Taka-who? and TegoSHE

(xD @ Ryo’s hair, Tego’s epic youngness, Kusano’s face, and Uchi’s girly hand-on-hip pose.)

Remember that guy up there? The name was Moriuchi Takahiro, but now that his parents divorced he goes by Morita Takahiro, or simply Taka in his band. Yep, this guy was the youngest, random ninth member of NEWS who went poof off the face of the earth — reportedly because of school but is rumored to be far more scandalous than THAT (i.e. caught smoking at 15) — before we had the chance to blink.

Only, he DIDN’T disappear, but instead resurfaced as the lead vocalist of ONE OK ROCK, a J-rock band.

For a while I didn’t want to pay any attention to him because he was no longer a part of NEWS. And because his life is rather tragic and depresses me when I dwell on it. And because his voice is supposedly better than Tegoshi’s and I didn’t want to think about that. And just because I don’t like rock music all too much. I’m a pop person, no matter how pukey and disgusted it makes me to admit it. XP

But when I listened to this one song from ONE OK ROCK — “Kemuri” — my face vaguely resembled this: O____________________O

They’re good. Like, REALLY good. Even live. And this is coming from me and I normally don’t like J-rock, though it helps that Taka’s voice is high. High male voices I like. I love JE and all, but Taka reminded me that JE has, um, little talent. He’s too good for Johnny’s.

Compared to most Japanese singers, the random English phrases in their songs actually sound like English, like in “My Sweet Baby.” <—- Very lovely song right there. The English is a little weird at times but it doesn’t make me cringe, a huuuuge plus in my book. When I heard the beginning of “My Sweet Baby” I thought someone made a mistake and slipped a western song into the album. My favorite ONE OK ROCK song is either this or “Living Dolls.”

My only complaint is that he makes some weird faces when he’s singing. Kinda scary, really, but it’s not like he can control it. Like Massu and his hand motions. It must mean he’s really into it, right? My choir director does that to help us sing the right notes.

Now I’m glad that Taka stole his soul back from JE and switched to J-rock. His vocals (and it’s true he’s a great singer — better than Tegoshi, because I’ve seen how little control that guy has over his voice live, forgive me, Tego) are just a bit too rough for J-pop. Maybe rough is the wrong word to express it, because Ryo’s voice is rough and he seems to sing pop okay.

But there’s something about Taka’s voice that doesn’t fit J-pop at all. He sounds all soft and not very rocky in the very beginning of “Kemuri,” but when he hits the chorus and then the bridge (oh yes, his range) it is clear as a punch in the face that he’s a rock type of guy. Imagining him singing a song like “Summer Time” (and dancing to it!) makes me giggle quite hard. I just can’t see him as ever being a Johnny.

…That is, until I came across their song “Bossa Nova.” Pure crack, I tell ya, the lyrics and vocals. xDD And what the members are doing is kinda Johnny’s-like (if you don’t count the part where Taka starts going all rock on you halfway through the audio). Taka is the one doing most of the singing, obviously. And the one speaking all high and girly. He instantly reminded me of Tegoshi whenever he’s trying to sound like a girl.

It’s funny, I’m so used to the musical group NEWS, where all six members sing and dance and no one plays any instruments, that I forgot that real bands usually have one main singer and everyone else does bass/keyboard/drums/backing vocals, etc.

But this doesn’t mean that I’m upset that NEWS exists or anything, because that is definitely not the case. I’m happy that the mothers/sisters of NEWS members sold their sons’/brothers’ souls to JE. I probably wouldn’t have a clue who Tegoshi is otherwise — and who knows where Tego would be today.

Speaking of Tegoshi, there is absolutely GLORIOUS news about him: He’s going to be in a new drama that will air in January! An actual drama this time, not a special-drama-that-lasts-an-hour-and-a-half-and-then-that’s-it-so-now-what. Furthermore, it’s not just any drama, but a live action of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

At first I was disappointed that I’d never heard of the manga/anime before — but then I looked it up and realized that yes! I know what that is! I had once seen the English title — it’s either The Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution, I’m still not sure — and never learned the Japanese title, so that’s why I thought I didn’t know what it is. I’m making my way through the manga now, all to prep myself for the upcoming drama. I’m happy; it’s a shoujo manga and I love it so far (at chapter 8 right now). Not usually a huge fan of shounen manga. Oh, SO excited!

The other reason I’m absolutely thrilled about this is that the character Tegoshi will play matches him perfectly. They even have the same English initials. o__O Before I even learned about which character he’s playing, I read quick descriptions of the characters in the manga, and I immediately was drawn to the gigantic neon signs pointing at Toyama Yukinojo.

Taken from here: “Often bubbly and bright, Yuki’s character can charm even the most sour of personalities. His boyish good looks have even attracted animal and humans alike . . . Yuki also occasionally resents being thought of only as “cute,” but his attempts to counteract this (TEGOSHI’S INSISTENCE ON WEARING SKULLS AND BLACK) have only met with people viewing him as even cuter than before. His effeminate appearance has allowed him, usually very reluctantly, to convincingly dress up as a girl.”

Asdfghjklhowisthisaboy. TOO CUTEEEEEE. ^//O//^

Whoever photoshopped this picture, you are a genius. XD

The transition to this new character should be seamless. I shall count the minutes until this drama airs. ^_______________^

It will be rather interesting to watch him be a huge crybaby and scaredy-cat. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

Reading that description of Yuki makes me think a little, though. I always thought that Tegoshi dresses up like a girl because he wants to and he likes it. But what if he doesn’t? What if it’s not his idea and he hates it but grits his teeth and goes through with it anyway? I know that most boys will be insulted if you call them cute (The Pest, 13, and Markus, 16, confirmed this), so how does Tegoshi feel about being called cute by everyone, everywhere? He seems to enjoy using his feminine features to his advantage, though, so I don’t know what to think. I hope he really does like acting girly and he’s just like that naturally, or else I’m going to start feeling those pangs of guilt again. D:

. . .

Phew. Now that I got all that off my chest, I need to talk about my life. What to say~

Ah, I went out to lunch with my volunteer group last week. We were all told to wear formal clothes — which I thought was completely unnecessary — but, as expected, some showed up in baggy jeans and sportswear. My good-for-nothing uncle Dewy shows his lazy face at the volunteer site sometimes so they invited him along, too.

That freeloader~

He always shows up looking stoned. And like he just woke up. ALWAYS. It doesn’t help that, for some reason, he was wearing red contacts and a hoodie over his mussed-up hair that day. He’s only eighteen, but I swear the guy knows more about drugs than a pharmacist does. He tried to teach me about the wonders of weed. I pointedly ignored him by doing my homework.

Once, when he was sitting on a bench in the park, this young kid pedaled by on his bicycle, and Dewy called out:

“Hey, little boy, you want some candy?”

That smart kid hightailed it out of there at the speed of light.

But anyway, at the restaurant there was this server/waiter-type guy who reminded me so much of Shige that I had to do a quadruple take to make sure that NEWS hadn’t really come to America. I still have waiter!Shige from his “Shalala Tambourine” PV in my head. The server had Shige’s fauxhawk and these black-rimmed glasses that made him look a lot like Shige if you glance at him really quickly. Like this picture, except with narrower glasses and more hair and I’m not sure if it’s black or not :

Got my hopes up for nothing. D:

That college student Tommy seems to think that I don’t mind it when he puts his arm around my shoulders. IT’S WICKED UNCOMFORTABLE. I don’t mind it anymore when girls feel me up, even when Christa’s grinding against me for no reason at all, but when a guy touches me I feel incredibly awkward. Not to mention violated. I like Tommy and all, but that doesn’t change the fact that I hate being touched by any kind of male. Christa saved me, thankfully. :-) Just so she could have me to herself.

On a different note, remember that US History test I mentioned in a past entry, the one where I fell asleep while taking it? Turns out that even when I was awake and writing, I couldn’t form a single complete, coherent thought and was instead writing about cats. That’s what happens when I’m sleepy. And, well…

Oh look, my hair got in the shot. ^^

All this time I was worried about AP Bio, History catches me by surprise. My first F of my high school years, and I’m quite disturbed that it doesn’t bother me one tiny bit.

Yesterday went on a Bio field trip the whole school day to do a long lab assignment. All we pretty much learned was whether we’re Asian or not based on our DNA samples.

During lunch break, we randomly started playing MASH. It started normally enough before someone introduced animals into the game, all because Lillith informed us about the woman who married a dolphin. Which is legal. Some of us couldn’t believe how one can possibly court an animal, so Laney began calmly explaining to us ignorant of the concept of bestiality.

Everyone: o______O

When we got back to school all the AP Bio girls were declaring, “Guess what, world? WE’RE ASIAN.”

A whole day of school off to learn about DNA replication and all we get out of it is how Asian some of us are because of our ancestors. This is why no one ever gets higher than a 76 on the tests.

Until next time,

~ Mimi ;A;

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