A Follow-Up to My Last Entry (aka more NEWS reverence)

Oh, dear. My fangirlism. Has it it become so obvious that even The Pest can detect it? Yesterday he said to me, “You’re such a fangirl, aren’t you?”


I used to pride myself on not being one of those brainwashed giggly fangirls. And then Tegoshi and his evil powers of seduction dragged me KICKING AND SCREAMING into the world of Japanese entertainment.

Or more specifically, Johnny’s Entertainment.

Since I’ll be spending all my time doing homework later, I figured I’d milk out the last of my fangirl urges into this ultra-lengthy NEWS meme I stole from somewhere. Tons of Tego bias ahead. Just a warning, in case there happens to be any Tego haters reading this. =)


1. That you’re doing this, we can assume you like NEWS at least some. Would you consider them your favorite Johnny’s Entertainment group?

2. Can you name all 6 current members?
Yamashita Tomohisa, Nishikido Ryo, Koyama Keiichiro, Masuda Takahisa, Kato Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya

3. What about the 2 not currently around?
Kusano Hironori, Uchi Hiroki

4. Ninth who left a long time ago?
Er… without Google? >_< Moriuchi Taka-something before his family troubles. That’s right, I know about his family issues but I have yet to learn his name. His voice is supposedly fantastic, better than Tegoshi’s.


5. How did you learn about NEWS?
I adore Ikuta Toma, and in many Youtube clips of him as a Jr (which he still is! D:) he’s with this mysterious, cute kid nicknamed Yamapi. Naturally, I got curious and looked this guy up because he seemed a lot more popular than Toma. Turns out that he’s a leader of a group called NEWS, how curious.

6. What was your first impression of NEWS?
“Gross, an all boys singing group with too many members. I WILL NEVER LIKE YOU. That Tegoshi reminds me of that Akanishi fellow.” <– wtf, WTF.

7. How did you come to like NEWS?
After accidentally discovering “Bambina” and becoming addicted to the moaning in it, and then to Tegoshi’s solo during the bridge of the song. And then reading the translation of those lines. :D

8. What do you think is NEWS strongest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
THEY’RE SMART(ish). And their prettiness. Or their special brand of member-ai. Or that they are the closest you will get to “normal” when it comes to JE. (Some may call them “boring,” which I say equates to “normal” in JE.)

9. What do you think is NEWS weakest point when compared to other JE/music/talent groups?
They get no attention! And their under-budgetedness. Johnny-san, give them more money, dammit! Seriously, the “Happy Birthday” PV? What was THAT, rainbow cardboard and a white room? Sure, it’s cute and all, but no doubt wicked low-budget. A little more [public] fanservice would also be much appreciated, even though I do like that they don’t try to force the fanservice. They haven’t reached Arashi’s level yet.

(Then again, I doubt anyone could ever reach Arashi’s level.)

10. Are you listening to them right now?
Well, not NEWS exactly, but it’s “Kibou no Hikari wo Kokoro ni Tomosou,” a Tegomass song. Can that count?


11. Do you enjoy NEWS’ music?
That would be a duh. -points to the couple dozen NEWS songs in iPod-

12. What are your 5 favorite NEWS songs? (Released on CD or not)
JUST five? I really, reeeeaaally can’t decide, so I’ll pick, um, ten:
Summer Time
Fly Again (which many people find boring? :O)
Sono Egao Boku ni Misete (which many people seem to dislike?)
Towairo no Koi
Easy Come, Easy Go
Ai Nante
Kimi Omou Yoru
Ai no Matador

13. What’s your all time favorite solo song?
Since “Ai Nante” isn’t technically a solo song, I’d have to go with Massu’s “Pumpkin.” His dancing in that~ *_______*

14. What music genre do you consider NEWS?
J-pop, of course!

15. What Japanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?
For some abnormal reason, I’d love to hear them sing YUI’s “Love and Truth.” But if that’s too absurd to consider, Gackt’s “Last Song” would be nice, too. Or anything by Arashi. An Arashi song would make me giggle so hard. I think GReeeeN songs would suit their voices best. BUT A TEGOMASS SONG WOULD BE SO EPIC.

16. What non-Japanese song would you love to hear NEWS do a cover of?
Oh, err… I guess “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. That’s the only song I can think of at the moment where the boys vocals wouldn’t sound too out of place. Except, maybe, poor Massu. I might get shot for this, but something from American boy bands like the Backstreet Boys (I Want It That Way? :D)  might be nice. No Korean songs because I’m not into Korean music.

17. Do you enjoy songs with all members or smaller groups better?
All six members. They just sound better.

18. Can you sing all the lyrics to one or more of their songs?
I think just “Ai Nante.” T–T Yes, I know, what kind of fan am I? I had to sing it over and over and OVER again when I was recording myself, so I’d be worried if I can’t remember it. I know bits of a lot of the songs, but “Ai Nante” is the only one I completely memorized from start to finish.

19. Do you have a favorite song title or lyric? What is it?
Title: Nantoka Narusa (It just sounds so PRETTY, doesn’t it? The song is like the Massu equivalent of “Ai Nante.”)
Lyrics: I adore the bridge of “Bambina” the translation of the entire chorus of “Fly Again.” So inspiring.

Hate shinai sora wo miagete ryoute wo hirogete sakebun da
Mada kienai omoi wo mune ni
Kakujitsu ni fumidaseba itsuka fly again

[Look up at the endless sky, hold out your arms and scream
The feeling still isn’t gone
Hold it in your heart, take a decisive step, and someday you’ll fly again]

(Lyrics and translation from here)


20. Who’s your favorite member?
If I haven’t made it so obvious that it’s STABBING YOU IN THE FACE, Tegoshi is my number one.

21. Who’s your least favorite member?
Oh, goodness, you’re making me CHOOSE? I don’t have a least favorite. If I absolutely HAD to choose — as in, held at gunpoint — I’d pick Yamashita. HOWEVER, here’s my reasoning: He’s faaaaaarrrr too sexy for me to handle. I still can’t get over his nude-with-an-equally-nude-female shot in AnAn. I just can’t deal with overly-sexy men. I like the younger Pi, who was more cute, silly, and slightly awkward than sexy. Cute Pi didn’t make me feel all squirmy. But this is ONLY if I’m held at gunpoint, because I love every single one of them. “Least favorite” doesn’t mean “hate.” Yamapi wouldn’t be Yamapi if he has no sex appeal. I can’t stand it when people call themselves NEWS fans but have a murderous hate for one member. (I’ve noticed that it’s usually Tegoshi who receives the hate, and although I can see why, I would have to passionately disagree.) If you include former-NEWS members, I’d choose Uchi just because I don’t know him that well. But I’m sure he’s a nice guy too.

22. Is there a member you could really do without?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NEWS would not be NEWS without all six current members.

23. Your favorite relationship between members (as friendship or more)?
TEGOMASS ALL THE WAY. And KoyaShige. Yessssss. Or KoyaTego. Or Shige/NEWS. And DEFINITELY Tego/NEWS. (All as MORE, of course.)

24. Who has the best fashion sense?
Are you asking me this? Me, who fails at everything fashion-related? But I think Tegoshi’s looking nice lately. -totallyisnotbiased- Massu is fashionable in his own world. Pi looks good too, but he can make some pretty questionable choices, i.e. what he wore when NEWS went to LA. Shige tries too hard at times and Koyama is… Koyama. Ryo has that fashionable-without-trying look, so my vote goes to him.

25. Who normally has the best hairstyles?
This is definitely my bias speaking again, since many people would object, but for me it’s Tegoshi. I love all of his hairstyles, even his perm that hardcore Tego fans seem to loathe. Well… maybe not so much that one time around Tegomass’s “Ai Ai Gasa” release where his hair was that icky shade of blond. I take that back, it looks nice in certain lights. My favorites so far are the reddish perm from the Tanabata Matsuri PV, and when his hair was dark brown and styled all messy, like the way it was in winter 2008, in this video. He looks like he just got out of bed. Everyone’s singing is kinda… er… But he looks so boyish and cuteee~ Loving his dancing from 0:45-0:53.

26. Who’s singing voice is your favorite?
I shall question the intelligence of anyone who can’t guess my answer to this.

27. Speaking voice?
Tegoshi’s high, clear voice. Or Ryo’s rough, low, almost abrasive voice. The accent helps. :D

28. What’s your favorite NEWS group magazine shoot picture?
Probably this one, because in the other pictures from this shoot, the boys get to experiment with poles and bondage. And they’re WET. :DDD

Massu looks uncomfortable, poor boy. But his paired shot with Tegoshi was definitely hot. Tego looks disturbingly absorbed in his role. He plays the slut well.

29. Solo picture?
I couldn’t find my favorite picture (which was of Tegoshi looking seriously like a girl and slinging a, erm, purse over his shoulder) so I’ll settle for my second favorite. Tegoshi is such a beauty. *____* This is probably why the guy has yet to have a confirmed girlfriend. Usually the girl is supposed to be the prettier one.

Or this picture down here. Shige is… well, just look. Isn’t he beautiful? He barely looks like himself here. He looks like he wants someone to jump him. Is that eyeliner?

EDIT: Found it~ :) Voila.

30. Favorite shop photo?
KoyaTego, yaaaaaaaay. Tegoshi knows what he wants. Just look at that stare. Someone should write a fic inspired by this, with Shige standing off in the sidelines seething with jealousy or something.

(Tego: Kei-chan~ come with me for a moment?)

Ah, and while I’m on the topic of KoyaTego…

Tons of lol at Tegoshi trying to sound like a girl (2:08 especially xD) because… he sounds like a girl.

31. Favorite CD cover?
The regular edition of Color. Simple and pretty. I love how ironic it is.

32. Favorite DVD?
Ehhh~ I can’t choose between Pacific or Never Ending Wonderful Story. If we’re talking about the cover, I like Never Ending Wonderful Story better. But in terms of content, I like Pacific just a teeny bit more, partially because of the KoyaShige crack hotel scene, the introductory rap, the vast improvement on their costumes, and the Tego Attack on Shige That Eventually Turns into the Shige Attack on Tego. I do looove the little dancing segment in Never Ending Wonderful Story, though.

I absolutely love how wrong this scene looks if you don’t know what’s going on, especially when the gif is still loading and the two of them are moving extremely slow. :DDD


33. If the members had become teachers, what do you think each would teach?
Yamapi: Dance
Ryo: Drama/Theatre Arts
Koyama: Public Speaking
Massu: Physical Education
Shige: Creative Writing/Government and Law
Tegoshi: Music Appreciation/Soccer Coach

34. Who seems most likely to show a different side of themselves on Christmas Eve?
Yamapi, I suppose. (Er, what sort of question is this?) He seems likely to let loose and go wild.

35. If NEWS rangers were created, what colors?
I’d just have them keep their current assigned colors.
Yamapi: Red
Ryo: Blue
Koyama: Purple
Massu: Yellow
Shige: Green
Tegoshi: Pink

36. Please make NEWS into the ideal family.
Yamapi: Eldest son
Ryo: The rebellious middle child
Koyama: Mama
Massu: Pet pig puppy
Shige: Daddy
Tegoshi: Little sister

37. NEWS is a host club. Who would you pick, why?
As much as I love Tegoshi, I doubt I can hold a full conversation with him, because I would immediately pass out upon seeing him. So I choose Shige because he’s classy yet failish and because we have a lot in common. We can discuss novel writing together. :D

38. What kind of costume would you like to see them wear at a concert that they haven’t already done?
THEIR BIRTHDAY SUITS. NEWS as ninjas would amuse me greatly, or maybe all of NEWS convincingly crossdressing.

39. How would you like to be related to NEWS?
Yamapi: Big bro
Ryo: My bad boy neighbor, who’s actually a squishy softie inside
Koyama: Uncle who likes to spoil me
Massu: BFF, yo
Shige: BUTLER, hehe
Tegoshi: HUSBAND ^O^

40. Assign an animal to each member.
Yamapi: Koala. My pace and adorable. :Dv
Ryo: Wolf cub
Koyama: Kangaroo
Massu: Oink oink~
Shige: Dog
Tegoshi: Kitten

41. Which NEWS member reminds you most of one of your own family members?
Ryo reminds me a lot of my brother, which is unfortunate. The low, rough voice. Being teeny when he was younger. The sharp tongue. The shyness despite this tongue, especially around the ladies. The love of video games. Yep, he’s practically The Pest, the only difference being that I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with Ryo. ;)

42. Who seems most likely to dress up on Halloween and/or do cosplay?
I think Koyama and Tegoshi are the only ones with that inner cosplayer urge. Kei-chan is whimsical and Tegoshi’s already dressed up as a girl before for a concert (they made fake boobs for him to wear underneath). I would also say Massu, but he dresses up every day with those o_O outfits of his.

43. Who do you think you could pass by on the street without noticing?
Hmm… Yamapi. True, he’s beautiful — and there are probably tons of girls out there who would love to stab me with a fork/anything with a point if they heard me say this — but there’s something about him that doesn’t particularly scream, “LOOK AT ME,” not like the flashy Koyama or diva-like Tegoshi strutting down the street or sunshiny smiley Massu with his eye-catching fashion sense. I mean, of course I would notice him, “notice” as in, Ohh, who’s that fine-looking man? But unless I stare really hard and pinch myself in the arm ten times to make sure I’m awake, it wouldn’t register in my mind that he’s the legendary Yamashita of NEWS.

44. Who do you think has pulled the most all-nighters?
Shige, for studying. He trips on flat surfaces all the time because he’s too tired to care. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

45. Which member would you want as a boss and why?
Koyama. He’ll be the kindest boss in boss history. I can almost imagine him trying to convert that member-ai into office-ai. There would be no dull times, that’s for sure.

46. Who would it be most awkward to catch in the erotic section of a video rental store?
Well, let’s break it down. Ryo is shameless about what he watches at night and has publicly (I think it was on TV) tried to recruit the other members to join him. Pi, being Ryo’s close friend, probably agreed. Tegoshi is called Ero Ouji for a reason. :P Koyama has an obsession with girls’ chests. Shige claims he has no interest in girls at the moment, so he obviously must be, ahem, satisfying himself in some other way.

So, without a doubt: MASUDA. He looks way too innocent for his age. I got so uncomfortable watching him speak in Ie ga Tooi, because his character was SO un-Massu-like. He’s got his pervert moments, of course, but they’re so rare that I don’t think about them. His face doesn’t match his hot body, so I just can’t imagine Massu as a sexual being at all, even if he’s shirtless and flaunting those lovely muscles of his. He’s just got such a cute face. If he’s lacking pants I might reconsider that. :D


47. Do you watch the dramas containing NEWS members?

48. Do you watch dramas that DON’T contain NEWS members?
I started watching those first. HanaKimiHanaKimiHanaKimi.

49. Have you seen all the dramas they’ve starred in?
Admittedly, no. Just all of the ones Tegoshi are in, and some of the others.

50.What was the first Yamapi drama you saw?
I, er, haven’t seen any of his dramas. I will eventually, when I have more time to myself. There’s so many to choose from~

51. Do you wait for subtitles to watch a drama with NEWS members?
Of course. I can’t watch a drama if it doesn’t have subtitles. No spoilers for me, thank you.

52. Excluding Yamapi, which member of NEWS do you think has the best acting?
I know that Ryo is a great actor. I completely fell for him after watching 1 Litre of Tears, and I will never again hear the words “domestic violence” without Sousuke springing into my memory.

53. Excluding Yamapi, who’s acting do you enjoy the most?
Tegoshi’s, just because it’s Tegoshi. ^-^ He’s come a long way from 15 Sai no Blues. Except for when he screams. His screams are, uh… xD He’s not great like Ryo and I think he overdoes the acting at times, but clearly I don’t care.

54. Is there a story you’d like to see made into a drama with one or more NEWS members?
Umm — The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. I want to see Tegoshi reprise his customary emo role and become Johnny. Oh, Romeo and Juliet, too! I like it when people are killed off.

THERE SHOULD BE AN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB DRAMA WITH THE NEWS MEMBERS. If OHSHC ever goes live-action, I would die a happy girl if all of NEWS become the Host Club members. Kind of like they did here:

Ryo: Kyouya
Koyama: Kaoru
Massu: Mori (because Mori has Massu’s Rescue hair ^-^)
Shige: Hikaru
Tegoshi: Hunny or Haruhi XD

Don’t know why, but I can clearly see Pi as Tamaki. Maybe cuz he’s the leader? Ryo is made to be Kyouya, snarky and evil. Tegoshi gets to ride on Massu’s back. :D KoyaShige don’t suit their roles and look absolutely nothing like each other, but dammit I just want to see KoyaShige love~

55. Is there a certain type of role you’d like to see one of them play?
Oh, yes, TONS:
Tegoshi as a hardcore playboy, as I mentioned in a past entry. (MASUDA TOO.)
Or Tegoshi as an alcoholic/drug addict/generally wasted guy.
Or Tegoshi as someone in a mental hospital.
Or as a homosexual. (I WOULD PAY SO MUCH TO SEE THIS.)
Massu, Yamapi, and Ryo as someone incredibly, irritatingly optimistic and slightly gayish. Ahem, like Sakurakoji.
RyoPi as inseparable best friends.
(Pi and Ryo have played so many roles that I’m not gonna bother listing any more.)
Massu as a father.
All of them as fathers, really.
Or Massu as a psycho-killer. :Db
Better yet, Tegomass as a serial-killing duo.
Or Massu as a STARVING beggar. (Hehe, I’m evil.)
Koyama as an emo with no ambition.
Koyama as someone like Sousuke from Last Friends.
Shige as a loser/hobo.
Shige as someone stupid. Or hyperactive. Or both.
Shige as bitter rivals.

56. Do you watch Shounen Club?
Mhmm, I do indeed.

57. Is your main reason for watching Shounen Club NEWS as guests or Koyama as host?
NEWS as guests. ^______^ And sometimes for the occasional dose of Koyama.

58. Have you seen Yamapi and/or Tegoshi’s episodes on Shounen Club Premium?
Tegoshi’s was the first SCP episode I’d seen, and that was before I knew what SCP was. I’m planning to watch Yamapi’s soon.

59. Have you seen any other Shonen Club Premium episodes?
Shige’s and Ikuta Toma’s!

60. Did you regularly watch Ya-ya-yah!’s TV show?
Wasn’t in the fandom early enough to catch it when it was on.

61. Have you watched many/most of the older episodes?
Yes. If NEWS members were in it. ^-^

62. Did you try watching Say!Hey!Say! to see Koyama host?
That’s the only reason I would ever watch it. But no.

63. Do you regularly watch Japanese music shows (such as Music Station or HEYHEYHEY), or just when NEWS is featured?
Just when NEWS is featured. Or Arashi, cuz I kinda like them too.


64. Do you scan magazines?
I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BUY THEM. They don’t sell them where I live, or maybe I just don’t know where to go.

65. Do you write fanfiction?
I’m not talented enough, but I’d like to someday. I write fanfiction for other fandoms, though.

66. Do you read fanfiction?
Fanfiction makes my life, yo.

67. Do you draw fanart?
Can’t draw. Q___Q

68. Do you enjoy fanart?
If it’s epically awesome enough.

69. Do you make image manipulations?
No. I don’t have enough skills.

70. Do you talk too much about NEWS?
In my journal and in my head. Not out loud. Well, just to The Pest because he couldn’t care less and because it annoys him. He hates NEWS because he seems to think they’re gay, that homophobe. Tegoshi has officially become known as “that gay guy” to my brother.

71. Do you download pretty much everything that comes out?
Am I considering purchasing a terabyte external hard drive to store everything I’ve downloaded?

72. Do you upload for others?
I can’t. T-T

73. Do you make music/fan made videos?
Again, no skills when it comes to the computer.

74. Do you watch fanmade music/fan videos?
Sometimes, but usually no.

75. Do you watch fancams?
When the quality is decent (or if I’m desperate). I’m extremely obsessive-compulsive about good quality. For example, I can’t listen to a song if the sound isn’t in stereo. It’s bothersome if there’s even a split-second of static in the song.

76. Do you do translations?
I don’t speak any Japanese, so that’s a no.

77. Do you read translations?
I live off of translations.

78. Do you follow their Jwebs?
Yep — only Koyama’s and Shige’s, though. You have not lived until you read Shige’s. I’ve read Tego’s and Massu’s old entries, and the occasional entry from Pi.

79. Do you follow the rest of JE, or at least some of it?
TEGOMASS. And Ikuta Toma, the Eternal Junior. I don’t know a single person who dislikes Toma. And I follow Arashi somewhat. I’m an Ohno fangirl.

80. Do you follow other Japanese musical groups?
School food punishment is rather epic. They’re the only electronica/ambient-pop band I listen to. Their music is a turn from the generic mainstream stuff, so if you’re looking for something drastically different from Johnny’s music, give sfp a try. They have such great beginning instrumentals for each of their songs, all of which are creatively named (you’re never gonna see “Ai no Uta” or something boring like that in their discography :P). Ah, and I like moumoon too. Except for the English version of “Philia,” I only like their Japanese songs. Yuka’s English singing is much better than most J-pop artists’, but it’s rather weird. Other than those two, no one really, except for some solo artists.

81. Have you converted other people into NEWS fans?
I try to keep my freaky infatuations to myself.

82. Do your friends/family not interested in the group know about them?
The Pest is forced to know about them because I’m always talking about them.


83. Do you own any NEWS CDs?

84. Do you own any DVDs?

85. Do you own any magazines?

86. Do you own any concert goods?

87. Do you own any shop photos?

88. Have any posters on your wall?
NOOO. TT________TT

89. Any other special/not-above-mentioned items?

90. If you could have any NEWS item given to you magically as a gift, what would it be?
A pair of Tegoshi’s pants. Or Massu’s. Yeah, I’m a creep. Or if Tego’s dog (Tinny/Tinii/Tiny/however the heck you wanna spell it) ever gives birth, I would love one of her puppies. ^o^


91. So. Are Uchi and Kusano coming back?
Uchi is slowly making his comeback, and Kusano is, at the moment, MIA. But I highly doubt they’ll be back into NEWS.

92. Do you want them back, why or why not?
I loooooooooooooooove Notti, and I never paid much attention to Uchi-hime, but it would be nice if they came back. Just… not back into NEWS. Personally, I’m so used to six-member NEWS that their return would throw everything into turmoil.

93. NEWS members having girlfriends — how do you feel?
Yamapi: He’d had tons of rumored ones before; doesn’t affect me. I can’t imagine single Yamapi.
Ryo: That’s good for him. He seems so shy around girls, though; wonder how he’ll deal with it.
Koyama: Somehow, I can’t imagine it. But I’d be really happy for him. He seems to crave love.
Massu: I can imagine this even less than Koyama. He’s so passive when it comes to romance. I can see him with Tegoshi, but… an actual girl? Well, I’d be rooting for him, anyway. I heard he’s never had one before.
Shige: I can feel the fangirl in me rising to strike. For some reason, though, I feel that he’s already had several. I saw how he kissed that girl in Seminar.
Tegoshi: D: Ohh, the jealousy… But I would try my best to be happy for him, since he’s such a romantic guy who needs more than those romance fantasies he’s always telling us through interviews. He’s a healthy 21-year-old guy, right? He deserves to live. And he hasn’t had a confirmed girlfriend before, so go for it, man. I’d actually be really happy if it’s that blonde American chick he’s rumored to be dating, as long as she isn’t too ditzy.

94. If you could meet and chat with just one of the members once in your life, who?
If it’s just one, then it would simply have to be Tegoshi. Even though I’d spend the entire meeting staring hard at my feet because he’s too beautiful to behold.

95. Can you write the kanji for all member’s names?
I can only write “Yamashita.” Because it’s simple. :P And I can recognize Tegoshi’s full name on sight, but that’s all I can do. If I can’t write Japanese characters, what makes you think I can write complicated Chinese characters?

96. What do you think of Ryo being in both Kanjani∞ and NEWS?
It’s amazing he can juggle them both without becoming overwhelmed. I can barely juggle school and life. To be honest, he seems to like being in Eito more. D:

97. NEWS loses another member. Who is it, and why?
Either none of them or all of them. NEWS can’t be NEWS if they lose anyone else. (But there’s this tiny naggy voice in my head telling me it could be Ryo to Eito. Or Yamashita to a solo career. Or KoyaShige running away with each other. DDD:)

98. Do you use the word “tabai”?
Hehe, I do in my head. ^o^

99. After this, one more question. You have to bring back one of the three lost members to NEWS — who is it?

100. …Wasn’t this meme annoying?
Nope. Loved every minute of it because I got to talk about NEWS for a couple hours of my life. Yes, it took me HOURS to do this because I wanted to be insightful. I was born slow, I’m afraid.

. . .

I’m hungry now. Gonna get some dinner, then do the homework I ignored. I’m supposed to answer questions about this film I watched in Religion class. It would be a piece of cake — if I hadn’t fallen asleep halfway through the film.

-sigh- I’ll do my best.

Until next time,

~ Mimi =D

P.S./Bonus: Look! Bondage! >:DDD (From that photoshoot I mentioned as my favorite above.) It looks like Massu has taken Tego as his hostage.

Massu’s innocent smile can take the sexy out of anything. XD Yes, even Tego’s sultry I’m-vulnerable-someone-take-me-now/Massu’s-going-to-ravish-me look. I remember this one picture where Ryo is PINNING MASSU’S WRIST TO THE WALL with one hand, while his other hand grips Massu’s shoulder, pulling him closer. It would be a very suggestive shot — if only Massu weren’t smiling.

Oh goody, I found it!

Oh my, how risque. :O Ryo looks so into it. Though it’s probably the most random pairing ever. I don’t know if they even have a namesquish. RyoMassu sounds weird.

Possible fanfiction-author-generated captions for Ryo:

  • “Do you realize how badly I want you right now?”
  • “So, let me ask you one more time — how about changing that hair of yours?”
  • “I like the innocent ones best.”
  • “Shh, it’s okay. I’ll be gentle. I’m not nearly as rough as they say.”

Some appropriate responses from Massu:

  • -is trying not to burst out laughing-
  • “Must… resist… Sexy Osaka Man…”
  • -struggles in Ryo’s clutches-
  • “But Nishikido-kun, what if Tegoshi and Yamashita-kun see?”

I’ve been high on smutty NEWS fanfiction lately, can’t you tell. :Dv

Look up at the endless sky, hold out your arms and scream

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  1. Hahaha! Nice post…long…but nice…
    I can’t believe how similar your answers are to mine!

    I want to try doing this meme, but I guess I’ll need many hours to finish it!
    Anyway, for some questions you have to really be a NEWS pro!

    I guess I’m still a beginner because what does “tabai” mean?
    And WHERE can I find the scans of this magazine? The issue? It’s translation?
    I’ve been trying like crazy for a while to find this one but you know how irritating it can be the fact that NEWS name is so general that irrelevant results come to your google search!!

  2. Oh, I’m pretty sure it won’t take you nearly as long as I took to finish the meme. It’s just that my answers were far too in-depth and I am reeeeally slow at writing anything. xD I filled this thing out only four months after I discovered NEWS, so I bet my answers to many of the questions would have changed by now.

    “Tabai” is something that Koyama and Shige kept saying during one part of the Pacific DVD, I think. It’s a slang term that I think roughly translates to “coolness.”
    I really have no idea where I got these scans from. o_O Probably through Google searches. They are all from different magazines, years before I became a fan of NEWS, so I don’t have the translations, either. D:

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