Just a quick entry because I don’t like doing Biology. xP YES, PROCRASTINATION.

Last Saturday I had gone to do some volunteer work with Christa, who had recommended me the site in the first place. I’d done the same volunteer work last year, but this year I had yet to get the site approved by Daisy, my religion teacher. Since I REALLY don’t like him, I begged Christa to hand him the approval form and mention that I was working at the same place.

Naturally, she asked why wouldn’t I just hand in my own copy. I told her about how I feel toward Daisy. She acted surprised but she didn’t really pry any further. She agreed to let him know about me working with her.

See, the thing about Christa is that she’s my polar opposite. She is not a good student. (Well, neither am I, but at least I try. Somewhat.) She’s in all my honors classes and whatnot, but she never does her homework before the due date. I would usually hand her my corrected homework so she could use it to complete hers. Today, for example, I had gotten my U.S. History report back with a red A+ on it, and Christa snatched it out of my hands without a word. I don’t mind giving it to her for some reason, but if anyone else asks me for my homework to copy I’d get really annoyed. Often Christa doesn’t show up in her classes until they’re half over. She swears like there’s no tomorrow. She speaks to her parents using such tones and words that if I tried them on my parents, I would not live to the next day to tell the tale.

She’s EXTREMELY outgoing, from the moment she asked for my phone number after knowing me for five minutes in freshman year, to the present. That’s right, she managed to get everyone to love her on the first day of high school.

People love her and hate her at the same time, because she’s a bitch, bully, and molester. I think we all secretly love being bitched at, bullied, and molested by her. Despite her shortness, she’s a major bully. She once tried to stuff Irene (who is tiny) into her locker, and Irene has a top locker. XD I am, unfortunately, one of her favorite targets. She discovered my weakness last year — I’m extremely ticklish.

I HATE being tickled more than anything. I’ve often said that I’d rather lose a finger than be strapped down and tickled for more than five minutes. Every day, she makes sure to give my sides at least one squeeze or poke. I never fail to automatically react like I always do — by shrieking and jumping or falling out of my seat. It’s so humiliating because I can’t control my reactions, and she likes to do this in the middle of class or some other inappropriate time.

Knowing all this about her, one would think that I’d have known better than to inform her about my Daisy situation. Well… turns out I didn’t know better. Because Christa betrayed me.

She let him know that we did our volunteer work together, that was good. She also told him that I was scared of him. And according to Christa, Daisy “laughed his ass off” at that.

HOW COULD SHE??? Now that he really knows I fear him, I’m even more scared of him. I think, today in class, he was staring at me harder than usual. Maybe I’m imagining things. I really don’t know. All I do know is, Christa betrayed me. T—-T This is why I don’t trust people.

Until next time,

~ Mimi D:

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