The Old Man woke me up early today, at 8:30. That’s usually a huge no-no. He knows how precious my sleeping time is when I don’t have school, and waking me up before eleven is unwise.

But today he asked me if I wanted to go Black Friday shopping for the first time ever. I wanted to see how busy the shops were, so I agreed.

The Old Man bought a DVD player. He likes electronics. I bought 10 pairs of colorful socks. ^___________________^ My old socks are all threadbare and so thin that they’re as warming as Mama’s soul.

The Old Man threw out my favorite glittery purple striped socks without telling me. TT___TT But I don’t blame him. One sock had a gigantic hole in the bottom.

Yay for sockspam!

I also bought a complete outfit for the formal lunch outing my volunteer group is going on tomorrow. During the awards assembly, Christa — sitting somewhere behind me — poked me in the side and told me that I HAD to wear formal clothes or else she’d inflict bodily harm upon my person (told you she’s a bully XP), so I had no choice but to agree. I hadn’t gone clothes shopping since July, no lie.

That rhyme, by the way, was purely accidental. =D

I bought a black cardigan and this dress here, even though they weren’t on sale:

I hate wearing formal clothes to restaurants~

Until next time,

~ Mimi =)

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