Massu slips up :O

Although I just love the Tegomass singing duo, I’m not a terribly huge fan of the pairing. At least, not yet. But I gotta admit, even I have to flail at this. Massu accidentally informs fangirls during a NEWS appearance on Music Station that yes, Tegoshi loves to dominate, no matter what the situation is.

XDDD Oh Massu. Only you can say such awkward things and shake it off so nonchalantly. Several NEWS members were quick to catch what he was saying. Then Massu himself seemed to realize his unfortunate wording because he apologized immediately after. xD  He was really talking about some kind of dance move he and Tego did wrong.

In other NEWS, I had a dream. And it involved NEWS members. It scared me that I dreamed of them, because that just shows how much I adore them. I don’t remember what happened in the dream at all, just that it featured at least Shige. It was probably a good dream since I woke up smiling.

While I was doing volunteer work, I took out my iPod to show Christa Tegoshi’s Live Diamond performance of “Ai no Matador.” She’s always going on about this hip-hop/rapper guy she wants to marry along with her boyfriend (she believes in a polygamous lifestyle), so I decided to share with her the guy I adore. She awwed when she saw much I liked Tegoshi. She also raised her eyebrows when she saw what kind of moves he was executing, because I don’t seem like the type of girl to be into guys who can move their hips like that. She said Tego is cute :D. And that he has a feminine facial structure. And when I showed her Yuuko-chan in the documentary, she could only gape and say that there’s no way that Yuuko is a boy.

Yesterday, I finished watching Shissou, that movie Tegoshi acted in years ago. Definitely the most confusing movie I had ever watched. It was something about these two feuding towns, and mixed in with that were murder, religion, hopelessness, and arson. Ah, and running. There was lots of running. Half the time I hadn’t a clue what was going on, so I just focused on Tegoshi being totally creepy.

God, what did he do in order to be considered to play such a mature role? I’d seen emo Tego tons of times before, but not emo, murderous, half-crazy Tego. Some of his scenes really scared me, but I applaud him for being able to act so well. The scariest thing of all, I think, is that Shuji (his character) was supposed to be a junior high school student, about The Pest’s age. Well, no matter. This was a definitely a step up from his usual emo-y characters.

Dunno, just thought he looked cute while being violated by a girl. Well… is it being violated if he’s not reacting? He’s just staring around the room and watching the girl have her way with him.

Until next time,

~ Mimi :-P

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