What I’m doing instead of correcting my D in AP Bio

That’s right, I just barely passed another AP Bio test. ^—^ I got a 66.

I was watching NEWS’s performance of “weeeek” on Utaban (aka the most spazztastic NEWS performance ever <33) and captured a moment that made me giggle. Massu’s hand is in a weird place, Ryo can bring Koyama to his knees, Shige is looking fiiine, Tegoshi is oblivious, and Koyama’s expression~ XDDD

Now if only Yamashita-dear had stuck his head in the shot or something then we’d have all of NEWS. D:

You gotta wonder, who on earth designs Massu’s pants? He seems to have a penchant for polka-dots and colors that burn the eyes.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =)

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