A Week of Weirdness, Woes, and Wonderful

It just occurred to me right in the middle of hurrying to my next class: This is supposed to be a journal, and yet I barely record anything down about my life. And because so much happened in the past few weeks — including the release of the NEWS Live Diamond DVD (!!!) — I just had to compose one massive entry describing everything before I forget. If I ever decide to visit this journal again in the future, I’d better start actually writing about my life and the things that happen around me. I split the events into three categories. (And yet, somehow NEWS worked their way into this entry, too. >_<)

First off, the weirdness.

1. Mrs. English Teacher’s neatness obsession borders on the creepy.
She is such an adorable person. You know how old people are. This adorableness almost makes up for the fact that her obsession for organization far surpasses Massu’s (yes, I know~ :O).

I wouldn’t mind it so much if she kept her obsession to herself. But on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, she got on everyone’s bad sides by shoving her obsession down our throats — and obviously I had trouble swallowing. For example, she requires everyone to organize their papers and notes into six different colored folders.

I am the type of person to pull out a single bloated folder from my backpack, rifle through it, and find something like the following: a Pre-calculus worksheet, an unfinished translation I did of a French reading, French notes, the thank-you letter that I mentioned in a past entry, an article I printed from a website for Religion, 4 small reports on the Founding Fathers, English notes, a student’s guide to the PSAT, and a prompt from a Literary Magazine meeting.

If I show that folder to her she’d probably have a heart attack.

2. Mrs. English Teacher wore a Viking helmet and pointed a sword at us.
We had to read Beowulf and write a paragraph summary of it for homework, except I didn’t because I didn’t feel like it. Turns out it didn’t matter because she summarized it for us, anyway. I wrote the summary during class, blindly scribbling down words while smiling and nodding at the teacher to avoid sparking suspicions.

It is quite difficult to write and laugh yourself to pieces at the same time.

She acted out some of the scenes while wearing a Viking helmet and wielding a plastic sword named Hrunting. Then she told us about how she got robbed while shopping in Target. More laugh-inducing than it sounds. Really. First time I didn’t sleep in that class. :P

3. Somehow, a Flo Rida song made its way into my iPod.
…Yeah. That’s weird enough. Oh, also I just noticed that his name is Florida with a space in it. Mmm, it’s a wonder I make the honor roll every year.

4. The groping doesn’t bother me anymore.
The thing about attending an all girls school is that it’s probably nothing like a co-ed school. In a co-ed school, if you see girls groping and kissing and hugging each other all the time you’d most likely think that they’re homos or something. In an all girls school — at least, in my school — that’s the normality.

It’s hard to go through a day of school without seeing some public display of inappropriate touching. Not that we mind. In fact, it’s happened to me so many times that I might have gotten used to it. Such is life at an all girls school.

5. Franky is the female Tegoshi.
It bricked me after I glanced over at her yesterday. At first it was just, “Hmm. Her face reminds me of someone.”

Then, as I realized that her small build, chubby cheeks, and big eyes make her look like Tegoshi when he was about her age, all sorts of other similarities began pummeling me in the brain.

  • Franky is a soccer player. Tegoshi is married to soccer (and his dog). Franky has a dog that she loves, too.
  • Tegoshi loves blondes. Franky is a blonde. Her date to the semi-formal was some cute Asian dude. Tegoshi is a cute Asian dude.
  • Despite their size, they have loud, high, kind of piercing voices. Not to mention, their laughs. XD They laugh a loooooot. Tegoshi’s laugh is so loud it sounds exaggerated. Franky giggles like it’s her last day on earth.
  • They are huge perverts. Franky’s friends all know how perverted she is, but no one else does because she looks so angelic. We all know how ero-minded Tego is despite his sweet face.
  • Both seem to be really ditzy but are actually smart. And just a little ditzy.
  • Tegoshi is always doing questionable things to his hair. Franky rarely keeps the same style for more than two days.
  • In video clips, Tegoshi is shown frequently touching his hair. Franky is seen constantly twirling her hair.
  • They’re cute. AND THEY KNOW IT WELL. They use their cuteness to get what they want.
  • Tegoshi loves singing. Duh. Franky loves singing and can sing somewhat, having landed a lead role in last year’s musical. She’s also good at acting, like Tegoshi is.

There’s probably more, but I want to finish this before the day is over. IT’S SCARY HOW SIMILAR THEY ARE. But the major thing that sets these two apart is that Tegoshi is self-centered. NEWS knows it, his fans know it, even he himself signed off as “the self-centered with no ill intentions Tegoshi” in his old Jweb. Franky is the complete opposite of that, always thinking of others first. I like them both the way they are.

Now, the woes.

1. You can’t take a test when you’re in full-blown sob mode.
I hadn’t known that there was an English test coming up. No one did because we missed a class Friday because of an assembly. Nor did we know that we had two portfolios to compile due that day. I couldn’t help myself – I started crying. Uncontrollably. During class. As I took my seat. While I tried to last-minute cram Beowulf into my head. While Mrs. English Teacher passed out the test. As I took the test.

I got a 74. My average is (miraculously) a 97. How is this possible?? Told you that grades have nothing to do with one’s intelligence.

2. I don’t see white coats in my future.
Last summer, I decided that I want to be a doctor. But, according to many teachers, friends, and my parents, a job in the medical field does not suit me at all. Math and science have never been my strong points. I don’t understand a thing in Biology. Blood makes me queasy. Writing is what I love, which has nothing to do with health care. I’m all depressed over the “What should I do in college?” thing because I haven’t a clue what I should study.

The main debate is: science or art? I want to do both, but that’s really unheard of, isn’t it? A doctor who writes novels.

3. My muse ran away.
I haven’t written anything in the past three months that I’m satisfied with. Well, I’m rarely happy with what I write, anyway, but lately I can’t write at all. AT ALL. My school librarian wants me to enter this writing contest, but I have nothing to put forward. I feel so uninspired. Everything sounds extremely amateurish, choppy, BAD, disgusting, colorless, bland, shallow, blah blah blee blaaaaaahhh.


4. The Pest is a murderer.
He killed a baby mouse. Whyyyyyyy? I was the one who caught it, and it was still alive. I threatened to lock The Pest outside if he refused to set it free. He refused to set it free and continued to torture the mouse until it died. I locked him outside.

Then The Old Man unlocked him, and disposed of the mouse corpse.

5. Some bastard is screwing around in our yard.
We have the largest visible yard in the neighborhood, and people (mostly little kids) like to mess around in it. Saturday, somebody broke the rear window of The Old Man’s car. I think it was deliberate. The center of the breakage was too small to be from a ball, and there was no rock found in the car. It looked like someone took a hammer and smashed it. The insurance paid for it, but still. JUST LOOK.

Last year, someone tried to DRILL through the lock that chained our snowblower to the porch.

And just today, someone stole the red bucket The Old Man leaves outside to use for mopping the floors. I want to know which bastard did it.

Oh, the things that happen when you live near a train station.

6. I will never, ever get to meet Tegoshi.
Yes, I just realize this now. And it saddens me most profoundly. D:

Finally, the wonderful.

1. The Pest had surgery.
He’s getting braces. So he had to get several teeth removed. I only needed to have one removed when I got braces in the 6th grade, so I went to my regular dentist. He had to go to the hospital, be given anesthesia via a needle in the arm, and have five of his teeth taken out. How is this wonderful news for me? I enjoyed his misery and silence yesterday. :D Yeah, I’m a terrible sister.

2. High honors again!
That means all A’s and two A-‘s. ^o^ I honestly don’t care about that as much as I used to before high school, when I was a brainwashed little dweeb who would cry over a B+ (compared to now, being content with a just-passing 67). But it’s still good news, right? Managed to just get over a 90 for History. I got the second-highest score in the class on that last AP Bio test: a 73! (Highest was Virginia’s 76, who’s really, really good at Biology and has her eyes set on Harvard, may God bless her soul.) I guess I should start caring about college now, huh?

Idon’twanna. >.<

3. At sixteen-almost-seventeen, I got my first cell phone.
I didn’t even ask for one, and The Old Man got it for me anyway. I had been borrowing Adele’s cell phone a lot recently, and I think that was what changed The Old Man’s mind.

Of course, the phone didn’t cost him anything, I can’t use the mobile web, and we have no texting plan, but I’m fine with that. I still don’t like using the phone because I don’t like phones. But the camera and alarm clock are my new best friends. :-D

4. I dined with a teenage teacher and a mafia member.
…Okay, not really. But my French teacher acts really young. Honestly, she’s more like a teenager than I am. And my Algebra II teacher from last year looks just like a gang member, or, like everyone says, an Italian mafia member. On the first day of his teaching career at our school, he showed up in all black clothes, sunglasses, and had his black hair gelled back. Plus, he talks like a gang member, too. Anyway, last week the French II, III, and IV classes went to a French restaurant for dinner, one of the city’s best. It’s a really upscale place, so we all had to dress up for the occasion. I just wore a black dress, tights, and simple black flats. The other girls wore the same, pretty much.

When The Old Man pulled up to the restaurant, there was this suspicious-looking man staring at me, watching my every move. It wasn’t until I got out of the car and the man turned around did I go, “Ohhh~” because I saw the bolded VALET printed on the back of his vest.

I didn’t even have to push the restaurant door open; there was a man who opened the door for you. What a dull job, but I appreciated it. There was even a lady who took your jacket. The entire place was darkened, illuminated by tons of candles and dimmed lights. So pretty. And the bathrooms didn’t have blah-brown paper towels — it had a handkerchief-like napkin things with the restaurant name on it. I sneaked one into my purse. ^-^

Oh goodness, the food was INCREDIBLE. It better had been great, because the three-course meal was at a fixed price of $35. (That’s not terrible, but we’re running on a single salary now and I’ve been feeling guilty about making my parents spend so much on me. My school’s tuition alone is $9,000, though I’ve managed to knock off $5,000 from a scholarship.) I had a Shirley Temple, this arugula salad, steak with some kind of pepper sauce and potato hash, and a chocolate tort with a little scoop of ice cream on the side. I took a picture of the dessert:

The ice cream was tiny and cute. Too bad I don’t like ice cream.

The restaurant people tossed in a complementary duck foie gras dish for us. It was this tiny thing on a huge plate, as you see chefs often do. The taste of that was good, but the texture was too much like cold butter, which I don’t like, so I just ate the bread. Across from me, Savannah was exclaiming her love for the dish, so I felt a twinge of guilt for telling her that she was eating duck liver when she asked me.

5. I was a flying monkey.
I dressed up as a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween this year. Except, I made it cute and not scary. I can’t pull off scary, no matter how hard I try, and people are constantly telling me I’m cute. It’s because I have a chubby face. D: My inner artist wouldn’t let me buy a premade costume. In terms of writing, it’s like plagiarism. So I made my own:

  • black t-shirt
  • The Old Man’s grey vest
  • purple and red wings (the only thing I had to buy premade)
  • black flats
  • Mama’s grey leggings from the 80s
  • a headband with monkey ears sewn on, ears that I made myself using cotton balls, an old black t-shirt, and embroidery thread

Dressing up is one of the duties of being on club council, or else they kick you out for not upholding your responsibilities. Club council has to dress up in a certain theme every year. They forced me to attend the Halloween dance at my school. Dances are not my scene. Because you have to dance. Which I don’t do.

I took a blurred photo of the dance scene. The white stuff was toilet paper, which people were having fights with. ^^

It wasn’t bad, in all actuality. Our class president Carlie sauntered up to me and literally dragged me to the dance floor. After a bit of resisting, I thought, “Ah, whatever,” and let loose. I liked it. :-)

6. Shige wants to be surrounded by women.
I really don’t remember where I hear these odd facts about NEWS members (such as, Tegoshi attending an all boys school when he was younger, Shige working on a novel, Massu being more willing to do fanservice at Tegomass concerts than NEWS concerts) but I learned something about Shige that made me happy — if he were to become a teacher, he would choose to teach at an all girls school. I go to an all girls school. Shige would like to teach at a school like mine. That’s enough to make me do this –> :D

7. The release of NEWS Winter Party Diamond DVD!
I watched the entire thing, all three discs and the solo PVs for each member.

Asdfghjkl so dying from member-ai overload. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite of their concert tour DVDs, but it’s definitely up there. SO much happened in it, I probably didn’t catch half of the good parts. I’ll just list some bits of what I remember squealing over. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tego takes over my list. That DVD was flooded with Tego moments.

  • Tegoshi’s lovely hair. It’s one of my favorite Tego hairstyles when he has it all mussed up and slightly curled like that. (THANK YOU SHIGE.)
  • The Bambina performance. FINALLY, man. I heard somewhere that the members didn’t want Bambina to be included in the concert, but Tegoshi insisted because he loves it. As expected of Ero Ouji. :D
  • How Tego was pretty much just moaning his lines throughout the Bambina performance.
  • I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI. with Shige’s kuchizuke wo~ and Tegoshi’s screamy bits at the end. <33
  • The overuse of “majide.” xD
  • Yuuko-chan. Kissing Kei-chan. Screwing with the Jrs. Affairing with Pi. Affairing with Koyama. Affairing with SHIGE. Wearing a skirt shorter than what half the girls at my school wear (and their skirts are SHORT). Yeah, that should suffice, I think.
  • Tegoshi still walking like a man with his soccer legs while dressed as a girl, so that kinda ruins the effect. He doesn’t sway his hips or press his legs together like girls do. XD
  • Massu doing 50 sit-ups without stopping. :Dv You go, man.
  • Whenever Tegoshi drinks alcohol. I don’t know why, I just really like it. :P I wanna see a drunk Tego.
  • Yamapi being kind of slap-happy with the members’ butts.
  • BATH SCENE FTW. Especially when Pi walks in and presses his whole nude self into Tegoshi’s nude back (since he was only holding the towel in front of him) to hide from the camera. :DDDDDDDD And also when Shige passes by the camera, naked as well, pauses, and stares into the lens without any attempt to cover himself, giving us a look that said, “Yeah, I’m naked; wanna do something about it?” Oh Shige, there’s a lot that fangirls would like to do about it.
  • Ryo actually eats and doesn’t throw it all up. Dude needs to eat more because shirtless Ryo makes me >_<
  • Ryo singing a slow vers. of  “Shalala Tambourine.” He and Shige should totally do a duet of that.
  • Plenty of fail!Shige. Like when he trips on the stairs. And when he destroys his microphone.
  • The entire MC part. Particularly when they’re complaining about/loving Tegoshi. They describe him perfectly.
  • When Tego emerges onstage wearing only a bathrobe AND PROBABLY NOTHING ELSE and Koyama tries to expose Tegoshi’s Tegoshi-kun to the entire audience. XDDD
  • Pi being so drunk or something that he mistakes Tegoshi for Kame, wtf.
  • Tego correcting him several times, sounding rather offended. XD
  • Massu can be pretty too:

    (That was a huge shock when he turned around and I saw that it was Massu and not Tego.)
  • Koyama outright telling Shige he loves him right in the middle of Shige’s interview.
  • Shige says it back while looking somewhat embarrassed!
  • The elevator scene with Shige, where Yamapi and Koyama abuse him while Massu looks on like it happens all the time.
  • The TegoShige Prank Duo in action!
  • Koyama looks really good shirtless, howcouldInotnoticebefore. :Q__
  • When Tegoshi hugged Shige onstage, which obviously surprised Shige because his face went like :O when it happened.
  • Pi’s squeaky laugh when he sees that Massu had been playing with Koyama’s balls.
    …just realized what I wrote. XDD
  • Shige obviously being on some drug throughout the DVD.
  • Ryo-perv. ^^
  • Koyama stripping Pi.
  • Pi looking quite happy while Koyama stripped him.
  • Koyama wearing that itty-bitty pink hat in his hair during parts of the concert.

There are many many many many more moments that made this list, but if I included them all this journal entry would exceed 10,000 words for sure. I should just make a separate entry for this.

I’m still waiting for a Massu bath scene. :Dv Your body is hot; SHOW US.

I learned about NEWS’s existence quite a while ago, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. I thought, well — I thought they were stupid. Boy groups disgusted me back then. (I wasn’t exactly fond of the cutesy girl groups, either, but just saying.) The only one I knew by name was Yamapi, and even then I didn’t care enough to learn about him. Something about his eyes creeped me out. I was too busy focusing on BFF Ikuta Toma.

All I knew about NEWS, based on what the fans were saying, was that Pi is the leader, Ryo in NEWS is the same person as Ryo in Kanjani8, Pi and Ryo are extremely popular, Shige has the deepest singing voice, Koyama is a pansy nice guy, Massu eats a lot, and Tegoshi is generally regarded as the best singer. Besides Yamashita, I still had no idea which name matched with which face.

Two years later, in July 2009, I accidentally listened to a certain song called “Bambina” (THEY INCLUDED THE PERFORMANCE IN THE LIVE DIAMOND DVD THANK YOOOOOUUU =DDD). I decided that I liked the song a lot, and it is now on my list of Top 25 Most Played songs in my iPod. I heard multiple voices singing, but I especially noticed one person’s voice in there, a tenor that rose above the others. (Don’t quote me on that, though; I’m not sure if he’s a tenor or not. :P) I did some searching around to see who was the one doing all those breathy, melodious moans in the background, as well as the sexy-sounding bridge.

After a bit of looking, I learned that Tegoshi Yuya is his name, who’s a member of a group called NEWS. That’s nice. I still didn’t care that much, though. That Kato guy had nice hair, but other than that they all looked pretty average to me.

But as I fell deeper into the NEWS fandom and my love for them grew, no matter how hard I tried to deny it, so did my adoration for this weirdly effeminate guy called Tegoshi.

His sweet face and charming ways and hypnotic eyes hooked me to him and simply would not let go. Ordinarily I can’t stand guys who are narcissistic, spoiled, perverted, loud, bratty, flirty, self-centered, slutty, devilish, selfish, sadistic, whiny, manipulative, and secretly the devil’s little helper — especially not all at the same time. Ha, it feels like I had just described my worst enemy. These are the reasons why I have issues with men in the first place. I actually think he’s the most hated NEWS member because he acts this way. But something about Tegoshi makes me love him despite his flawed personality. In fact, I think like him because of those flaws.

But I like his good points too: he’s charming, he’s polite and likes polite people, he’s romantic when he’s not being ero, he doesn’t care what people think of him, he’s got a gorgeous smile, “embarrassedisn’t in his vocabulary (in other words, he’s shameless :P), he can be both cute and handsome, he looks unfairly good dressed up as a girl D:, he treasures his mother and grandmother (though I do wonder about Tegopapa, since Tegoshi never mentions him), he’s still partly a kid inside, he puts his all in everything he does, he’s so active and sporty, and he’s a really hard worker. I especially love how he now sings live 99.9914% of the time because he is so passionate about singing, even if he’s the only one not lipsynching. Even if he can’t control his voice and ends up missing many of the notes and kinda sounds awful.

How the heck did Johnny-san know that Tego would go from this ordinary, awkward, background boy here:

To this man with a big voice (he’s truly singing LIVE and still sounds perfect while dancing), killer hips, and just the right moves to make anyone swoon (I commend his song of choice :Db):



Until next time,

~ Mimi ^_____^

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