I’m about to drop dead.

Luckily, I gots me a can of Diet Coke, because that’s the only thing in this house with caffeine. Besides coffee and tea, both of which I loathe. Hopefully the soda will keep me up another three hours and fifteen minutes.

I am doomed to fail the test Thursday. Which reminds me: I DID NOT fail that last test in AP Bio. I passed. By 8 points.

Yep, got a 68 on that.


I still have English (teacher, kindly go choke on a pickle for me for assigning so effing much), Religion (which can easily be finished in-between classes), two drafts of the thank-you notes the vice principal asked me to write for the nice lady who sponsored me in the writing program, and of course, AP BIOLOGY THAT I REALLY SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW.

I really envy the truly smart people who can make it all look effortless.

Caffeine makes my hands shake really badly. My eyes hurt but I can’t seem to close them. I’m just counting the minutes until I lose consciousness.

Until next time,

~ Nana Dx

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