi didn’t glance at me once. Great, even in my dreams I’m ignored. ;__;

Until next time,

~ Mimi =)

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