100 Reasons Why “Summer Time” Is My Favorite NEWS PV

I fell asleep after I got home from school yesterday. It was Friday, so I thought it would be nice to sleep a little longer than usual. (Normally, since I can scrape together only two hours of sleep on a school day, I take 2-4 hour naps once I get home.) Friday, I went to sleep at four in the afternoon and woke up at nine.

That is, nine o’clock Saturday morning.

That’s SEVENTEEN hours of sleep. My new record. =D And I only woke up because The Pest woke me up because Mama told him to because she was worried that I wouldn’t ever wake up. xP I missed the dance at my school, and if I had volunteer work the next day I would have been late for that.

I learned my lesson: no more all-nighters.

So. I meant to type this up yesterday, which I’d been working on during the times when I should have been studying for the 6-chapter AP Bio test that I totally and completely bombed on Friday my free time.

“Summer Time” is probably my favorite NEWS song. Well, after “Bambina,” but that’s one of my favorite songs ever. Out of all of their PVs, “Summer Time” is my absolute favorite; there is so much going on in that PV that I couldn’t catch up with it without pausing the video. And so I decided to make a list of all the little things I love about it. I just didn’t expect the list to grow so long. I would have taken screencaps, but there would have been way too many, and I am far too lazy to do such a thing. :P

My timing may vary one or two seconds, depending on which video you’re watching.

Without further delay, here’s…

100 Reasons Why “Summer Time” Is My Favorite NEWS PV

(PV download link in case youtube is being stupid)

1.  The whole thing is a flashback

2.  Tons of Massu camera time

3.  Reminiscent!Massu

4.  The various Eiffel Towers at 0:15

5.  0:18 — Baywatch: NEWS style

6.  Shige grinning REALLY hard at 0:20

7.  Shige heading for Koyama with open arms at 0:32

8.  The fact that Tegoshi in this PV reminds me of this picture of Ikuta Toma

9.  All the liquor at 0:35 :D

10.  Koyama’s tongue at 0:35

11.  Yamapi’s cheek poke at 0:39

12.  Yamapi’s serene smile at 0:39

13.  Tegoshi about to kiss Shige at 0:40

14.  Their colorful shirts

15.  Ryo-chan’s queer face at 0:41

16.  0:48 — Cute Massu

17.  0:59 — Shige with a puppy

18.  1:04 — Ryo peeking out from behind a tree

19.  1:04 — Massu looking lost with his little floatie

20.  Shige dancing at 1:09

21.  The mysterious hand on his shoulder (which is probably Kei-chan’s)

22.  Pi going to hide at 1:08

23.  Tegoshi wearing pink

24.  Ryo hugging the skateboard at 1:12

25.  1:16 — Koyama walking  by the camera with a “Hi, Mom!” expression

26.  Tegoshi wiggling his puppet at 1:16

27.  Massu sitting on Shige’s lap at 1:16

28.  Shige enjoying Massu (lol that sounds terribly fanfiction-ish)

29.  Massu wearing the inner tube throughout the entire video

30.  Narcissist!Tegoshi at 1:18

31.  The sign saying “Come with me” on Tego’s page at 1:18

32.  Tego’s cuteeee smile at 1:18

33.  1:22 — Massu really loves that inner tube

34.  What they all do during the “Oh yes!” at 1:25

35.  Massu hopping at 1:27

36.  KoyaShige heading off by themselves to reenact fanfiction scenes at 1:27

37.  1:33 — Tegoshi with a strawberry (Mmm~)

38.  Whatever the heck Yamashita is doing at 1:33

39.  1:37 — The faces Ryo makes at the camera

40.  Yamapi’s hair is normal in this PV

41.  1:46 — The 山P cups!

42.  Tegoshi wearing his famous skull necklace

43.  1:50 — Ryo chugging milk

44.  1:52 — Pi thinking the banana is a phone

45.  How the translation of the song is written on the boys’ scrapbook pages in bad English

46.  Shige with glasses at 1:57

47.  Shige with glasses having a stare-off with a puppy

48.  Massu cuteness overload at 2:00

49.  How the hand of the clock never changes

50.  KoyaShige possibly sharing a banana at 2:04

51.  NEWS gathering at 2:07

52.  Massu waddling over to join above gathering

53.  Ryo offering us a strawberry at 2:09

54.  Massu working those maracas at 2:11

55.  Massu wears clothes that pass for normal

56.  The little KoyaMassuShige dance triangle at 2:12

57.  Ryo trying to hula with the floatie at 2:12

58.  Pi’s move at 2:12

59.  How this is the rare time when I like everyone’s hairstyles

60.  More ShigeMassu interactions at 2:19

61.  How Tegoshi’s t-shirt is short enough that whenever he raises his arms it rides up and we get a glimpse of his belly :D

62.  The single smack of the drum from Pi at 2:20

63.  2:22 — Massu with his fish

64.  Koyama popping out from behind Massu at 2:28

65.  2:29 — Yamapi looking like he’s genuinely having fun

66.  Everyone shoving Shige’s head out of the camera frame at 2:41

67.  Massu cracking up laughing at 2:42

68.  Ryo goes to play with Shige’s hair at 2:44

69.  2:46 — More Shige with glasses

70.  RYOPI! at 2:52

71.  Massu’s expression at 2:58

72.  The poutiest lips everrrr <33 at 3:02

73.  What Massu’s fingers are doing at 3:06

74.   Massu singing into his maracas at 3:07

75.  The fact that Massu moments are dominating this list when he isn’t my favorite member

76.  Koyama sharing some of his member ai with Tego at 3:08

77.  Bouncy Koyama and Massu at 3:09

78.  3:12 — Koyama’s creepy look here

79.  Tegoshi giving Koyama a piggyback ride at 3:16

80.  3:21 — Shige pouting!

81.  3:24 — Yamapi shielding his face from the camera

82.  Tegoshi’s getting a little sluttier in this PV

83.  3:27 — Yamapi beating the crap out of that pole

84.  3:29 — Yamapi poking… something

85.  3:41 — Koyama being tickled by Pi

86.  3:43 — Ryo yanking Koyama out of the way to yell “Summer time!”

87.  3:54 — Tegoshi’s cute little dance <333

88.  3:58 — Pi’s, er… dance

89.  Massu making Shige smile 4:02

90.  How Ryo should never be allowed to wash clothes again

91.  Tegoshi protecting that smoothie like it’s his child at 4:10

92.  The color of that smoothie matches Tego’s shirt

93.  Tegoshi’s whiny reaction at 4:12

94.  4:25 — Tegomass trying to add ketchup and mustard to a maraca

95.  4:26 — The rainbow smoothie!

96.  Tegoshi’s look of delight/disgust at 4:28

97.  4:30 — Massu trying to feed Tegoshi the maraca

98.  Tegoshi going, “It’s not edible!”

99.  Ryo being cute with his fingers poking his cheeks at 4:36

100.  The PV ending with a tight RyoMassu hug

That took such a long time to do! Well, at least it was fun. Maybe I’ll do it again someday when I don’t feel like doing homework. Probably with the “weeeek” PV. There’s tons of happenings  in that.

NEWS is definitely dominating my thoughts lately. This is exactly why I wanted to avoid the world of Japanese entertainment. It’s terribly addicting.

Whenever I get really tired, I have no control over what I write. So when I was taking History notes during the day I pulled that all-nighter, I found myself writing the line, “I love NEWS” in my notebook instead of what the teacher was saying. >.< And two days ago, on Thursday, I was watching a film during French class. A pig popped up on screen, and immediately I thought, “MASSU!”

No school Monday so I’m goofing off as much as I want!

Until next time,

~ Mimi ^—^

P.S. That 68 I got on the AP Bio test? The teacher said, since everyone did atrociously (the girl ranked #1 in my year got only a 74), that we could redo the test, she’ll average the two grades, and that will be our new grade. My D+ went up to an 84, which I can definitely live with.

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