Me + High School Fics = FAIL

Usually, the characters that I compose in my head don’t attend high school. They are either homeless, royalty, graduated, or a character of a fantasy fic, where high schools rarely exist. I do this all on purpose, because ever since the ninth grade, any sort of attempted high school fics turn out to be grand failures.


It’s simple, really; I’m surprised I haven’t figured it all out sooner. Like I’d mentioned, I’m not exactly the brightest light bulb in the chandelier. I try to write high school fics where the main setting is the protagonist’s high school. A normal, co-ed, public high school.

I attend a definitely not normal, all girls, Catholic high school.

In fact, I have only gone to Catholic schools all my life, so I haven’t a clue what public school life is like, other than from what I’ve seen from TV. My HS fics fail because I’m trying to write about a life I’ve not once experienced. I haven’t even seen a locker until high school, let alone use one. Thus, I was running late to all my classes during the first week of ninth grade.

But despite these problems, I’m glad that I chose my school. If I had listened to all the people who told me that I’m stupid for rejecting that prestigious public exam school that’s considered the Harvard of high school (2,000 students!! :O) for my itty-bitty all girls school (250 students), I would end up becoming a totally different person. They all try to reason with the same thing: “But all the people who go to Extremely Awesome School end up going to Harvard/Princeton/Stanford/other awesomely hard-to-get-in school!”

Well, GOD, maybe I’m one of the few who actually don’t want to go to Harvard/Princeton/Stanford/other awesomely hard-to-get-in school.

Anyway, I digress. The main reason I’m writing this entry is to list all the factors of my school that are probably marring my ability to write about normal high school life. In other words:

How My All Girls High School Is Different from Co-Ed

1. Testosterone is banned, unless you’re a staff member. How can I write about a co-ed environment when there’s no co in this ed? Unless you count the girls who dressed up as boys on Halloween, there are no boys in my school. If you’re boy crazy, you may spaz out and think, “OMG NO BOYS CAN’T LIVE. DDD:” But honestly, you only notice the lack of guys for the first month or so, and then you forget all about them. And yes, whores do still exist in an all girls school.

2. The class of 2011 (MY CLASS) is so close it’s downright weird. It’s true, the entire class of 2011 is like a big family with 60-something members. I know everyone’s names, first and last. (And yet no one can seem to figure out how many students there are. :/) During lunch, the other grades scatter throughout the cafeteria. But my class eats at tables lined up against the left wall of the room. The next column of tables are usually not occupied at all, unless there’s no room against the wall, so seems as though we’re separating ourselves from the rest of the school. I would be exaggerating to say that we have NO problems, but they’re very minimal. Negligible, really.

3. Emotions run wild. The juniors just had their class retreat, where we took an entire day to escape schoolcrap and just talk to each other in the auditorium room thing (we all just call it Room 38). At the end, during the final group reflection, we arranged ourselves in a circle and all had a chance to say whatever we wanted. In the latter half of the circle, one girl started tearing up when she tried to speak about her school experience. Tearfully and kinda drunkenly, she sobbed that she loves us all so much. She knocked over the first domino because everyone after her couldn’t talk without crying, myself included. The tissue box traveled around the circle with us.

4. People show up to school looking like they woke up three-point-five seconds ago. It’s an all girls school. There are no guys to impress. So who cares, right? Personally, I often wake up and head off to school without once glancing into the mirror, even though I know that it looks like my hair exploded. Some arrive in their sleep clothes and change when they arrive. I remember Laney’s purple penguin PJ bottoms. That doesn’t mean we don’t wear makeup, though, because some of us do.

5. The halls = our locker rooms. My school is so tiny that we have no space for locker rooms. It’s not like we care, since most of us undress in the halls, with the shyer ones/freshmen using the bathrooms. I distinctly remember a girl roaming the halls with just her skirt and bra on. Then again… that girl is also a self-proclaimed whore. XD When it’s time for gym class, we just change in the gymnasium (which must be why I’ve never seen a male gym teacher). It’s perfectly fine if you strip in the halls, but you just have to watch out for male teachers/the custodian/the principal. Me and Angel once had to do fitness assessments together, and instead of walking all the way to the restroom to change, we changed outside the fitness room. The trainer was staring at us like we were freaks.

6. Molestation is inevitable. One of the requirements of attending my school is that you must get used to how close the students are. In fact, everyone is so close that the concept of “personal space” is nonexistent. The girls LOVE to touch each other in all sorts of ways, both acceptable (hugging, high fives, linking arms) and indecent (squeezing ANY body part, wrestling on the carpeted ground, grinding). It bothered me at first, but you get used to it, and eventually all you do is squeal if it happens to you. That’s just how they show affection. It’s like life in Johnny’s. :P

7. Female problems ahoy. I remember a time when Kitty — the same girl who ran down the hall in her underwear with absolutely no sense of embarrassment — screamed down the halls, loud enough for the teachers to hear, “DOES ANYBODY HAVE A TAMPON?”

8. [Too much] freedom. Since there are obviously no boys, some of us may feel compelled to, ahem, loosen up and act natural… perhaps more than we should. I actually had no idea that No Bra Day exists AND IS A REGULAR OCCURRENCE until Christa told me. Our restrictive oxford shirts and thick maroon sweaters hide everything anyway. I guess it doesn’t matter if you wear one or not. *shrug*

This is what I have to deal with every day. Lovely, isn’t it?

No, I really do like this school life. So much more interesting than regular school life, I should think. =P

I wonder what regular schools are like.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :Dv

P.S. A photo of my first AP Bio test. The blue number is the corrected score:

Got a 67 on the newest test. Quite a miracle, actually, since I truly had not a clue what I was doing the first ten pages of the fourteen-page test. I really should study more, huh? ^-^ You know there’s a problem when you start thinking that a 67 is good.

4 thoughts on “Me + High School Fics = FAIL

  1. Your school is so interesting!
    I’m sure a novel about your all-girls school will be much better than a common public co-ed!
    By the way, I noticed your writing style is just like Meg Cabot’s!

    Hey! I just came to me an awesome idea for you to write!!! Hahaha, I do have a vivid imagination and inspiration occurs to me on an hourly base but I guess I never start writing them down…. So, I can be a great stories source-book; if you need any help come here (:

    Either way, I think you may like this one! What if a feminine-looking boy (Tegoshi) got himself in a catholic all-girls school (your school) cosplayed as a girl…or simply he was mistaken as one (that’s possible!)
    You can write his adventures and I don’t know, make it into a romance (possibly falling in love with a *certain someone* >.>)

    Anyway, I would have enjoyed reading about your experiences in such a weird and unique school!

  2. Of course a novel about an all girls school would be INTERESTING, but… it will also definitely be WEIRD. I’m not sure if the general public can handle hearing about my school because it’s so different from public school life — or what I’ve heard of public school life.
    Hmm, I haven’t read any of Meg Cabot’s books. But I know she’s a famous author, so thank you! ^____^

    Ooh, I do like that idea. BUT, won’t readers think it’s strange that the guy is so feminine-looking to be mistaken for a girl? I mean, my friends know I like pretty boys but when he’s straight up GIRLY, I think I’ll definitely get some odd looks. In this country, that’s not normal, especially cosplaying. XD

    Aww. I just realized that I won’t be writing much more about my school, since I’ll be graduating soon. D: But I’m going to a women’s college; hopefully I can write about some odd adventures there?

  3. Meh….I wish I could learn more about your school! You should not feel bad for being weird! That means you are unique!
    Seriously your school seems fun, mine is a battlefield!

    You are going to an all-women college? Wow, I can’t wait to read you new adventures!

    By the way, there is a site where you can post your stories.

    It’s well organized and easy to use!

    Maybe the story with Tegoshi would have been better in a fanfiction community, ne?

    Seriously now, you have to consider writing your autobiography or something of your high-school years!
    So many authors – who don’t deserve to be called one! – write about schools but suck! You have the potential and you also have the experience! So why don’t you give it a try?
    Just write your memoirs!
    And if you think you are a looser or a freak then girl you should better know that people prefer to read more about a not-so-normal girl, eitherway, the earth has more weird people than what you think!

    By the way, how was your presentation? Thank you for replying back to me even with your busy schedule! I’m so glad >.<

  4. School activity is FINALLY slowing down. Hopefully now I can respond to people faster instead of making them wait days. :P

    Actually, I already use and to post my stuff. Well, I don’t really use the first site that much, and I’ve been too busy to update the second one.

    I’m definitely considering writing something based on my high school life! If the world is ready to hear about such experiences, that is. xD

    My presentation went great! I was super nervous and I took 26 minutes instead of 15 like I was supposed to, but I got a good grade. Almost done with school~

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