I shall sleep forever

School is over for the week! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I love sleeping.

My friends invited me out to lunch with them after school today, since school ended right after the liturgy at 11:30. They actually asked me last week, and immediately I told them I wouldn’t be going. I wasn’t about to bother asking Mama. She’d rather eat dirt than agree. The Old Man would resist at first, but my evil powers of persuasion always gets him to crack, and soon all he’d care about is how I’d get home.

But Mama would never release me to friends. I knew that for sure, so I told Christa I wouldn’t go. She still persisted that I ask them. She knows that The Old Man loves her. I know that Mama doesn’t like her. But I followed through with her request anyway by casually bringing it up during dinner.

The Old Man reacted the same way as always: with a nod to acknowledge that he heard me, but at the same time kind of ignoring what I’m saying. Mama, predictably, got angry. She said that I don’t need that sort of bull, that I’m fine staying at home. Her voice had gone colder than the ice in my fruit punch. The icy stare I directed into my bowl practically froze the soup. As usual, The Old Man sensed the dense tension in the air and attempted to cut through it by exclaiming loudly, “I think the food is ready. Why don’t we eat now?” His method of coping with the tightrope relationship between Mama and me is, like always, changing the subject. The Pest said nothing.

Oh, what a lovely family we are.

On another subject, yesterday the juniors were given their awards. We do this every quarter, after report cards come out. They call out your name, you walk up to the principal, and she hands you a little award thing (I really don’t know what to call it; you can pin it on your backpack). I got high honors, perfect punctuality, perfect attendance (thanks to The Old Man ’cause I’m always oversleeping), and two effort awards.

The effort awards are really hard to get since they’re the ones that matter. I was shocked that I managed to get even one, let alone two since I hardly try in school. Not only that, but the classes I got them for shocked me even more:

Religion and AP Biology.

Daisy teaches Religion. And Daisy also slept over at school last night. The students and some teachers were doing their annual fasting all day yesterday and they had a sleepover at the school. I think it’s slightly skeevy for him to be the only man to sleep in a school with all girls and female teachers, but hey, what do I know? He cooked them all breakfast this morning while wearing his sleep clothes, which included a tight t-shirt that… yeah.

He looked good.

I sat as far away from him as possible in the cafeteria, put my head into my arms to block out his image, and went to sleep until the bell rang for us to go up to homeroom.

Ah, kind of sidetracked there. Right, so he teaches Religion. Why on earth did he give ME (as well as two others from the other junior religion classes) the effort award when I spend most of my time in that class trying to stay awake? I hadn’t expected it at all; in fact, I almost didn’t hear them call my name. It is beyond scary knowing that he was thinking of me when he submitted the names of the three people receiving the award for his class. I firmly believe that he did it on PURPOSE. He knows that I don’t like him and I fear him, so he probably gets his kicks out of torturing me mentally.


Right after they called the recipients of that award, they called out the name of the person who got the AP Bio award — me. I hadn’t even walked two feet, so I turned around on my heel and got that award too, while the rest of the junior class laughed. AP Bio is the bane of my existence. I don’t understand a single concept — except for how DNA works — and my notes are indecipherable because I half-write, half-sleep.

I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test. I will pass this next test.

Speaking of tests, I didn’t do well on that US History test at all. I left many spaces blank. Maybe I should have studied, huh? History is my worst subject next to Science.

I also fell asleep DURING THE TEST. As I handed in my unfinished paper, I noticed it was plagued with scribbles and cross-outs. See, when I’m sleepy, I have a tendency to write down whatever I’m thinking or dreaming about. For example, I reread my AP Bio notes and found mentions of Utaban and Domoto Kyoudai. O__________________O

Probably because the day before I had watched a Tegomass appearance on Domoto Kyodai and the second time NEWS appeared on Utaban (the one with the zapping chairs >:D). Obviously my mind was not on protein synthesis that day. I also found stuff about weddings and princesses in my notes. Haven’t the slightest clue why. One time I caught myself writing the word NEWS. ^-^

Because I kept nodding off during the History test while trying to write at the same time, I wrote the weirdest things. o__O I can’t even count how many times I had to strike out a bunch of words because I was writing about cats or something like that. Gah, I NEED SLEEP.

Until next time,

~ Mimi xP

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